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MTN Midnight Plan {Revised}: 250MB for N25 Pulse Night Browsing Code 2018

MTN Midnight Plan: 25 Naira for 250MB & N50 for 500MB.

Lot of folks enjoyed mtn 500mb for n25 night plan package for more than 2 years (July 2016 – August 16 2018) but it has been recently slashed and divided into two package. NaijNaira has therefore updated this article to reflect recent changes. This mtn midnight plan is also called mtn pulse free night browsing, because it only works on Mtn Pulse.  mtn-500mb-for-n25-night-plan

Talking of mtn night plan, it is so unfortunate that airtel suddenly scrapped what was known as the best night plan ever which gives users unlimited access to the internet at a very cheap rate. Notwithstanding, MTN has came to our rescue with mtn 500mb for n25 night plan. At least that was what we thought.

November 9 2018 Update: The telecom giant has revisited this plan probably due to loss of subscribers and have made few changes.

MTN Nigeria has again revised their night plan for the second time this year. Though it is still not up to what we used to enjoy but better than the earlier revision.

The mtn pulse night bundle is still of two packages. The price hasn’t changed but the amount of data allocated to each of the package has been increased.

MTN New / Latest Night Browsing Code 2018

  • Text NT1 to 131 for the 25 Naira bundle and get 250MB.
  • Send NT2 to 131 for 50 Naira plan to get 500MB.

We still hope the telecom giant will reconsider and return the plan to what it used to be. Let’s know what you think in the comment section.

To check your data balance, dial *559*96#.

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MTN 250MB for N50 & 125MB for N25 Night Plan (Old).

Not sure why but mtn has been increasing their data plan prices starting with the pulse weekly and SME plans. Yesterday night (August 17 2018), mtn sent out a message about their revised night plan. new mtn nightlife plans

You can no longer get 500MB for 25 Naira. But;

  • 125MB for 25 Naira.
  • 250MB for 50 Naira.

To subscribe,

  • Dial *406#.
  • Reply 4 for Nightlife Bundles.
  • To buy 125MB @ 25 Naira, reply with 1.
  • Reply with 2 to subscribe for 250MB @ 50 Naira.

Alternatively, you can also make use of sms like the formal night to 131.

  • Text N125 to 131 – To get 125MB for 25 Naira.
  • Send N250 to 131 – To get 250MB for 50 Naira.

We hope mtn will reconsider and revert all the data back to where they were before now.

Old Night Plan.

  • To opt in to mtn 25 naira midnight subscription, you must be on mtn pulse. To migrate to mtn pulse, dial *406# and reply with 1.
  • Make sure you have a minimum of 25 naira on your phone, modem or mifi.
  • Text night to 131.
  • You will receive a success message that

    Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account.

You have just subscribe to mtn 500mb for n25 night plan and you can browse and download till you exhaust 500MB. But it is actually 400mb – 500mb lately.

How to Check MTN 250mb for N25 Night Plan Data Balance.

December 2018 Update: For those that have been looking for ways to check mtn night browsing balance using code, just dial *559*96#.

There is no official way to check mtn night plan data balance. However, you can use data usage on Android and MTN fastlink statistics interface on PC to measure the amount of data that has been used.


  • 1.) Most users have been facing the issue of the 25 naira midnight plan stopping before using up to 500MB. This happens when you subscribe to mtn 500mb for n25 night plan before 12am. My point, make sure you only send Night to 131 from 12:10 am and above.
  • 2.) The night plan can be activated on one mtn line once per night, but if you have more than one MTN sim, you can get as much as 2GB to browse and download at a cheap price of N100 with 4 different sim cards.
  • 3.) Mtn 25 naira night plan is usable only within 12am – 4am.

You should read more here about mtn ipulse tariff plan and benefits.

What do you think of mtn 500mb for n25 night plan or mtn pulse free night browsing December 2018.

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Updated: December 6, 2018 — 11:18 pm


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  1. How do you check de data balance, your heading said, how to check and you ended up not tell us how to check

  2. Wen to resubscribe

  3. is this night plan still working?

  4. This is one of the cheapest plans in Nigeria. It is even cheaper than Etisalat’s 200 naira for 1gb. I use this to watch Netflix from home as MTN as blazing fast in my area.

  5. It’s not up to 500mb. In my data usage it’s just 200mb. Mtn is just deceiving people.

    1. Oh My! This was in the article, do not subscribe to the night plan before 12:00 AM. Do the subscription around 12:10 and you will get at least 450MB per SIM. Yeah, it is not up to 500MB, but 200MB? No.

      1. Subscribe after 12:00 am and you will get about 400-450MB and try not to exceed 3:30am. Codes: *406# and select option 1 to migrate to MTN IPULSE. then send night to 131. it cost just 25naira. best between 12:00 – 3:30am.

  6. I’ve been trying to subscribe to the night data plan but I’m not getting any response from mtn and I’m on mtn pulse.

  7. Mine keeps on saying subscription failed why?

  8. My mtn Sim doesn’t send messages so it’s hindering me from sending the small, please is there any other way like a code?

    1. You can try *406# and select night plan. But am guessing you will still be asked to send Night to 131.

      I actually think resolving the issue of your sim card not sending message will be the best solution. Since it is not your phone, it might be message centre error or something. Call customer care to get it fixed.

  9. Thanks for this info. Now I can download the video tutorials I queued

  10. Joseph oghenefejiro

    It’s really working I will really appreciate if av been notify for any update

  11. Mtn tells me only for pulse subscribers for 4times before it works, and I’m on mtn pulse.I also can’t download with it anymore the download bar doesn’t move or read any byte.

  12. Can you combine it with other subscription on the same SIM. If yes how

    1. Yes you can. Once you receive message that your night plan has been activated or once you’ve been charged, they automatically start charging from the night plan bundle. Even though i have use it several times myself i won’t recommend it. Why? Because na naija we dey and these telcos misbehave every time.

  13. I have done this before 12 please am I on luck and can u do it sub with borrowed money on ur Sim

  14. What Free Night Call

  15. Will the night plan work even if you’re on a monthly subscription?

    1. Yes it will. But once you exhaust the night plan (which they will notify you of most of the time) they will automatically start charging you from your monthly plan.

    2. please is there any code for night call.


  17. I love it but how do I check my Balance on there

    1. There is no official way, but you can always use your smartphone data usage feature or your modem’s data usage statistics interface. However, you will receive a message once you have less than 100MB left.

      1. How can we do the midnight plan

        1. Text NT1 or NT2 to 131 for 250MB @ 25 naira or 500MB @ 50 naira respectively.

  18. I think this is one of the best night plans ever.

  19. have been sending night to 131 but the message don’t always go through and I don’t know why

    1. Please Sir, make sure you are on mtn pulse tariff plan, you have 25 naira and above on your sim card and send the message between 12:05AM – 3:25AM. If you’ve always comply to all this, you will need to get in touch with customer care or just get yourself another mtn sim card just for the night plan. I have 4 sims that i use for the plan in the night to download movies, tutorials, music and software.

  20. Can one do this night plan while on a normal data plan?

  21. am very interested,i love it.

  22. I have been enjoying this tariff plan since 2years back.

  23. I use it a lot but right now it’s not working. It doesn’t deduct the money, hence it doesn’t work. Tried several times with both the message and *406#. Why??

    1. Just in case of another time, when this happens, just wait till 1am and try it again. Though there are some nights you won’t be able to use it throughout, in this case you might have to postpone whatever you want to download till the next night.

  24. Is it still working now?

  25. Mtn is the most greediest network I have ever seen the night plan that is not even up to the 500 mb they promised they have finally reduced it to 25 for 150 mb una well done do u guys think is easy to wake up in the middle of the night just for 500 mb mboko

  26. you guys are mad,wasted my 43# for nothing stupid network will switch to airtel useless nextwork

  27. Lol me way don switch to airtel sharp sharp their fada sting goats

  28. Nonsense, wait for who will subscribe for 25N to get 125mb…switching to Airtel, more preferable, aleast they give 500mb for 25N.

    1. Hi Ehis pls how do I subscribe for 500MB on airtel, I will appreciate if you tell me i want to switch to airtel too.

      1. You have to be on smart trybe. Dial *312# and reply with 1 to migrate if you are not already on it. Dial the code again and reply with 3 to subscribe.

  29. I really don’t know why mtn slashed the best night plan ever from 500mb to 250
    Well I guess they have their reasons
    But as a customer I would say the 500mb was very very useful
    But if mtn is at loss because the data price is too cheap for N25@500mb
    No offence
    But it could still be included in the new night plan as
    N25 – 125mb
    N50 – 250mb
    N100 – 500mb
    Then who wishes to still use 500mb will still subscribe for it
    Cause android users tend to use more data compared to other operating systems in phones besides pc
    Please mtn reconsider your plan so it can benefit both sides
    I remain your humble customer mtn Mr sam

  30. Is the night plan still functioning? I have tried for the past five days and it doesn’t deduct the money anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this

    1. This article has been updated to reflect new changes to the plan. Kindly take few seconds to read it up.

  31. Very interesting, thanks for the update guys. I’m sure MTN Nigeria is not proud of itself right now. Totally a wrong move.

  32. Well before I enjoyed downloading and browsing with 500MB for N25 only. I hope MTN will reconsider the old way of getting 500MB so that they will not loose customers.

  33. I have been trying my night subscription since yesterday but it has not be working is just telling me to migrate to mtn pulse when am already in mtn pulse Pls I miss a solution to this

  34. this is wickedness ooo! they even increased their SME data price too. NONSENSE Nigeria!!!! things are getting harder everyday

  35. MTN and stingy na 5 and 6. Just take a look at the small data we are enjoying. They slashed it. Am off to Airtel

  36. Una too wicked mtn ppl N25 for 500mb una papa there

  37. where are we going in this Nigeria
    a night plan of 25 naira for 500MB has changed
    na waaa ooo
    my God save us in this Nigeria
    is not favorable at all.

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