Latest / New MTN Recharge Code 2020 to Load Credit

MTN has been operating in Nigeria for almost two decades now. They are as old as modern mobile phones in the country. Ever since then, the way by which you can load airtime which sometimes can also be referred to as card or credit hasn’t changed until now. Here is the latest or let me say new mtn recharge code recently announced by the telecom giant.

new mtn recharge code

Oh Yes! You heard me right. There is a new ussd in town that you need to load mtn credit on your phone.

Although, the old code is still working but my guess is, that won’t be the case for long.

Since it is highly unlikely that you will be using a mobile phone or a maybe a smartphone which is the case for most people without needing airtime or credit.

I mean what is the point of you using a phone when you don’t make calls, buy data or send a SMS all that requires the use of credit.

Sure, you can make use of your bank to top up your line but that is not the case for numerous Nigerians who still prefer the traditional way of top up.

That is, buying a 12 or 15 digit PIN from a reseller and dial a certain code to load it.

New MTN Recharge Code

The new way to load your 10 digit mtn card is by dialing *3551*Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in number.

For PIN that contains the 12 digits, you will have to use the old mtn recharge code which is *555*Card PIN#.

This write up will be updated to reflects new changes as i am of strong believe that time will come when both code can be use to load both types of card or the new one will be the only working code.

To confirm that the airtime was successfully loaded on your sim card or mtn line, just dial *556#. If you receive incorrect PIN error while trying to top up, try loading it again and if the response is the same, you should return the credit or get in touch with customer care via 180.


There are other means by which you can recharge your mtn line and among them is mtn on demand, recharge directly from your bank (using mobile app or ussd code).

MTN on Demand requires the mtn number you want to recharge must be your alertz number (the number connected to your bank account or on your bank’s profile). If that’s the case for you, dial *904# and follow the on screen command for successful top up.

You can also use your bank’s mobile app or recharge code to buy airtime for yourself or others.

Now, let’s say you don’t have cash on your and doesn’t have access to your mobile app or there is a network issue with your bank’s mobile code, you can simply make use of xtratime code to borrow airtime from mtn.

How xtratime works is that you will pay back on your next recharge and there is a 5 – 15% charges (depends on how much you recharge) on the amount you borrow.

Let’s say you requested for 100 Naira, you will be charged 5% and you only get 95 Naira. On the next recharge, 100 Naira will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Just dial *606# >> Xtratime >> Amount you want to borrow. Note that you must have less than 13 Naira before you can borrow, you r line must be more than 3 months old and your recharge must be above 200 Naira over the past three months.

If you tick all those boxes, then you are eligible to borrow airtime from mtn.

Wrapping it Up

Even though there is a new mtn recharge code, you can still use the old airtime top up ussd to load credit or card on your line / sim card. The new one works with the 10 digit PIN while the old works with the 12 digit PIN.

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