PS5 Price in Nigeria ~ Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications

The PS5 might just be Sony’s best project ever and here is its full specs and price in Nigeria.

ps5 price in nigeria

Shortly after the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony embarked on the development of the Sony PlayStation 5.

And after years of development, the company has finally come out to announce what it’s been working on.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is probably the most incredible work Sony has ever done. This console is a massive improvement over the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS5 sees improvements in aspects you’d expect, as well as aspects you probably wouldn’t even have thought of.

PS5 Price in Nigeria 2020

Sony Play Station 5 start at $600 USD which is N219,000 Naira in Nigeria. It will be available for purchase from November.

Play Station 5 Key Specs

  • AMD Zen 2-based CPU [8 cores rated at 3.50 GHz]
  • Custom RDNA 2 GPU [36 compute units [CUs] rated at 2.23 GHz; 10.28 teraflops]
  • 16 GB GDDR6 RAM [448 gb/s; m.2 interface; NVMe protocol]
  • Special 825 GB SSD [Expandable with m.2 SSD or USB HDD]

But what do these specs really mean? How are they going to take gaming to the next level? We know you can’t wait to learn more about this console, so let’s get into it.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Storage

The new PS 5 SSD internal memory ushers in a new world of entertainment.

One of the most interesting things about the PlayStation 5, is the storage it features.

Storage is one of those things that have always determined how incredible games can be.

And with the storage featured by the PS5, a lot of restrictions faced by game developers have been lifted.

In other words, the Sony PlayStation 5 has now made it possible to create games that would never have been possible.

One of the things which make the console’s storage so excellent, is that it is an SSD storage device, not an HDD.

HDD storage is the storage type featured by the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

But while HDD would be good enough for some other computing task, HDD places serious restriction on what kind of games can be developed.

Loading heavy files from HDD drives often take significant amount of time.

And the consequences of this include having limit to how fast you can drive a car or do some other kind of things, when playing a game.

But with the introduction of an SSD storage, very heavy files can be loaded from the storage, under a second.

In other words, when moving around in a game, things would be so fast that you’d probably start to develop some disgust for the PS4 console.

This time around, there wouldn’t be unnecessary limits to how fast cars can move.

This would also mean you can enjoy games with more realistic graphics.

In short, the PS5 comes with a very fast SSD drive which would contribute greatly to the kind of games that can now be developed.

This also means it’s time to say goodbye to glitchy games.

However, the speed of the SSD storage is not the only special thing about it.

Aside coming with a blazingly fast storage, the PS5 console also comes with a larger storage, compared to the PS4.

The Sony PlayStation 5 comes with an SSD storage of 825 GB. This may be smaller than the 1 TB of some PS4 Pro, but let’s not forget how faster the SSD storage.

And for people who still feel a storage space of 825 GB wouldn’t be enough, you can always expand the storage space of this console.

Sony didn’t state the maximum amount of SSD storage that could be added. But we expect the PS5 to support additional 1 TB SSD storage.

This however doesn’t mean you should go get an SSD drive before the release of the PS5. The PS5 uses a special SSD storage.

And to take advantage of the console’s capabilities, just like its internal storage, you’d need SSD storage devices which are compatible with the PS5.

But as of the time of first writing this article, Sony is yet to announce a list of compatible SSD devices available in the market.

However, by the time of release, the company should have released a list of compatible SSD devices available in the market.

It is also important to note that the expansion is a thing that would require some technical knowledge.

But for people who have no technical knowledge, and can’t find someone to do it for them, the PS5 also comes with USB support.

With the help of its USB port, you can connect an external storage to the PS5 console. But it’s possible that only PS4 games would be allowed on the external storage.

And yes, what you have seen is not a mistake. The Sony PlayStation 5 comes with support for PS4 games, and we’d be discussing that later, in more details.

So with the 5.5 GB/s I/O speed of the PS5 storage, games never thought possible would certainly start to appear on the PS5, and we can’t wait to see them.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Play station 5 graphics processing unit is probably the first of its kind in the computing world.

The storage of the PS5 is one of the most impressive things about the console, but the GPU it features is another thing we should also talk about.

This GPU is probably one of the most advanced GPUs that currently exists.

The GPU is a joint effort of Sony and AMD, and it’s nothing less than an incredible success.

First and foremost, the RDNA 2-based GPU, comes with support for PS4 games.

And not only does this GPU support the PS4 graphics engine, it actually supports it in a very smart way.

This means you should be able to play any PS4 game on this console, without issues.

In other words, before great PS5 games become available, you can start to have a feel of the PS5, through the PS4 games already available.

Secondly, Sony has done an incredible work with the PS5, when it comes to the amount of heat generated by their consoles.

Since the PS1, it isn’t uncommon to see consoles breakdown due to overheating. In fact, consoles sometimes heat up so much that they start to make noise.

If this is a thing that annoys you, we’re happy to announce that you wouldn’t be having such a problem with the PS5.

The GPU and CPU have been designed in such a way that noise and overheating would be no problem.

In other words, despite the fact that the PS5 happens to be a beast, it wouldn’t suffer from the heat and noise problem of the older PS consoles.

We also find the processing speed of the GPUs compute units to be incredible.

The Custom RDNA 2 GPU featured by the PS5 comes with a total of 36 compute units. And each of these units is rated at 1 GHz.

To some, a total of 36 compute unit may not be so impressive, but it actually is. The reason for this is that the GPU has a lot of incredible other engines, and these compute units can be clocked at 1 GHz.

But while the GPU features some advanced engines, it’s possible for developers not to use them.

However, we trust developers to take great advantages of these epic engines featured by the GPU.

In short, the Custom RDNA 2 GPU featured by the PS5 means we can now enjoy super-advanced graphics in PS5 games willing to take full advantage of the console’s GPU.

This also means we should start to expect more realistic games from developers.


PS 5 central processing unit and random access memory dwarf those of the PS4 and PS4 Pro

It mercilessly defeats the PS4 in a lot of ways.

The PS5 is a lot better than the PS4 in the aspect of CPU and memory.

The PlayStation 5 comes with a CPU based on the AMD Zen 2.

This CPU comes with a total of 8 cores, and each of these cores can be clocked as high as 3.50 GHz. This CPU is clearly better than the 2.10 GHz of the PS4 Pro.

However, processing speed isn’t the only thing that makes the PS5 CPU better than that of the PS4 Pro.

The PS5’s CPU also comes with a good number of new and thoughtful instruction sets. In other words, Sony has made the life of developers easier.

And with the life of games developers easier, we expected better games from our game developers.

3D Sound

To make a game incredibly immersive, visuals ain’t the only important things. Another very important thing, is sound.

But unfortunately, the gaming industry hasn’t been impressive in this aspect. However, the release of the PS5 would change that.

Can you imagine playing a game that has to do with killing zombies? And you’ve just shot down the zombies around you, but can still hear one of them growling.

Then you start to look around, unable to tell where the growling sound is coming from. Can you relate? Well, with the PS5, things can get really interesting in situations like this.

The PS5 comes with technologies that make epic 3D sound possible. In other words, the sounds in games can become so realistic that you may start confusing the surround sound in the game, with those of this world.

You should however note that you can only enjoy this kind of experience in games created to support it.

PS4 games may not give this kind of experience, but we expect new PS5 games to take great advantage of this feature.

Final Note

In short, the Sony PlayStation 5 is probably the best thing they has ever done.

This console has so much to offer. And we doubt you wouldn’t love to have a feel what it has to offer.

The console has only been announced, and we expect its release towards the end of this year.

What do you think? Is the price of ps5 in Nigeria worth the specs and capabilities? Let’s know in the comment box.

In the mean time, you should check our recent write up on xbox series x and compare before you decide which console to go for if you can’t afford the two.

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