PS3 Price In Nigeria {Old & Used Play Station 3} 2021

The Sony PlayStation 3, popularly known as PS3, is hands-down one of the top gadgets a game lover is expected to have and here is its price in Nigeria today for both used and new.

ps3 price in nigeria

If you’ve been looking forward to getting one, the gadget is not as expensive as you might think.

But before asking us the price of PS3, we’d like to ask you a question. Are you interested in buying a new or used one?

New PS3 Price in Nigeria 2021

The price of Sony Play Station 3 in Nigeria starts at 45,000 Naira and up to 50,000 Naira.

However, this price doesn’t cover the PS3 games themselves. You’d have to buy the games, in addition to the PS3 game box. And PS3 games are a lot less expensive than the box.

Buying a Used PlayStation 3

For people who find the price of a new PS3 too expensive, you can opt-in for a used one. Used PlayStation 3 boxes cost between N28,000 and N35,000.

However, you should note that there are two kinds of used PS3s. The first one is the Nigerian-used, while the second is the foreign-used.

And when buying a used PS3 game box, ensure you’re buying a foreign-used one, from a credible seller.

You should avoid those used by Nigerians.

Our reason for saying this, is that a lot of Nigerian-used PS3s have one or two problems. But you wouldn’t often be told.

Sony PlayStation 3 ~ Detailed Technical Examination

Play Station 3 used to be one of the most impressive computing devices to have ever existed.

But before delving into a full discussion, you should understand that there are over 29 different models of the console.

And these 29 models do not all share the same set of hardware.

Some PS3 models differ in terms of PS2-compatibility, storage devices, and power consumption.

In other words, this article wouldn’t be the kind which simply jumps into the technical details of the console.

Rather, it is the kind which is broken into sections. And in each section, we’d be discussing the classes of PS3 models we have.

However, you should note that even though all models don’t share the same set of hardware, things like their processors and GPUs are quite similar.

In short, it would be a good idea to discuss the processor and GPU first, before delving to the sections.

C P U {Central Processing Unit}

When this Sony console was released in 2006, the console was hands-down one of the most impressive computing devices in the world.

And a lot of thanks to the PowerPC-based processor featured by the machine.

About 5 years before the release of the console, Sony had a vision to produce the best gaming system to have ever existed.

And to bring that vision into reality, they created a partnership with IBM and Toshiba, to create one of the best CPUs to have ever existed.

These giant tech companies came together with about 400 engineers and about $400 million.

And over the course of about 4 years, they were able to produce a new kind of processor which is what was eventually used in the PS 3.

This processor which is popularly known as Cell, was unlike most processors that existed at time.

There are so many impressive things about the processor, but the most outstanding of these things, is that it can function as both a CPU and a GPU.

Back then, hardly would you find a processor which can boast of such capabilities. And even till date, we still find the processor to be an impressive one.

The Cell CPU is stated to have a total of eight cores. And the cores of this processor are capable of being clocked at up to 3.20 GHz.

And as regards the memory used by the Cell processor, the Cell processor has a 256 MB RAM helping it.

G P U {Graphics Processing Unit}

The graphics processor backing this console, is not as impressive as the CPU powering the device.

But pushing the GPU aside because of this, would be a terrible idea. The GPU featured by the console, is the RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’.

And it is a product of a joint effort of Nvidia and Sony.

The RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’ is a GPU based on the Nvidia 7800GTX graphics processor, and this RSX graphics processor is rated at 500 MHz.

It is also worthwhile stating that the GPU has got its own RAM.

RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’ has got a dedicated 256 MB RAM.

In other words, the Sony PS 3 comes with a total of 512 MB of RAM, 256 MB for the CPU and another 256 MB for the GPU.

So now that we’re done with the major common hardware in the console, we can move on to the classes of the consoles we have.

PS3 Console Classes

Class 1

The first class of the console, is made up of just one model.

And this model in question, is the CECHAxx.

The CECHAxx is backward-compatible with the Sony PlayStation 2, with the help of hardware.

And as regards it storage, it comes with a 60 GB storage.

Class 2

The second class of the console, is also made up of one model.

And this model is the CECHBxx. The CECHBxx is very similar to the CECHAxx.

And the only difference lies in their storage capacity.

While the CECHAxx has a 60 GB storage capacity, the CECHBxx comes with a 20 GB storage device.

Class 3

The third class of the console, also happens to be among the classes made up of one model.

And this model is known as the CECHCxx The CECHCxx comes with PS2-backward compatibility, but this backward-compatibility is done with the help of software.

It is also important to state that the CECHCxx ranks as the first member of the second generation of the gaming console. This model comes with 60 GB of storage.

Class 4

The fourth class of the console, is made up of only the model CECHDxx. The model CECHDxx is very similar to the model CECHCxx.

And the major difference happens to be their storage. The CECHDxx comes with 80 GB of storage. And it was meant for those who find the storage of the CECHCxx to be insufficient.

Class 5

Class 5 of the Sony marks the first class of the third generation of the game console.

This class features two models, the model CECHGxx and the model CECHHxx. These models both have 40 GB of storage.

But unlike member of the classes 1, 2, 3 and 4, their CPUs are 65 nm process CPUs. In other words, they consume less power.

And this is among the reasons why consoles of these models are rated at 280 watts, compared to the 380 watts of the other models we’ve mentioned.

Class 6

The model CECHJxx is the only model of the console which belongs to class 6 of the console. The CECHJxx is very similar to the CECHGxx and the CECHHxx.

And the only difference has to do with their GPUs.

The GPUs of all models we have discussed so far, are 90 nm process GPU, but the model CECHJxx is the first of all models that would have a 65 nm process.

Class 7

We also have the class 7. Class 7 is similar to class 6. And their major difference lies in their storage device.

Models in class 7 come with 80 GB of storage, compared to the 40 GB of the members of class 6.

And as regards models making up this class, they are namely: the model CECHKxx, the model CECHLxx, and the model CECHMxx.

Class 8

The model CECHPxx and the model CECHQxx are the models making up this class.

They only differ from class 7 members, in the aspect of storage.

While members of class 7 have 80 GB of storage, members of class 8 come with 160 GB of storage.

Class 9

The Sony PlayStation 3 has a class 9. And this class marks the first class of the fourth generation of the Play Stastion 3 console.

Members of this class come with 45 nm process CPUs and either 120 GB or 250 GB storage devices.

Class 9 models are furthermore rated at 250 watts.

In other words, they don’t generate as much heat and noise as other the models belonging to the other classes we have discussed so far.

Members of this class are the CECH-20xxA and the CECH-20xxB.

You should also be aware of the fact that members of the fourth generation are what people often call PS 3 Slim.

Class 10

Class 10 of the console are similar to members of class 9.

But while the models in class 9 come with 65 nm process GPUs, the models in class 10 come with 40 nm process GPUs.

And as a result, they require a lesser amount of electrical energy. Members of this class are rated at 230 watts.

And for those who’d like to know what models belong to this class, they are namely: the CECH-21xxA and the CECH-21xxB model.

Class 11

Class 11 share everything with class 10, except storage. This models in class 11 either come with 160 GB of storage or 320 GB of storage.

Members of the class are the CECH-25xxA and the CECH-25xxB.

Class 12

Class 12 is furthermore similar to class 11. This class is made up of the model CECH-30xxA and the model CECH-30xxB. And members of this class are rated at 200 watts.

Class 13

Class 13 marks the first class in the fifth generation of the console.

Members of this class come with 45 nm process CPUs and 40 nm process GPUs.

The models in this class are rated at 190w. And as regard storage, they come with either 250 GB or 500 GB of storage.

Members of this class are namely: the CECH-40xxA, the CECH-40xxB, the CECH-40xxC, the CECH-42xxA, the the CECH-42xxB, and the CECH-42xxC.

Class 14

The play station 3 rounded off with its class 14.

The members of this class only differ from those of class 13, in the aspect of GPU.

Members of this family come with 28 nm process GPUs.

What do we Suggest?

Even though, we have provided the price of both new and used PS3s, we’d normally suggest that people buy a foreign-used one.

The reason is simply because of money. And even though they are called used, it doesn’t mean they’d break down soon.

However, if you’d love to unwrap the game yourself, and money isn’t also a problem, then feel free to opt-in for a new PlayStation 3

Some Great PS3 Games to Try Out

The PlayStation 3 console is just an electronic device. The console itself doesn’t come the with games played on it.

Rather, you’d have to buy whatever game you’re interested in playing, and have them installed on the console.

But what are some cool games i can get? Well, this is what we intend discussing in this section.
And there we go.

1.) Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 [PES 2020]

PES is hands-down one of the most popular PlayStation games.

And not only is it a popular game, it also happens to be an incredibly interesting game.

This game has been around for a long time, and it‘s one of those we’d be recommending.

The PES 2020 soccer is of course a lot better than the PES 2019. There are many aspects in which this game has seen improvement.

For instance, in PES 2019 and earlier, using players who are not hefty, to do amazing things, isn’t easy.

Whereas this isn’t how things are in the real world. But in the PES 2020, things like this have really changed.

As long as you’re not a girl, this game is a game you should love. And in fact, we have a good number of girls who also love the game.

PES 2020 is a game available on all major e-commerce platform, so laying your hands on it should not be a problem.

And it also wouldn’t come as a surprise, if you’re able to find this game close to your home.

2.) Grand Theft Auto 5 [GTA 5]

The Grand Theft Auto is another game that has been around for a very long time. In fact, it’s one of the oldest PS games that are still around till date.

And the success of this game is far from being luck. Rather, the Grand Theft Auto is a game that truly deserves the success it is enjoying. And why would you ever want to miss out of such?

So far, we have had the Grand Theft Auto 1, the Grand Theft Auto 2, the Grand Theft Auto 3, and the Grand Theft Auto 4. And we also have the Grand Theft Auto 5 which happens to be the latest version of the game.

In the Grand Theft Auto 5, we have three protagonists, namely: Michael Townley, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. Michael Townley who was an FBI agent, faked his own death, just to get out of the life of crime he had been living.

After faking his death, he later got married to a girl named Amanda. And he ended up having 2 kids with her.

As for Franklin Clinton, he’s has been involved with a criminal life from a very age. He’d often steal from stores and warehouse. And not only that, he’d also kill gang members, from time to time.

But despite living the life of a criminal, Franklin Clinton has the desire to leave that life, and start afresh with his crush, Tanisha.

And as for Trevor Phillips, he used to be a friend of Michael, before Michael faked his own death. But not only that, Trevor Phillips also happens to be sociopath and narcissist. It isn’t abnormal to see him blow thing up randomly, or even run people over.

In short, the Grand Theft Auto 5 [GTA 5] is one of the most interesting games available on the Sony PlayStation 3, and you should really consider getting it.

3.) The Last of Us

When talking about super-interesting PS games, The Last of Us is not one of those you should ever think of leaving out.

The game is hands-down one of the best PS games you would ever find, and it has also received a good number of awards.

This game is about a girl and a guy. The girl named Ellie is expected to protected by a guy called Joel, in a post-apocalyptic world. But before the apocalypse that destroyed their world, Joel used to be a smuggler.

In the game, you’d be able to control not just Joel, but also Ellie. Furthermore, the game is one of those played from a third-person perspective.

The Last of Us is a very interesting game. And to give you an idea of how cool this game is, over 1.3 million units of the game were sold, in the first week of its release. And as of now, well over 25 million units have been sold.

The game also happens to have taken about 4 years to develop. In other words, you are very unlikely to get disappointed.

4.) Persona 5

Persona 5 is also one of those games that have been around for a long time. This game should not also be underestimated, because it ranks as a best-selling game.

As the name implies, there have been five versions of this game so far, and the version 5 happens to be the most spectacular one.

This game called Persona 5 is a simulation game. And it’s about the life of a guy. In the game, you’d socialize a lot with people.

But very often, you’d get into fights. In the game, there are many ways to fight. And if you’re the kind who love games full of guns, the Persona 5 isn’t a game that would disappoint.

It’s however worthwhile stating that the game called Persona 5 is not very popular in Nigeria. In other words, getting it might be a challenge. But anyway, you can search it on Jumia and Konga.

And if it’s not available on these two platforms, you would have to head over to Amazon. So if you end up buying it on Amazon, you’d have to wait for some weeks, before getting it at your doorstep.

5.) Portal 2

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 [PES 2020] is a game about football, and fans of football would love it.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action game, and a lot of people love this game.

The Last of Us is also another interesting game that has a lot of players all over the world. And as we have also stated, Perona 5 is also an epic one.

But what about people who don’t like any of these games? What about people who prefer games related to puzzle?

Well, for such people, a game like the Portal 2 is what we’d recommend. This game also ranks as a very successful game, so be rest assured you aren’t buying a piece of crap.

However, just like Perona 5, this game might be difficult to get in Nigeria. And if you’re unable to find the game in the shops around you, you should check Jumia and Konga.

But if you still can’t find it on Jumia and Konga, then head over to Amazon. The game would certainly be available on this platform.

Final Note

Well, if you ask me, if you have get only small cash to shell out for a game console.

Then, this price of ps3 in Nigeria shouldn’t tear your pocket.

We have also provided you with the best interesting games you should check out and play on the console.

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