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Why the cost of pure water may increase to N100 per sachet – ATWAP

by Vicky Oselumese
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Why the cost of pure water may increase to N100 per sachet - ATWAP

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The Association of Table Waters Producers (ATWAP) recently addressed the issue of rising production costs and its potential impact on the price of pure water in Nigeria. During a press conference held in Lagos, ATWAP President Clementina Ativie discussed the challenges faced by water producers, including the high cost of packaging materials, lack of power, and expensive production processes.

Ativie revealed that the current price of pure water, which stands at N50 per sachet, may increase to N100 due to the escalating costs of production materials. The price hike is a result of factors such as the high cost of diesel, limited power supply, and the significant increase in packaging material prices.

According to Ativie, the cost of materials like nylon has risen from N1,100 per kilogram to N3,600/N3,700 for six kilograms. Additionally, the cost of water treatment has also increased substantially.

The association expressed concern about the affordability of pure water for ordinary Nigerians, as the rising production costs make it difficult for water producers to keep prices low. Ativie highlighted the personal financial burden faced by water producers, who often fund their factories from their own pockets or rely on borrowed money.

Furthermore, obtaining loans from banks for pure water production is a challenge, exacerbating the financial strain on producers. ATWAP appealed to Nigerians to understand the situation and requested their support.

The association aims to avoid pricing pure water sachets above N20, as they strive to balance the need for affordable water with the rising production costs.

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