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USB OTG (On The Go): Everything You Need to Know

USB OTG (On The Go): Everything You Need to Know About USB On The Go.

OTG means On The Go, it is a standardized specification for USB connection that initiate communication between two devices and makes them perform certain functions. It allows compatible phones to read data over USB connection without PC. Most android device released between 2014 till date came with it and most users knows little or nothing about it. This article has already explained what USB OTG is all about above, below are the popular features and functions of USB On The Go.



O T G Logo


Features of USB OTG (On The Go).

If you are the type that like reading about Android phone specs, you must have come across USB OTG, but didn’t think of it as something important. It can be very handy in a lot of ways when you connect a peripheral device like USB/flash drives, keyboards, mouse, game controller etc.

1.) Connect a Game Controller: This is one of its advantage for mobile gamer, you can easily connect a game pad or controller to your smart phone. Playing mobile games with XBOX 360 controller gives you more control and rooted devices can make use of PS 3 controller.

2.) Connect External Storage Drives (Flash and Hard Drives): Direct connection of flash or external hard drives to smartphone is the most used feature of USB OTG. Just connect the external storage and you can easily play movies or music without having to store them on your device.

3.) Connect Keyboard or Mouse: With USB OTG, you can control your phone by connecting it to a mouse or turn your tablet to Laptop by connecting an external keyboard.

Other features of USB On The Go is direct transfer of content from your smartphone to a printer, connecting your Android device to a DSLR camera and you can also connect a MIDI keyboard and controllers to turn your smartphone to a music making machine.

How Do i Know If My Phone Supports USB On The Go?

As i already stated, not all smartphone or tablet are compatible, which raised the above question. You can use any of the methods below to check for compatibility.

USB OTG Android Cable

Android O T G Cable

  1. The most convenient way to know if your device is compatible is to check the package it came in. You will see OTG Logo on it, if supported.
  2. You can also check using USB OTG Checker, it is a free app on Play Store. Navigate to play store, download and install the app, then check if your device supports it.

Once you confirm your device is compatible, you need to get OTG cable or connector that is compatible with your device.

That’s all on USB OTG (On The Go). I recommend checking out our previous article on all versions and types of USB (Universal Serial Bus) released till date.

Updated: August 13, 2018 — 12:26 pm

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