MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan Migration Code 2021

Before i start, i like to make a simple correction please. It is written as mtn beta talk and not better talk as most people thought. The offer is good, call rate is manageable and you get bonus on every recharge.

mtn beta talk

Beta talk from mtn Nigeria is not just one of the cheapest but also one of the best call plans in the country right now. And i am not exaggerating, it is fact and if you disagree with me right now i have no doubt you will be convinced otherwise by the time you done reading this article.

MTN Beta Talk Benefit & Call Rate

better talk call rate

Let’s face it guys, one of the criteria to determine if a call plan is good is how much in kobo it charges per second. So here is the deal, i am going to calculate the talk time for 100 Naira recharge using the plan call rate.

As a beta talk subscriber, you will receive 250% bonus when you recharge your line with 100 Naira and above. However, the bonus drops to 150% when you recharge below 100 Naira. You also get 10MB data which is valid for 7 days.

I guess my point here is that, when you top up your line with 100 Naira you get 250 Naira making it 350 Naira.

When you are being charged from your main account, the call rate is 42k/sec and 45k/sec when charged from your bonus account. So let’s calculate talktime for 100 Naira recharge.

42 Kobo – 1 Second.

X – 60 seconds.

X = 25.20 Naira per minute.


45 kobo – 1 second.

X – 60 seconds.

X = 60 x 45 = 2700 kobo per minute which is 2700/100 to convert to Naira = 27 Naira per minute.

From main account;

25.20 Naira – 1 minute.

100 Naira – X.

X (Talk Time) = 100/25.20 = 3.968 minutes.

From bonus account;

27 Naira – 1 minute.

250 Naira – X.

X (TalkTime) = 250/27 = 9.259 minutes.

Total Talk time for 100 Naira recharge = 3.968 + 9.259 = 13.227 minutes.

So when you recharge 100 Naira on mtn better talk and you use everything to make call, you will be talk for 13.227 minutes before the airtime runs out.

Check Beta Talk Airtime Balance

To know how much is left on both your main balance and bonus balance, dial *556#. However, to know how much is left of the free data, dial *131*4#.

Migration Code for MTN Beta Talk

You can migrate to beta talk by dialing *123*2*1# or texting BT to 131 as SMS. If you haven’t migrate to or from any other mtn tariff plan in 30 days, the migration is free but if you have, you will be charged 100 Naira. The same applies if you try t migrate away before 30 days.

Wrapping Up.

MTN Nigeria beta talk is undoubtedly one of the best call plans, with great bonus and call rate which in turn means high talk time. However, you should know that you can’t do share n sell on better talk and if you migrate away, you lose your bonuses.

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