Nigeria Verified PayPal Account {Open and Fund}

The objective of this article is to guide you on how to open a nigeria verified paypal account and fund it using a master or visa card. It is not a news that PayPal now accept Nigeria after years of restriction. In July 2014, PayPal added Nigeria along with other 9 countries to their global operations.nigeria verified paypal account

But there was a limitation, you can not yet withdraw from it. You can only use your it to pay online.

What is PayPal?

Paypal among many other online payment solutions, platforms and services is one of the world’s largest. Paypal as an international e-commerce business makes flexible payments and money transfer online.

With Paypal payment services, you can easily send and accept money without the risk of your financial details been compromised making it the most accepted and secured online payment platform in the world. Below is how you can open a verified Nigerian paypal account and fund it here in nigeria with your naira master card.

Nigeria Verified PayPal Account 2020

This section has two sub sections. Here you will learn how to open a nigeria PayPal account and how to get it verified. You are about to get your own nigerian paypal account that is verified.

Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

  • Visit ( and click on the sign up button which will redirect you to another page.
  • Choose Nigeria from “Your country or region” drop down menu and click on open an account button under the type of account you want to open which can either be individual or business account.
  • You will now be redirected to another page to fill a form. After filling the form correctly, click on proceed to confirm that you are human. Enter the displayed text into the box provided and click on continue.
  • It is time to input your credit/debit card details. Make sure your billing address is the same as the address associated with your bank account and proceed.
  • Now you have successfully open a PayPal account in Nigeria, but yet to get verified on PayPal Nigeria.

How to Get Nigeria PayPal Account Verified

To get a verified paypal account in Nigeria, you have to link your nigeria paypal account to one of your active credit or debit card. You can then link it to more cards after.

    • Rush to your email inbox to verify your email address. You should see a message from PayPal, open it and click on login to access your unverified Paypal account.
    • Click on get verified around the top left corner of the page under Myaccount >> Status.
    • Look for an option that says link credit or debit card and click on it. Fill in your credit or debit card details and Submit.
    • Your card will be charged Naira equivalent of $1.95. Don’t worry it will be returned to your account once your account has been verified.
  • You will receive a message from your bank after like two hours depending on bank.
  • Immediately you see the message, go back to your Paypal account and click on confirm credit/debit card enter the four digit number under transaction location immediately after PP* and continue.
  • Click on My Account, then you should see verified under Status where you use to see Get verified.

Congrats, you now own a nigeria paypal account. The next question is how do i fund it with my nigeria naira master/visa card.

This account is just for sending money, shopping on websites like Amazon, Godaddy, Gearbest, Aliexpress and Ebay, don’t worry about funding it. Any transaction you make with it will be charged on the credit card you link to it.

NOTE: If you see an error message while trying to link your card, close the tab and open in another tab and try again. You will no longer see the error message.

That’s all on how to own a nigeria verified paypal account.

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  1. Opsey

    Hi admin, pls I’ve been trying to link my GTBANK MasterCard with my PayPal account since two weeks ago and it shows “can’t link card use another card method” pls is it bcox of the insufficient fund (1.95$) that u said will be deducted for the verification?

    1. Rey

      I am facing the same issue with my Gtbank mastercard too.

      1. Naij Naira

        Do you have up to or more than equivalent of $1.95 in your account?

    2. Trebor

      No, that’s not the reason. GTBank doesn’t work with PayPal. Use a Zenith Bank card if you have one. That’s what I used and worked immediately.

  2. Whatshetalkingabout?

    This Opsey guy sef. You’re well aware you have insufficient funds to cover the $1.95 charge yet you complain it’s not working.

  3. Chiamaka

    I linked mine successfully. Just received the money back today. The money was reversed after about 3 days of linking the card to my PayPal account. What does that mean?

  4. mark

    Hello admin, is it now possible to withdraw money from your PayPal account in Nigeria

  5. Grace

    Hello, please, you didn’t include how to fund the account, you only mentioned how to open and link card. Please I don’t know how to fund, help me please. Thanks

    1. Naij Naira

      You can only use your Nigerian PayPal account to make payment online. So there is no point funding it, as a matter of fact, i won’t recommend it.

  6. Nancie

    I received funds abroad via PayPal (got an email notification) but I can’t seem to find the money on my PayPal account.
    What to do?

    1. Naij Naira

      Nigerian PayPal account currently can’t receive funds into it. If you are not using Nigerian account, kindly reach out to PayPal and provide them with the email notifications you received if it is genuine or not (there is a possibility the person you transact with compose the message his/herself)

  7. Ayo

    paypal is requesting that i fund my account before i can make transaction, meanwhile my card is funded

    1. Naij Naira

      If your card is funded, you should have no problem using it with your Nigerian PayPal account except the card is not activated for internet/online banking.

  8. Jide

    Admin, i have tried to confirm my debit card since on Thursday last week but i am still yet to get the 4 digit code from paypal and the money 1.95 dollars have been deducted twice. What could be the problem?

  9. Rito

    Hi, how can I fund my PayPal account without linking it to a card? Say for example, I have cash ($)and I want to use it to pay for a service through PayPal?

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