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They want to kill me over Oritsejafor’s divorce – Bishop cries out


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They want to kill me over Oritsejafor’s divorce – Bishop cries out

Ufuoma Bernard, the Bishop who shared the details of the divorce between the popular Pentecostal pastor, Ayo Oritsejafor, and his wife Helen, has raised an alarm over threats to his life.

Pastor Oritsejafor and Helen split after 25 years of marriage. The broken union was caused by a protracted and bitter misunderstanding.

Expressing his shock that his revelation went viral, the Niger Delta-based self-styled ‘Bishop of Godism’, said followers of Oritsejafor are already harassing and threatening him.

See his full update below:

The Ayo Story

I’m shocked, to say the least that a post I made yesterday about the marital crisis between the revered cleric Papa Ayo Oritsejafor and his wife Helen is catching fire across the country. NaijNaira, Gistlover, OperaNews and countless blogs quoted me.

Let me unequivocally state the following:

1. The facts of the story are in the public domain for months now and Warri have been buzzing with the developing story.

2. I hold Papa Ayo Oritsejafor in the highest esteem and sympathize with him in these trying moments. Separation and divorce are traumatic. I’ve experienced it twice and I do not wish it for my enemy.

3. I did not make the post to catch cruise or to demarket the couple. It’s a news item and my intent was simply to inform.

4. Close friends who are members of the Word of Life Bible Church reached me discreetly and expressed concern about the update.

5. On the post some mischievous characters who claim to be members of Word of Life Bible Church were unnecessarily agitated and combative and swore in the name of Jesus that I’ll not see the new year.

6. In the night yesterday I got some anonymous threats to my life. I wonder why followers of Jesus are considering violence as an option in conflict resolution.

7. If the story is disputed the estranged couple can arrange a joint press conference countering it or their media office can issue a statement debunking it.

8. In a civilized society you can resort to law enforcement or the justice system if you feel a Facebook post defames you. You cannot take the laws into your own hands.

9. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Brother Joshua Iginla, Pastor Chris Okotie and Bishop Duncan are popular pastors who suffered divorce and moved on. Their ministries are still waxing on. Papa Ayo Oritsejafor will survive this setback. Divorce is not the end of discussion. There’s life after divorce.

10. Pastors cry too. Pastors are superstars but humans. Pastors don’t have immunity against the issues of life. Life happens to pastors too. Beyond the glamorous lifestyles of pastors are secret pains and fears. Archbishop Benson Idahosa died. Senior Prophet TB Joshua died. Bishop Anayo Ilupotaife was murdered by miscreants. Pastor Ngozi Anwuzia of the then-famous Zoe Ministry is bedridden. Many pastors are going through stuff. It’s not easy for pastors too.

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