PS4 Price in Nigeria {Sony Play Station 4 Cost} 2021

The price of the Sony PlayStation 4 would vary, depending on a number of factors. PS4 Price in Nigeria varies depending on its storage.

ps4 price in nigeria

And it’s not impossible to find a PS4 console selling for over N160,000.

The subsequent paragraphs of this article would provide you with details.

If you intend buying a used PS4 game box, then what you need is an amount of money between N84,000 and N95,000.

The exact price of the game would depend on whom you’re buying from. And to help get the best value for your money, you should use platforms like jiji.

On, you’d find a lot of people trying to sell their used PS4 consoles. You’d also find businesses selling the Sony PS4 on this platform.

However, it is very important to test a used PS4 console, regardless of wherever you’re buying from.

Failure to do this can result in having a faulty console sold to you.

New PS4 Price in Nigeria

  • CUH-20xx [500 GB]: N107,500
  • CUH-20xx [1 TB]: N115,000
  • CUH-10xx: N132,500
  • CUH-11xx [500 GB]: N132,500
  • CUH-11xx [1 TB]: N140,000
  • CUH-12xx [500 GB]: N132,500
  • CUH-12xx [1 TB]: N140,000
  • CUH-70xx: N150,000

For those who would prefer new PlayStation 4, get prepared to cough out between N107,500 and N150,000 Naira.

You can get a new PS4 within this price range, on the major e-commerce platforms in Nigeria.

However, there are some PS4 packs that come with special controllers. We also have some packs that come with games.

When trying to buy such packs, you’d have to spend a lot more.

The additional amount can be as low as N5,000 or as high as N50,000, or even more.

How Much Used PS4 Cost in Nigeria

  • CUH-20xx [500 GB]: N84,000
  • CUH-20xx [1 TB]: N86,500
  • CUH-10xx: N89,000
  • CUH-11xx [500 GB]: N89,000
  • CUH-11xx [1 TB]: N91,500
  • CUH-12xx [500 GB]: N89,000
  • CUH-12xx [1 TB]: N91,500
  • CUH-70xx: N95,000

PlayStation 4 ~ Detailed Technical Examination

Sony PlayStation 4, even though it has now been replaced by the PS5, is an impressive technology.

Among all gaming consoles that were released during the period the PS4 was released, the Sony PlayStation 4 ranks as the best.

But what exactly are the elements behind the technical success of this console?

Well, this is what we intend looking at, in this article.

In this article, we’d be looking at the major specs and features of the impressive Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Aspect of Improvements

Before delving into the technical details of the Sony PlayStation 4, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give an overview of how the PS4 is better than the PS3.

The PS4 is, of course, far more superior than the PS3, in the aspect of computing power. But that isn’t the only aspect this console stands out.

One of the other aspects where the PS4 is massively better than the PS3, is in the aspect of social interaction.

As we all know, socializing while playing game, can be more fun than just playing a game alone.

With social interaction, you and other players around the world, get the chance to launch coordinated attacks against some other teams in a game.

Or you can even be a game enemy to some other player, and make friendly fun of them.

This kind of things isn’t that possible with the PS3.

But with the Sony PS4, social interaction is now possible in ways never thought possible.

Another aspect where the Sony PlayStation 4 is better, is in the aspect of integration with other devices.

The PS3 console used to be a console where games live and can’t exist outside of it.

But with the PS4, you can not only play games on it, you can also integrate it with other devices.

And some of what this means is that the PS4 makes it possible to play games on your PS4 console, via a smaller device, similar to the PlayStation Portable [PSP].

But unlike the PSP, this device is called the PlayStation Vita.

Another impressive thing about this support for integration, is that other people around the world, can also watch you while playing your game.

The Sony PlayStation 4 also saw a massive improvement in the aspect of its controller.

The designs of PS4 controllers are far more impressive than those of PS3 controllers.

And that’s not all, PS4 controllers also come with new and thoughtful features.

As you would expect, the aspect of graphics is another aspect where the Sony PlayStation 4 is better than the Sony PlayStation 3.

And some of these improvements are what make it possible to enjoy 4K graphics on the PS4 console.

You should, however, note that some models of the PS4 console only have partial support for 4K graphics.

In other words, you can enjoy 4K graphics while playing media files.

But when it comes to playing games, you can’t enjoy 4K graphics. But still, partial 4K graphics is an impressive thing.

Now that we have given an overview of how the PS4 is better than the PS3, the next thing to do, is to look at some of these things in more details.

C P U and G P U

When it comes to the aspect of the CPU and the GPU of the Sony PlayStation 4, the console is quite similar to the Sony PlayStation 3 console, and at the same time different.

In the PS4, rather than having the CPU and the GPU on different dies, the CPU and the GPU of this console are featured on the same die, and they are together called an Accelerated Processing Unit [APU].

This is actually similar to how the CPU and the GPU of the Sony PlayStation 3 are also implemented.

But even though the PS3 and the PS4 both feature an APU [the integration of CPU and GPU on the same die], the APU featured by the Sony PlayStation 4 is far more powerful than that featured by the Sony PlayStation 3.

In fact, according to AMD, the APU they helped Sony design, for the PS4, is one of the most impressive things they’ve ever done till date.

Talking about the CPU featured in the PS4 APU, the APU comes with an octa-core processor that is based on the x86-64 architecture.

In simpler terms, the CPU happens to be a 64-bit processor.

It was also learnt that the eight cores of this processor are things capable of being clocked as high as 1.60 GHz.

This kind of CPU isn’t a joke, even today, and we’re going to give it a 4-star rating.

As regards the GPU of the Sony PlayStation 4, its APU comes with a GPU that is based on the AMD GCN Radeon GPU.

Back then, when the PS5 was being developed, this GPU was hands-down one of the best in world.

The AMD GCN Radeon is a GPU coming with a total of 18 compute units. And this custom GPU is stated to have a maximum theoretical performance of 1.84 teraflops.

RAM {Random Access Memory}

What Sony did in the aspect of RAM, is also mind-blowing.

All models of the Sony PlayStation 3 come with 512 MB of RAM.

But when Sony was designing the Sony PlayStation 3, they didn’t decide on 1 GB or 2 GB RAM.

The company went far beyond expectations, equipping the Sony PlayStation 4 with 8 GB of RAM.

This is an outstanding leap, and it’s also among the major reasons why only a very few consoles in the category of the Sony PlayStation 4, can compete with it.


We also find the Sony PlayStation 4 quite impressive in the aspect of storage, although the improvement is not so mind-blowing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s something we can ignore.

The storage capacity of a model of the PS4, would be any of 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB.

In other words, if you feel a 500 GB storage wouldn’t be enough to store all your games, you can easily opt-in for a 1 TB model of the console.

And as for those who would be storing a very high number of games, you can grab any of the 2 TB models of this console.

You should, however, note that the storage devices of the Sony PS4 are all HDD peripherals.

No single model of the PS4 comes with SSD storage. But this doesn’t mean the PS4 console has no support for SSD storage devices.

It actually does. But to use an SSD for your PS4 console, you’d have to buy it separately, and find someone who can install if for you.

It is quite unknown if there is a limit to how much capacity your SSD storage can have.

But it’s often recommended that you don’t use SSDs having more than 2 TB of storage capacity.

Game Distribution

Game distribution in the Sony PlayStation 4, is a bit different from that of older versions of the console. For the PS4, games can either be installed from a Blu-ray disc or downloaded online.

But it is worthwhile stating that not just any game can be installed on the Sony PS4, only games specifically developed for it can be installed on it.

In other words, the PS4 console is not backwards-compatible with any of the PS1, the PS2, and the PS3 console.

However, there are some workarounds, for people who insist on playing games of the PS3 console, on a PS4 console.

But since Sony didn’t have the intention of making PS4 backwards-compatible, playing PS3 games on PS4 consoles can be quite annoying.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Standard vs PS4 Pro

Whenever you find yourself in the PS4 world, you might hear things like PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, etc. But what exactly do these things mean?

Well, the PS4 gaming console has a good number of models. And models of these console are grouped to form classes.

The most popular class is the PS4 standard. This class would often be just simply referred to as PS4.

But whenever you hear PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, you should understand that they’re referring to a class other than the PS4 Standard.

As for the PS4 Slim, this class is the class of the PS4 consoles having a smaller design.

But not only are they smaller, they also happen to feature some upgrade.

For instance models of this class come with the USB 3.1 technology, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and the 5.00 GHz Wi-Fi technology.

As for the PS4 Standard, this is the first class of the PS4 console. The first set of PS4 models that were released, belong to this class.

And as for the PS4 Pro, this class of the PS4 models, feature more impressive hardware. For instance, their CPUs can be clocked as high as 2.13 GHz.

Another aspect where this class is superior, is the aspect of graphics.

Models in this class feature more powerful GPUs, and they also have support for 4K graphics, when playing games.

Conclusion on Play Station 4 Specs

There is no doubt about the fact that the newly announced PS5 is arguably the most impressive console on earth, right now.

But this doesn’t mean consoles like the PS4 don’t have a place in this current age.

They actually still do, and we’re very sure they’d remain relevant for many years to come.

Some Recommended PS4 Games

Even though a lot of people would likely come here for the price of the PlayStation 4, we’re however sure of the fact that there would be people who are also interested in being recommended some PS4 games.

And if you’d like to use some recommendation, the following games are some epic PS4 games you can consider.

1.) Spider Man 2018

The Spider Man 2018 game released for the PlayStation 4, is hands-down one of the best games we would recommend anyone.

This game was developed by Insomniac Games, but published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game has of course received a lot of awards, and the sales made from this game have been really impressive.

The game happens to be an open-world action-adventure game, in a fictionalized version of the New York City.

Unlike some other games, you should have little or no trouble finding this game, in game stores in this country.

2.) God of War

Another epic game we can recommend, is the God of War. This game is far from being a new game.

And we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard about it.

It has been around since 2005, and it has always ranked as one of the most successful console games of all time.

The 2018 version of this game is available on the Sony PlayStation 4, and you also shouldn’t have any problem laying your hands on this game.

3.) Horizon Zero Dawn

If you were a little conversant with the game industry, back in 2017, a game you’d probably know of, is the Horizon Zero Dawn.

This game is hands-down an epic game, and we’d strongly recommend that you check it out.
The game has received a countless number of awards. And as of February 2019, it was stated that over 10 million copies of the game have been sold.

In other words, it ranks as one of the best-selling PS4 games. Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that wouldn’t disappoint, so feel free to buy it.

4.) Grand Theft Auto 5

Anyone who knows a little about PlayStation, would very likely also have heard about the Grand Theft Auto.

And the reason for this can be attributed to its awesomeness.

Grand Theft Auto is hands-down an epic game, and you’d hardly come across a guy who doesn’t like the game.

For anyone buying the Sony PlayStation 4, the version 5 of the Grand Theft Auto, is one of the games we’d recommend. We’re very sure you wouldn’t end up seeing it as a waste of money.

5.) Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another epic game available on the Sony PlayStation 4. This game is not only a great one, it also happens to be a product of Rockstar Games.

For those who don’t know what Rockstar Games is, they actually happen to the developer of the Grand Theft Auto.

In other words, you can be rest assured you’re not buying a piece of crap.

Also, getting the game should be no problem, as it’s a pretty popular game.

However, if you have problem finding it in the stores around you, you can always check platforms like Jumia and Konga.

6.) Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Konami is no doubt one of the most outstanding game developers in the world. This company happens to be the brain behind a lot of epic games.

And Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is one of the PS4 games they have to offer.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was released on September 1, 2015. And even though it’s almost 5 years since it has been released, it still ranks as one of the best PS4 games.

7.) eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

The Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is not the only game Konami is involved with.

Another great game this company happens to be involved with, is the Pro Evolution Soccer.

This game happens to be one of the most loved games in the history of the Sony PlayStation 4.

And the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is the latest version of the game.

The eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is a game available on the Sony PlayStation 4.

In other words, you shouldn’t overlook this game, when buying games for your PS4 console.

8.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Among PS4 games released in 2015, includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This game is hand-down another epic game.

And speaking with a player of the game, would be enough to convince you of the awesomeness of this game. Aside talking to players of this game, you can also look into the awards this game has received.

Furthermore, it was reported that over 20 million copies of the game had been sold by June 2019. There are many people playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and you should also consider joining them.

9.) Fornite

Fornite which was released by Epic Games in 2017, is one of the most successful games in the history of the game industry. Its success dwarfs those of many other awesome games.

In less than a year, after the release of this game, it was able to attract over 125 million players.

This should give you an idea of how interesting the game is.

And since you’re getting a PS4 console, you should enjoy this game to the fullest. However, if you’re unable to find it in the game shops around you, you should consider checking Jumia and Konga.

10.) What Remains of Edith Finch

While the game called What Remains of Edith Finch may not be as popular as some of the other games in this article, it ranks as one of the most awesome.

The game was first released in 2017, for the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Windows 10 operating system.

But as of now, it is available on one both the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

A game like this is one of those you should also take into consideration. However, you might be unable to find it some of the physical stores around you.

In other words, you might have to buy it on one of the major /e-commerce platforms in Nigeria.

11.) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a game from Sony Computer Entertainment. This game was only released for the Sony PlayStation 4, and it’s not a game you should ignore.

Even though, you can’t compare its success to those of some other games, you shouldn’t still ignore it.

The game has been around since May 2016, but it still ranks as one of the most loved PS4 games.

Final Note

In summary, the above are great play station 4 games we can confidently recommend. However, in some places in Nigeria, you might be unable to find some of these games.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you can always check them on Jumia and Konga.

And if you still can’t find them on these top 2 e-commerce platforms in the country, then you might have to use Amazon.

However, if you end up using Amazon, you would have to wait some weeks, for the game to arrive.

That is it about PS4, its price in Nigeria right now in 2021 and great games you can play on it.

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