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New report shows the exact ‘shocking’ abuse Vinicius Jr faced at Valencia



New report shows the exact 'shocking' abuse Vinicius Jr faced at Valencia

Valencia CF have been sanctioned with a partial closure of their Mestalla stadium for five matches and fined €45,000 following racist abuse directed at Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr during Sunday’s match.

The Competition Committee report detailed how fans chanted racist abuse at the Brazilian player before kick-off and throughout the game.

The report also described further insults directed at Vinicius Jr after he confronted fans who were racially abusing him.

The CC report mirrors De Burgos Bengoetxea’s version of events, but it also details further insults that were directed at Vinicius Jr between this point and the end of the match. Without quantifying how many individuals were involved, or what part of the stadium it came from, they cite supporters as shouting or chanting:

‘F*cking black you’re an idiot’

‘I sh*t on your dead (family) son of a b*tch’

‘Vinicius idiot’

‘F*cking black son of a b*tch’

‘Vinicius dog… son of a b*tch’

‘Monkey you are a f*cking monkey’

“The Competition Committee has sanctioned Valencia CF with the partial closure of the Mestalla stadium for five matches,” the report said.

Valencia have announced they will appeal against the stadium closure, while Vinicius Jr’s red card has been rescinded after VAR footage did not show the physical confrontation that led to his sending-off.

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