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Startimes Antenna and GoTv Antenna: Answer To Can i Use Startimes Antenna with GoTv Decoder and Vice Versa

Startimes Antenna and GoTv Antenna: Answer To Can i Use Startimes Antenna with GoTv Decoder and Vice Versa.

Customers of the two most used digital Tv in Nigeria have been making enquiries about their antenna. The precise questions were, can i use Startimes Antenna with GoTv decoder and can i use GoTv antenna for a Startimes decoder. I will be answering these questions with images and we can all decide if there is a way out. Check both Startimes Antenna and GoTv antenna below.

Startimes Antenna Vs GoTv Antenna Plus Decoder Images.

In the image below is the back of GoTv decoder and its antenna will be tightened to the second screw-like port from the left. startimes antenna and gotv antenna

The image below is the mouth of a GoTv antenna that will be tightened into the port above. gotv antenna mouth

This is the back of startimes decoder and its antenna will enter the second port from the left. gotv antenna vs startimes antenna

This is the mouth of a startimes antenna and it will enter the port described above at the back of a startimes antenna. startimes antenna mouth

Judging from the images above, the answer to the questions above is No. GoTv antenna can not work with startimes decoder like wise will startimes antenna not work for a GoTv decoder. But if there is a way either antenna can be connected to its foreign decoder perfectly, then i think they will perform the function of an antenna irrespective of which decoder they are tightened to.

If you have been able to use startimes antenna and GoTv antenna on opposite decoder, please let’s know how you were able to achieve that goal via the comment box.

That’s all on Startimes antenna and GoTv antenna. Kindly make use of the comment box and social sharing buttons below.

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Updated: August 10, 2017 — 1:13 am


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  1. why is that my decoder and it’s aerial is antenna are not working

  2. 1st I will like to say u guys are confused people from your post.the 1st back image is not Gotv but startimes and vice versa.
    I will like to let u know but antenna work for qny decoder if get a pin connector .It joins pin to big pin

  3. how much is your outdoor antenna?

  4. Pls,where can I change my decoded to d latest Brand, is the changing it free or will i hav to add money to it?

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