Spectranet Data Plans ~ Prices & How to Buy 2020

If you have more than 1 device that you connect to the internet every day, then you should consider getting yourself a MiFi and one of the best you can get right now in Nigeria is spectranet. Inside this write up is spectranet data plans, their prices and how you can pay for them.

spectranet data plans

To be able to use spectranet, you must be in city where they operates in, you must get yourself one of their MiFi, Modem or Router and know how to pay for their plans.

You won’t need the router or outdoor modem except you want to run a business with it such as cyber cafe. You will be good with one of their MiFi.

I personally use their Ace MiFi myself and i do the 10,000 Naira monthly subscription which is now 10,235 Naira after the Financial bill which increase VAT to 7.5% from 5% became active on the 1st of February 2020.

Since July of 2019 that i bought the ACE MiFi, i have been on the 10k sub.

The original data allocated to it is 25GB but i have been receiving double data since then making it 50GB.

Not only that, it also comes with free and unlimited night browsing from 1AM – 7AM.

They offer 4G LTE services, so you can expect very fast internet.

But as great as all this sounds, you need to be in 1 of the 4 cities these 4 cities to use their services. Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.

If you are in any of those cities, visit any of their stores around you or go to spectranet.com.ng to get a MiFi (i will recommend the ACE MiFi) and start enjoying.

Unused data are automatically rolled over from a previous month to the next provided you renew your current plan or migrate to upper plan before it expires.

Let’s review their internet bundles.

Spectranet Data Plans 2020

  • 8GB for 3070 Naira: The 8GB is 4GB day + 4GB night bonus.
  • 10GB for 3580 Naira: 5GB day + 5GB night bonus.
  • 14GB for 5115 Naira: 7GB day + 7GB night bonus.
  • 24GB for 6140 Naira: 12GB day + 12GB night bonus
  • 30GB for 7165 Naira: 15GB day + 15GB night bonus
  • 25GB for 10,235 Naira: Currently, you get double data which makes it 50GB and free unlimited night browsing.
  • 40GB for 12,795 Naira: You get 80GB (double data promo for now) + free unlimited night browsing.
  • 60GB for 15,355 Naira: You get 120GB (double data promo for now) + free unlimited night browsing.

All the above data has a validity of 30 days and the night bonus can only be used from 1am – 7am. Also, the bundles that comes with free unlimited night browsing too is between 1am – 7am. Bonus data cannot be rolled over.

Night Data Plan

  • 20GB for N7675 Naira: Validity period is 30 days and usable between 7PM-7AM.
  • 40GB for N11,260 Naira: This plan is valid for 30 days and also usable between 7PM-7AM.

During weekends and public holidays, the data is usable all day.

Weekly Plan

  • 15GB for 4000 Naira: 6GB day + 9GB night bonus (usable between 1am – 7am).

Methods of Payment

I personally make use of quickteller to make payments.

Just enter your dashboard using your spectranet login, tap on renew plan or change plan (if you want to) and choose quickteller as your method of payment.

Make sure your card is activated for internet banking and you are good to go. But quickteller will also charge you 100 service charge. So add that to the amount of the data bundle you want to buy.

Final Note

As you can see for yourself, spectranet data plans are one of the best you can get in Nigeria right now. The speed is out of the world in most locations.

If you now go for the mega plans (the ones with free unlimited night browsing), you will just get tired of browsing at one point.

I have streamed an downloaded and now i am tired. Remember it is not up to a year that i actually started using it.

If you are using spectranet or just want to start using it, let me know what you think about their internet bundles in the comment.

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    Please I would like to know if you have coverage in Osogbo, Osun State.
    As well I would like to know if you have Internet modem, or WI-FI device. Please indicate also where to buy it.

  2. Fran

    When you talked about the 18000 for unlimited data, did you mean ‘january 2019’ or January 2017?

  3. Rasaq Olayemi

    They are not in Osun State yet and the unlimited data has since been deprecated.

  4. Angela

    good morning. I saw your network online.
    And I want to know if you have your coverage around my area. Lekki alpha beach new road.

  5. Okunade Opeyemi Joshua.

    Good morning. Please I use my Spectranet device to watch films on Netflix but it doesn’t last long. I’m on unified value ( 7, 165# monthly) . Can you suggest a little higher data plan for me? Thanks.

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