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Popcorn Business in Nigeria – Recipes, Capital & Strategy

A succinct observation and analysis on the popcorn business in Nigeria, opened my eyes to lots of things that can actually be of daily revenue to us which we often take for granted.

popcorn business in nigeria

Starting and managing any business requires that you at least have an idea about the business, how it works and some other little secrets behind the success of the business.

This might require you to carry out a visit to places where such business is doing well or Google about the business to find out some facts.

Now if you have been to the cinema, mall and other relaxation centers you will find out that popcorn is consumed largely there. In this blog post, I will be sharing some vital information you need to know so as to do well in setting up your own popcorn business in Nigeria.

What is Popcorn?

Popcorn is a wholesome household snack that is made from grains of maize that pops on heat. It is widely consumed in Nigeria by all ages, old and young except based on preference.

This snack is usually enjoyed with soft drinks and those who trade it make good money out of it.

You get to see this diet being hawked along the road, in malls and cinema, as well as other recreational parks.

Recipes for Popcorn Preparation

This corn diet which was long made with just salt, has brushed up over the years. The preparation has greatly increased in terms of the additives and recipes involved.

Here are the recipes you will require to give your popcorn a unique and savoring taste in order to attract a large costumers.

  • You need the popcorn it self.
  • Need to get butter.
  • You need sugar and salt.
  • Need cooking oil
  • You need flavor of your choice.
  • Need color. Though it’s optional.

What do I Need to Start a Popcorn Business in Nigeria?

After knowing the recipe required to prepare the popcorn to taste, it is therefore important you know the things you need to put in place in order to have a successful and unique popcorn business.

Below are the things you need to have your business running here in Nigeria.

1.) Capital

There are businesses that require little capital to start up. Popcorn business is one of them, unless you desire to run a luxurious type.

You will need a start up fee to rent a location or shop, cash to purchase your popcorn machine and sealing machine. You will also need cash to buy the recipes. From all these, you won’t be spending more than a 100,000 naira.

2.) Popcorn machine

The pop corn machine is the most important things to get in order to start up. This is where the corn is been heated up.

The machine is a glass casing with electrical fittings that helps to prepare, showcase and preserve the popped corn.

3.) Location

This is necessary to secure. If you want to do well in the business, you should consider a very busy and commercial setting. Places like parks, schools, gardens, and lots of other locations where people flow in. This is recommended because lots of people will get to see you and patronize you even when they didn’t prepare for it. Although getting to attract people depends on your organization, taste and flavor of your popcorn.

4.) Sealing machines

You will nerd a sealing machine when you are producing in bulk and selling to marketers. You prepare, pack, seal and distribute to big buyers. In a situation where you sell to costumers directly, you won’t be needing a dealing machine as costumers will prefer a cup or just an open nylon that will be easy to reach.

Best Strategy for Popcorn Business

Businesses grow and become successful based on the secrets and strategies you adopt in handling and running the business. To effectively and successful run a popcorn business you need to do some research on how the business has been able to succeed in the hands of those who are doing well in it.

Not withstanding, I will share some strategic things you need to know and adopt in order to do well in the business.

1.) Have a branded name

Getting a name for your business will help boost and give you some prestigious advantage. With a name, people will be able to easily identify and locate your place. It will be easy to describe your place with the name you bear. It Is therefore needful that you get a very easy and attractive name to suit your kind of business.

2.) Have an organized place

There is virtually no body that doesn’t like neatness and a very organized place. Having your place properly fix will attract large crowd and people who would want to do business with you. If your place is well organized, you might get an invite from a big brand to come for an event.

3.) Attitude

Your personal attitude and relationships with people around and costumers will keep them coming back.

If you treat and serve your costumers tightly, be sure to experience a massive boost.

4.) Be focused

Lots of people have failed in business not because they didn’t start well or have enough capital but because they weren’t focused on the business. This means you have to be available and avoid things that are not important to your business.


There is no business too small to start. It depends on your determination. Doing your popcorn business in Nigeria might take you farther than what you imagine.

Following the details here will help you achieve your desire not just in popcorn business but also in order business ventures.

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