Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria ~ List of Top 10

Are you searching for pharmaceutical or let me say medicine producing companies in Nigeria right now in 2020?

pharmaceutical companies in nigeria

This is the right page for you. In this post, i will discussed the best 10 pharmaceutical giants in the country at the moment.

Herbs have been used over the years in the country, to cure illnesses and treat all kinds of diseases including skin disease.

This system of treatment have been effective to some great. However, with the establishment of some pharmaceutical industries, these herbs have been transmitted or rather converted into drugs and syrups.

The discovery of this modern way of treatment have been effectively used to treat so many illness and disease.

People as well have greatly appreciated this effort as it has saved them from unfriendly bitter taste of some herbs.

Here are some of the big Pharma in Nigeria that have made real positive contribution to the society.

The following are some of the top drug producing, marketing and distributing companies in the country presently.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

  • SWISS Pharma Nigeria Limited
  • Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Glaxosmith Kline Consumer
  • May & Baker Nigeria
  • Chemiron International Limited
  • Fidson Healthcare Plc
  • Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited
  • Zolon Healthcare Limited
  • New Heights Pharma
  • Neros Pharmaceutical Ltd

1.) SWISS Pharma Nigeria Limited

Also known as Swipha was established in the year 1976 with its headquarters in Lagos.

They are responsible for producing, marketing and distributing pharmaceutical products ranging from tablets, capsules, oral liquid to suspensions.

They are one of the leading pharma in Nigeria.

There is hardly any medical shop, clinic and hospitals where you can’t find their numerous products. Their drugs are known to be very effective against a number of diseases.

2.) Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries

This is one of the most popular pharmaceutical industries across the country. The good thing about this company is that it is fully owned by a Nigerian, a female entrepreneur- Mrs. Okoli.

Having been established in the year 1984, they have since then produced high-quality pharmaceutical products such as tablets and syrup.

Of course, they are widely known for the production of Emzor paracetamol- in tablets and syrup.

Their products are found nearly in all the pharmaceutical stores and hospitals around and across the country.

3.) Glaxosmith Kline Consumer

Glaxosmith Kline is one of the best leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the world.

It was found in the year 2000, its production includes pharmaceutical products in (tablets, capsule and syrup) vacuities and healthcare products.

Glaxosmith Kline products are available in chemist stores and hospitals. The qualities of their products have not been questionable over the years.

4.) May & Baker Nigeria

This pharmaceutical company is highly respected as Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company. It was established on September 4, 1944.

Apart from being known as the first drug producing company to be established in the country, the company is also known for its highly drugs.

So far the products of this industry have been effective and recommended in health cases where they are needed.

That is why you can find their drugs in the form of tablets and syrups.

Among their numerous products are: Furoxetil, M&B cipro tablet, Diamet, Mepiryl tabs, Artelum, Bromatam, Cardovasc tabs, Loxaclav, Rophegan, Ketroail and popular M&B paracetamol tablets and syrup.

Its main firm is located in Ikeja, Lagos State where the production of some of these high quality pharmaceutical products are made.

5.) Chemiron International Limited

In 1987, this industry was established as Chemech Laboratories Nigeria.

Over the years, this industry has raced its way among the leading pharmaceutical establishment in Nigeria.

The popular Chemiron blood tonic and capsules was produced by this great industry alongside other usable and quality capsules and health care products.

6.) Fidson Healthcare Plc

Fidson Healthcare Plc was set on the 1st of March, 1995. They produce and distribute drugs and formations in different pharmaceutical segments.

Products manufactured under this industry include Analgesocs, Anti-diabetic, Psychiatry, Chemotherapy, Nutraceuticals, Haematirics and Cardiovascular drugs.

For many years, Fidson has worked with numerous hospitals across the country to care for the needy and those who can’t afford healthcare on their own.

7.) Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited

Mopson pharmaceutical limited started operation in the year 1977. Their pharmaceutical products are of high quality and affordable too.

They supply their products to hospital both government and private hospitals, industries clinics and pharmaceutical stores.

Among these products are: tablets, capsules, liquid and dry syrup which include Micpol (paracetamol) suspension and tablets, Multivitamin syrup, Folic Acid Syrup and tablet, Methylated Spirit, Liquid Paraffin, Neofylin cough syrup, Chloroquine syrup and tablets and so on.

8.) Zolon Healthcare Limited

This drug producing company is one of the pharmaceutical industries with lot of partners across the country.

However, marketing and distribution are also a part of the company’s services.

Among this industry’s partners are the following: Svizera of Netherlands, Panacca biotic, Lincoln pharma, Torrents pharma, Hanmi pharma (Sout Korea), Gujarat liqiu pharma cap Rit, Emzor pharmaceutical industries Ltd, Eckhart corporation (USA)

9.) New Heights Pharma

New Heights Pharma is located in Ikeja Lagos. Just like Emzor, this is an indigenous healthcare pharmaceutical establishment.

It was started in February, 2005 and has grown so well to become one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

Some of the company’s most important activities includes marketing of medical devices, consulting as well as wholesaling of drugs.

They also provide healthcare products and services aimed at adding value to their customers and patients.

10.) Neros Pharmaceutical Ltd

This company started out in 1986 and has today become one of the fastest growing pharma companies in Nigeria. They have their main office located in Lagos.

They specialize in making top quality drugs ranging from Anti-malarias, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Multi-vitamins (minerals), Anti-diabetics, Anti-viral to many other products.

This industry has also been a major representative of international pharmaceutical firms such as;

  • Central Pharmaceutical Factory PHARBACO
  • Sagopha Laboratories Vietnam
  • Saker Healthcare Pvt Ltd India
  • M/S Olive Healthcare India
  • Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company Vietnam
  • Central Pharmaceutical Factory UPHACE

Pharmaceutical and medicinal public company PHARMEDIC from Socialist Republic of Vietnam, CSPC Zhongnuo pharm (Schijiazhuang) Co. Ltd, China.

Final Note

Speaking of pharmaceutical industries, Nigeria ranks among the countries with most of them in the African continent. Especially in West Africa.

Though many of them are owned by foreign organisations and individual, we still have some indigenous ones among them that are doing well for themselves.

A lot of young Nigerians that studied Pharmacy or pharmaceutical courses in school are gainfully employed in these firms.

Have you been desiring to know the top pharmaceutical companies that we have in Nigeria at the moment? I hope this article was helpful with that.

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