VTU Business in Nigeria ~ Make Six Figures Monthly

Have you heard of VTU? Do you know how it works and how you can make good livelihood out of this recent and modern type of business opportunity? As you read on, I will show you all you need to know in order to proceed with the VTU business in Nigeria.

vtu business in nigeria

Do you know that the internet is one of the greatest sources through which you can create large and massive wealth and steady income?

It is quite unfortunate that most young people have not understood how it works.

At best, they use the internet just to connect and chat with friends and love ones.

The internet avails you the opportunity to also do bank transaction at eas even whole at the comfort of your bed.

Over 50% of Nigerians are still not familiar with how the online/internet banking system can efficiently boost or help in business transactions.

You might have been searching, brainstorming or asking for businesses you can start up with little or no capital even as a student. I have good news for you.

VTU Meaning

You must have seen this abbreviation several times in the banking hall, telecommunication adverts, along the road, on bill board and lots of other platforms. You might be wondering what it means.

VTU is an abbreviation which simply means Virtual Top Ups.

There are several platforms that run this VTU business here in Nigeria that you can register with in order to be an agent or a vendor of their products. These platforms include; clubkonnect, recharge and get paid, mobilenig kudi, Opay, the bank and lots more.

If you Google them, you will find lots of them and how they operate. Most of these POS companies and their machines have this service to offer to costumers.

VTU Business in Nigeria

For you to run and make good gains from this business, here are what you should know and do.

1.) Target a location where there are lots of young people who are lazy to dial the pins of the recharge cards or purchase data online.

2.) Locate a school, usually a higher institution. Students can not do without making calls and going on line to do their assignments. They need airtime and data always.

3.) A market is also a very good location to set up your vtu business as lots of people come in to buy and sell their Wares.

4.) Remote locations where there are no functional banks, or at least places where there are less banks situation. It’s a good place to start up your business.

5.) Motor parks too always have steady and large inflow of travelers who will need airtime and data to do one of two business calls or deals.

Eligibility for VTU Business

Have you asked yourself this question before? You will get the answer here. To apply and start the online airtime and data business, you do not need all the high and mighty requirements to run your own business.

Here are the people who are eligible for this package.

1.) Register businesses like cooperate societies, sole proprietors, limited liability companies and others, are eligible to start up.

2.) Unregistered businesses like the small, medium enterprise (SME) are much eligible to run this internet business.

What are the Requirements Needed for VTU Business?

Here are things you will need to have in order to start this business.

1.) You need your little start up capital either to register and or to buy your products.

2.) Ensure you have a smart gadget like an android phone or a laptop or a tablet.

3.) A steady and fast browsing network (Glo, mtn, 9mobile, airtel) as it suits your location.

4.) An account with your choice platform that supplies you their products (Ragp, Interswitchgroup, kudi, Opay, and others).

5.) An advert stating what you do. It could be online through Facebook, Whatsapp or any online platform or through papers and hand bills.

6.) A location in case you wish to be situated at a particular place or you could do it from home.

7.) Documents for registration in case you wish to register it with CAC.

Services VTU Business Offers

Here are the services you will enjoy selling VTU to costumers.

1.) Sales, purchase and transfer for data.

2.) Sales and conversion of gift cards for clients.

3.) Sales, purchase and top up of airtime of any network.

4.) Sales and transaction or pacful coin

5.) Transfer of money from one bank to another.

6.) Depositing of Money to different banks.

7.) Withdrawal of money for clients.

8.) Conversion of airtime to cash service.

9.) Payments of bills for clients (light bills etc)

10.) Refer and earn services (you get some percentage back to your account when you bring people into the business)

11.) Sales of some other items like bag etc.

Steps On How to Open Your VTU Business Account

The process of setting up your Interswitch group vtu business account is very easy and direct.

Here are the steps to follow in order to get it working.

1.) Handle your gadget and quickly open your browser and type in www.interswitchgroup.com.

2.) Once it opens up, click on ‘financial inclusion’ , on the menu bar of the website.

3.) Click on ‘become and agent’ at the left hand side of the page shown.

4.) A form will be displayed. Fill out the form with the required information and submit.

5.) After submission, wait for few days until you receive a member of the company in the location you filled. You will receive an official form from the representative of the company which you will fill and apend your passport on it. The offer will check your location and things you have set up and determine how accessible it is along side other requirements.

6.) You will be required to make payment of a start up capital or around ten thousand naira, which they will use to fund your wallet for all the transactions you will be making. You will refund your wallet once you have exhausted your first capital.

7.) Your payment will be confirmed and verified with a notification from the company. The notification will carry a PIN with which you will set up your account.

8.) You will be put on a short training where you will be given all necessary materials and rules of the business.


You can’t afford to be unemployed in this age of technological advancement. The internet and platforms are set up through which you can make money on a daily basis. Vtu business is one of the cheapest way to start up your business.

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