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MTN InstaBinge ~ Bundles Subscription Codes, Price & Validity.

Instagram is no doubt one of the most used social media platform not just in Nigeria but across the globe. Like Whatsapp, this social media platform is also a subsidiary of Facebook. It is no news that this social platform consumes too much data compare to others which is why numerous Nigerians find it hard to stay long on it. Hence the introduction of mtn instabinge bundles by the telecom giant to make the pulse tariff plan even more feature rich.mtn instabinge

Most big names in the entertainment industry talking of Music, Sport etc and numerous other influential in totally different fields for some reason feels comfortable using Instagram than others social media sites.

The aim of the founders was to create a site where people can share photos and short videos of their best moments. Right now, it is bit more than that as you can easily make it selling things on the platforms. It is the best place to connect with leaders of our community especially in the entertainment industry.

In other not to waste much of your time, i will go straight to the point of this article, which is to tell you everything you need to know about mtn pulse instabinge bundles.

MTN InstaBinge Pulse Bundles


Price & Data Volume

Activation Codes

Lite 100 Naira for 250MB INSTD1 to 131
Heavy 200 Naira for 1GB INSTD2 to 131

This isn’t a new call plan from the telecommunication giant. Rather, it is an additional feature to an existing tariff plan dubbed Pulse. If you have been using mtn for a while, it is highly unlikely that you won’t have heard about it.

However, if you haven’t, it is simply the best, one of the cheapest (for call rate) and the most feature-rich call plan in Nigeria. Meaning the above assertion are still true when compared to other telecom networks like 9mobile, airtel and Glo.

Please note that it is different from mtn mpulse that was launched couple of months ago for children between the age bracket of 9 – 16 years.

There are two Mtn pulse instabinge bundles. There is a 100 Naira bundle (InstaBinge Lite) which gives you 250MB and another of 200 Naira (InstaBinge Heavy) which gives 1GB.

Please note that these data volumes are officially only usable with Instagram app. Meaning you can’t use it to surf the internet with your web browser or used with whatsapp, facebook messenger etc.

Below are the subscription codes for mtn pulse instabinge plans. They include both SMS and USSD codes.

How to Subscribe using SMS

Use the below codes to activate the insta Binge Plans. Note that you must be on mtn pulse call plan to activate this plan. If you are not already on Pulse, dial *406*1# or *406# >> 1 or 406 to 131 to migrate.

For InstaBinge Lite: INSTD1 to 131. It costs N100 and you get 250MB to use on instagram.

InstaBinge Heavy: INSTD2 to 131. Its price is N200 and you will get 1GB to use on instagram.

How to Subscribe Using USSD Code

If you will be more comfortable using ussd code, follow the steps below. If you are not on Pulse plan, you can migrate using the code above.

  • Dial *406*5#.
  • Reply 1 for InstaBinge Lite which gives 250MB for N100.
  • Or reply 2 for InstaBinge Heavy which gives 1GB for 200 Naira.
  • Confirm that you want to proceed with the subscription by replying with 1.
  • Either you use SMS or USSD code, you should receive notification of successful or failed subscription.

Upon successful activation, you might receive a pop up message asking you to choose between One Off or Auto Renew purchase. The former means no renewal after expiry while the latter means renewal upon expiry.

However, it is on One Off purchase by default.

InstaBinge Validity Period.

This subscription is only valid for a day (24 hours to be precise). If you are to purchase any of these instagram plans say around 10AM today, it will expire 10AM tomorrow. If you were unable to finish the data volume allocated, they will be cleared upon expiry and there is no data roll over.

How to Activate & Cancel InstaBinge Auto-Renewal.

If at any point in time you wish to activate or cancel auto-renewal, use any of the codes below.

To activate auto renewal;

For InstaBinge Lite: Dial *406*5# >> select Autorenewal or text RINSTD1 to 131 as SMS.

InstaBinge Heavy: Text RINSTD2 to 131 as SMS. You can also dial *406*5# and select Auto-Renewal.

To cancel auto renewal;

For InstaBinge Lite: Text NOINSTD1 to 131 as message.

InstaBinge Heavy: Text NOINSTD2 to 131 as SMS.

Alternatively, you can dial *406*5# and select cancel auto-renewal.

How to Check Mtn Pulse InstaBinge Bundle Balance.

To know how much data volume is left on your instagram data bundles, dial *559*39#.

Alternatively, dial *406*5# >> reply 3 for check balance.

There you have it on mtn instabinge plans under pulse. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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