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Swisscoin Review: Everything You Need to Know

Swisscoin Review: Everything You Need to Know.

This article is all about Swisscoin review. It contains everything you need to know about Swisscoin been one of the newest cryptocurrency players in town. Inside is how to get started/sign up, fund & withdraw and makes money with it, swisscoin price, rate, value. swisscoin

What is Swisscoin?

You have been hearing about swiss-coin for months, but you have little or no knowledge of what it is and how it actually works right? Well, here is your chance to know everything about it.

Swisscoin like bitcoin (BTC) is a crypto currency or digital currency created and controlled using cryptography. I won’t bore you with details of how digital currencies are created, you can read all about it and their history from wikipedia.

All you need to know is that digital currencies like each country’s or group of countries physical currency (Pounds, Dollar, Euro, Naira, Ksh, GHC, CNY, INR), can be used as a means of payment or medium of exchange and they can also be sold in exchange for the physical currencies.

Swisscoin is one of the newest cryptocurrencies in town, it was launched in May 2016 and started mining in June 2016. It was created by a company in Switzerland in collaboration with few other contributors from Germany. It is said to be the best alternative to bitcoin the world has been waiting for.

Now that you know what swisscoin is, the next question is how does it works? What can i use the coin for? how do i convert it to my country’s physical currency?

Cryptocurrency Working Principle.

Working principle is the same for all cryptocurrencies. Therefore to fully understand how the digital currencies works, i will be using Bitcoin, which happen to be the first and current world most successful decentralized cryptocurrency as an example.

Bitcoin (BTC) was launched back in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto using cryptographic hash function from the blockchain technology. In the early days of BTC, it was traded for $0.02 per coin. Fast forward to 2013 (4 years later), bitcoin was traded at $1100 per coin though the current value (December 24 2016) is $903. Let’s do the maths concerning the business that surrounds bitcoin.

Assuming you bought $500 worth of BitCoin in 2009 when 1 btc = $0.02. What will be the worth and your profit today?

1 bitcoin = $0.02 in 2009.

X = $500.

Cross multiply, you will have X = $500 x 1 bitcoin/ $0.02. The numerator’s $ will cancel out the denominator’s $ and you will have X = 500 bitcoin/0.02 = 25,000 bitcoin. Meaning you bought 25,000 btc in 2009 with $500.

Now using the current btc or bitcoin to dollar exchange rate today, let’s calculate how much in USD your 25,000 bitcoin now worth.

1 bitcoin = $903 today (December 24 2016)

25,000 bitcoin = X.

Cross multiply and you will have X bitcoin = $903 x 25,000 bitcoin. Divide through by bitcoin to get rid of it and you will have X = $22,575,000. Yes, that was exactly my reaction.

In summary, you invested $500 in 2009 and get 25,000 btc. Today, that same 25,000 btc will give you $22,575,000 (twenty-two million five hundred and seventy-five thousand USD) if you decide to sell today.

Most of us were doubting Thomas in 2009 when bitcoin was introduced to us, today we were regretting we didn’t invest even just $50 back then. Now we have another opportunity to right our wrong and some of us are still sitting on the fence.

Brothers and Sisters, swisscoin is the opportunity am talking about, it is currently trading at €0.1 euro and the mining difficulty is at level 4. That is another term right? Mining difficulty increases after each split indicator (mining) reaches 100% and the number of coin you get after each mining reduces as the difficulty increases.

Confuse? I will explain using the educational packages below. In the mean time, you can also use the exchange rate of pounds to naira updated daily for the above calculations.

You can also check out this article, just in case you need to convert dollar to naira.

Swisscoin Tokens and Educational Packs Review.

To invest in swiss-coin, you will have to buy one of the educational packs that gives you certain amount of tokens. The packs ranges from €25 to €15,000 euro. When you purchase an educational pack, you get token in return which will be used to generate swisscoin in the system. €25 currently gives 200 tokens and €15,000 gives 200,000 tokens.

When split indicator reaches 100%, your tokens double up. Meaning your 5000 tokens from €500 investment will become 10,000 tokens. But you will have to divide that by the level of mining difficulty. Those that invested immediately the system was launched and at level 1 mining difficulty gets 10,000 swiss coins from €500 investment.

Today the mining difficulty is at level 4, meaning 10,000 tokens will be divided by 4 and the result is the amount of swisscoin you will get. i.e €500 investment gives 5000 tokens and after split indicator reaches 100% you will get 10,000 tokens, but the amount of swisscoin you get will be 10,000/4 = 2,500 coins.

Now you understand why you should invest now, because by the time the mining difficulty reaches level 5, €500 investment will give you 2000 swiss coin.

In 2018, swisscoin is projected to be trading at €5 per coin which means your €500 investment now (December 2016), would be worth €12,500 and for those that invested in June 2016, their €500 investment would be worth €50,000.

The value of a cryptocurrency is set by demand rate. i.e the higher the demand to own the coin, the higher its price. 60% of your total earnings are made available for cash out while the remaining 40% are automatically re-injected into the system for mining.

SwissCoin Blockchain will be launched during their convention in Dubai by April 9, 2017. International trade starts by June 2017, and by August 2017 the coin will be on the exchange market.

Fraud and Money Laundering.

To prevent what happen to some virtual currencies like liberty reserve in the past when accused and proven guilty for fraud and money laundering, Swiss coin has unveiled what is called swiss-coin KYC (Know Your Customer). Their KYC make sure that it doesn’t serve as a channel for illegal monetary transactions. It’s transparent, clean and secured.

How to Make More Money with Swiss Coin.

Other than buying educational packages to invest in the mining of coins, you can also make money with swisscoin by referring other people and getting commissions and bonuses.

I have already explained all you need to know about tokens, educational packages and mining of coins. Now, i will explain how you can make money by just referring someone to the program.

Direct Sales Commission.

For direct sale of any of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (Business volume) in commission. You can sponsor/refer as many people as possible.

1 BV = €0.8.

This means if someone you refer purchase the €1000 educational package, you get 100 BV which is equivalent to €80 euro in commission. Imagine 50 of your referrer buy the €1000 package, that is €4000 in commission for you.

Team Bonuses.

If you get a €50 package or above yourself, you will be eligible for team bonus which pays you between 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

swiss coin team bonus

Matching Bonuses.

If you get a €250 package or above yourself you are eligible for matching bonus which pays between 1-20% of your team direct sale commissions in 11 generations down. swisscoin matching bonus

Other bonuses and special features are laptop, gold rolex, cash, house and even more cash, free 100 coins when you register, Master Card later next year, as well as they also have a Diamond Pool set aside for all Diamonds.

How to Withdraw/Cash Out Your Earnings.

Once you have money in your SwissCoin wallet, you have different options to cash out.

  • Wire of transfer to your bank account.
  • Using SwissCoin Master card to be available later in 2017.
  • Reinvest in buying more coins.

Remember that 40% will be reinvested automatically while 60% will be available for cash out.

Swiss Coin Registration.

It’s easy, you have to register using a referral link, meaning you must have a sponsor. You can register using my referral link. You will get free 100 coin as registration bonus which will be equivalent to €100 when swisscoin is trading at just €1 per coin. swisscoin registration page

Even if you are not ready to invest now, register an account and get your own free 100 coin before it is exhausted. You can fund your account with Payza, OKPay, Bitcoin, Swift, Sepa. Just navigate to Shop >> Buying Packages .

That’s all on swisscoin review. Is there anything you don’t understand? Feel free to use the comment box below. Kindly share this article with friends and family using the social buttons below.

Updated: August 13, 2018 — 2:04 pm


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  1. If you buy swisscoin at the rate of 80,000 what will be your profit? secondly how long is it going to take before you withdro w your money?

    1. Your profit depends on
      1. The value of swisscoin when you decide to sell.
      2. How many people joined swisscoin through your referral link or username.

      I have explained everything you need to know about Swisscoin in this article, only if you can take your time to read it.

  2. Those free coins, can it be used or is it only the ones you bought that one can use?

    1. You mean can it be sold when swisscoin value is higher than it is currently? Yes, but i will urge you to buy more coins sooner before the next split.

  3. i av just registered! Pld how do i fund my e wallet and buy more coin

  4. Zabbey barimene w

    I paid some money into swisscoin through somebody and she kept on telling me that they are upgading their it true?

    1. Yes, they were. But they are done now.

  5. Do you not think that any Digital currency will be Currency of the Future ???
    I hear banks are already setting up their own Digital coins…. would like to hear
    your thoughts…

  6. Is siwsscion a can of gambling or casino?

  7. I mean a kind of gambling or casino

  8. Thanks for your information. How do i trade with my swisscoin account or i am not qualified to trade because i have only 2,500 swisscoin in my wallet.

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