Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan {30 Days Plan}

Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan is a new 4G unlimited data plan in town, it is fast but not that affordable when compared to what some of its main competitor like Ntel is offering. With this plan, you will enjoy 24/7 4G LTE unlimited access to the internet.spectranet unlimited gold plan

Nigeria now has more than six active 4G LTE network provider. Among them are Smile, Spectranet, Ntel, MTN, Glo, Etisalat, InterC etc. I have posted about all these 4G networks data plans and their prices as well as phones that are compatible with their band frequencies. Let’s talk about the new unlimited 4G internet browsing plan unveiled by Spectranet.

Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan Features

  1. It is currently available for customers in Lagos and Ibadan only.
  2. Spectranet unlimited data plan will cost you N18,000 Naira.
  3. It is valid for 30 days and can be used anytime (Day and Night).
  4. You will experience speed throttling when you reach 100GB. i.e Data transfer speed will be reduced. Spectranet didn’t disclose the speed it will be reduced to.

Spectranet offers one of the fastest 4G services in Nigeria. Considering the economic situation of the country for SMEs, 100GB of 4G data for N18,000 Naira still sounds fair to me, but Ntel offers the same service for just N10,000.

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