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Online Business in Nigeria – Top 12 Right Now 2020

Do you get a heart prick when you hear of online business in Nigeria? Smiles! We have been scammed by lots of fraudsters, who guise themselves as online business agents. I have lost reasonable amount of cash to scammers who pretend to be who they are not. Well, what am talking about here is not that kind of online business like a ponzi scheme, gaming or gambling. I am talking about a legit Deal.

online business in nigeria

In today’s world, the internet has become a very large market and a very great source of making money. The world has gone global and virtually all the people surf and search the internet for lots of information on health, business, sport, education, politics, religion, lifestyle and a whole lot more. I guess you wouldn’t want to be singled out as one who is short of ideas because you are not engaged in it.

Why You Should Consider an Online Business

Since the internet is the biggest market in the world and lots of people get answers to problem from the internet, it will be a very awesome opportunity for you to venture into doing one of the online businesses I will be sharing but first, let’s see the benefits of going online.

1.) Proximity to Large Audience

People who wish to set up their business do so in busy area. Why? This is because it offers the advantage of having your business exposed to large number of people who get to see you regularly and patronize your business.

Business people desire setting up their shops in motor parks, commercial places and areas with larger traffic.

The internet offers more than just having your business displayed to large audience but goes beyond it. You tend to show your business to the world (locally and internationally).

Provided you have your business set up online, on the internet, there is every tendency that the whole will see what you do, especially when the search through Google. Therefore, having one, makes you nearer to the world.

2.) Offers Better Opportunities

I have friends from Nigeria who work for international organizations in different countries. These guys, get paid for working from their locality. As a matter of fact, they have not seen their employers one on one but interact daily.

Having your business displayed on internet offers greater opportunities beyond your imagination. Provided you can solve a problem, and then show it up online, then ready to have a big profit coming your way.

There was a guy who by chance redesigned innoson ventures motors logo and got a contract. The interesting thing is that this guy did this job and tag IVM and that was all. Yes. This is the benefits of online presence.

3.) Cheap to Set Up

What does it take to have a Facebook account, Twitter or Instagram account? Nothing really.

It takes few thousands to set up your website compared to the much you will be paying to have a physical shop. It takes like ten times the cash you invest on physical shop to securing a site online.

On your site, you can have lots of stuffs displayed and even run add for people for a fee. I think you should consider this.

4.) Easy to Manage

Do you hate getting up at 5am and retiring to bed at 10pm? Working 8hours daily for 5 days for a payment at the end of the month? Damn! I don’t like it too even.

Hosting or running your business online, you can work anytime and anywhere you desire provided you have light and data. You can actually pocket a million lying on your bed or chilling out at a cool garden with your laptop.

You don’t need to be going up and down working or selling stuffs for money. You can just sit at a place and run it from your computer easily without stress. I hope you like an easy life like myself.

Let me show your something amazing now. Just follow me.

Online Business in Nigeria You Should Consider

Let’s get to the main business of the day. I know you have been waiting to hear what I have to say. Let’s see some online businesses in Nigeria that you should get engaged with.

1.) Blogging

Not until now, lots of people have not considered blogging as something worth doing, some take it for granted.

Information blogs such as African Infoblog, Info guider and some others who have been in blogging have been making good money from the online business.

Linda ikeji who owns one of the best gossip blogs in Nigeria is seen as one if not the richest and most influential single lady.

She has bagged in millions of dollars just from blogging. You should consider this area of internet business, it is legit. You could try out doing something new and different by creating your own unique niche. Consider Trispark digital technologies if you desire to create your own blog.

2.) Freelancing

This is one aspect of online business that lot of people take for granted. This type, only requires you to offer your skill at your spare time as a student or worker. You could be a writer, video editor, language translator, graphic designer and what have you. Freelancing requires you to work from home and make your cool money. You could try this one out.

3.) Video Blogging

Do you watch videos online? You enjoy watching short clips, football highlights, comedy skits and the likes of them? Well lemme shock you.

You are directly patronizing someone online business. After Google, YouTube is the second biggest online sites that millions visit daily for fun and business.

Now you are wondering what I mean. See, you can be among those you tubers, those video channels that upload videos on talk shows, do it yourself and lots of other videos. Is there something you wish to let the world know?

Get registered with YouTube, make your video, share, and make your money.

4.) Content Generator

This is an online business platform like the Trispark Digital technologies, TDT. Where you put up a website or a social media account to advertise and tell the audience what you offer.

TDT, is one of a kind, it is currently the only registered company that is into content generation for blogs, websites and other online platforms.

They help blogs write catching and attractive articles, help to build and manage websites at an agreed fee. You see, the company has long list of satisfied costumers just by displaying what they can do online.

It cost very little to start up and you can actually build your business in like manner.

5.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business that can fetch you millions in a short while by selling other people’s products for a commission.

This is easy if you understand the trick. You may ask. How can I start one? And which companies offer this kind of deal?

This is easy. You can get affiliate program from Jumia, Konga, Amazon and lots of other companies who are very willing to do business with you.

All you need to do is to create a social media account, get the affiliate program approved and run the advert on those social media platforms.

For instance, you are required to sell a product worth N100,000 to get a commission of N20,000. You became successful in selling such products to Like a 100 persons, that automatically gives you N20,000 x 100 which is 2 million naira.

Now, you make mouth watering profits from selling people’s products without an invest of any initial capital. You can even make money depending on the product and strategy.

6.) Website & Domain Flipping

This is another lucrative online business where you have to buy and resale an already existing domain name or register a name, build it for a period of 6 months and sale it to potential buyer who will pay you multiple times what you invested in it.

There was a guy who registered a domain name way back in the 90s as pizza.com and later sold it some later at about a billion. You can buy from an infant account, build and resale to make good profit. This business is very lucrative if you understand how it works.

7.) Social Media Marketing

This works like being a middle person between business owners and costumers. It is like influencing for brands and business. All is required of you is to get social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ensure you have large audience and followers.

Now, after getting this set, you advertise for small, and big businesses who are not online. You let the world know about them, their product and service they render.

You can charge them for your advert. It has been proven that business with online presence tend to make more sales than those who are not. Why not start up something such as this and make money daily?


There are lots of online business in Nigeria and abroad that people take for granted. You could start with any of these with determination and hard work and the sky will be your limit.

Here are some of other online business you could try.

  • Mini web hosting business
  • Drop shopping or online shop
  • Web design
  • Creating digital goods
  • Teaching online course and lots more.

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