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Slot Nigeria Phones List and Price in Nigeria November 2016

Slot Nigeria Phones List and Price in Nigeria November 2016.

For the convenience of Naij Naira readers across Nigeria, this article will provide you with Slot Nigeria mobile phones list and their current price in Nigeria. Slot NG sells mobile phones across all operating system including Android, iOS and Windows mobile, their phone list also include the likes of Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, LG etc. Slot Price List of phones. slot nigeria

However, the prices of Slot Nigeria Limited phones seen on this page may be a little bit different (+ or – N1000 Naira) in your location depending on series of reasons which include the current fluctuation in the dollar to naira exchange rate and state/city you resides in Nigeria. So you might want to add extra N1000 naira to the price of Slot Phone seen here while visiting any of their many outlets in the country.

Few among many reasons many Nigerians patronize Slot Nigeria mobile phones are;

  1. After sales service offer that is rare among its competitors.
  2. Their phones are cheap.
  3. They have both online and offline presence.
  4. Their Customer service is alluring. They do everything in their power to satisfy their customers.

Slot.NG have hundreds of stores, shops, outlets in virtually all Nigerian states. They offers the best deal and value for your money. Check out slot phones and their price in Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria Phones and Price in Nigeria.

This list of Slot NG phones includes Tecno, Infinix, Sony, Gionee, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Nokia and Huawei phones.

Tecno Phones and Their Price at Slot NG.

This prices may vary from one state to the other, usually + or – N1000 naira.

Tecno Boom J5: N19,700 Naira.
Tecno Boom J7: N21,500.
Tecno Boom J8: N43,500.
Tecno Camon C8: N37,500.
Tecno Camon C5: N28,500.
Tecno Camon C9: N50,250.
Tecno Camon C7: N39,900.
Tecno L5: N20,750.
Tecno L8: N34,500.
Tecno L8 Plus: N38,000.
Tecno Winpad 10: N57,000.
Tecno 7C Pro: N28,500.
Tecno W4: N27,750.
Tecno 8H Droipad: N38,000.
Tecno 8D: N44,250.
Tecno W3: N22,100.
Tecno Phantom 6: N93,000.
Tecno Phantom 5: N90,750.
Tecno Y5: N19,000.
Tecno Y6: N23,000.

Infinix Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Infinix Hot 2 X510 (1GB RAM): N22,000.
Infinix Hot 2 X510 (2GB RAM): N26,000 Naira.
Infinix Hot Note X551: N26,500.
Infinix Hot 3: N31,500.
Infinix Hot S: N47,600.
Infinix Hot 4: N37,250.
Infinix Note 3: N57,800.
Infinix Note 2 (1GB RAM): N39,500.
Infinix Note 2 (2GB RAM): N45,000.
Infinix Zero 3: N57,500.
Infinix Zero 2: N41,000.

Gionee Phones and Their Price at Slot.Ng.

Gionee S Plus: N41,000 Naira.
Gionee M3: N19,000.
Gionee M5: N59,000.
Gionee M5 Mini: #39,000.
Gionee M5 Plus: N77,000.
Gionee P5 Mini: N23,800.
Gionee L900: N10,900.

Samsung Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy A5: N111,500.
Samsung Galaxy A3: N54,000.
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016 Variant): N138,500.
Samsung Galaxy A8: N141,000.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: N222,500.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: N182,000.
Samsung Galaxy S6: N144,000.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: N162,000.
Samsung Galaxy J5: N52,500.
Samsung Galaxy J7: N60,500.
Samsung Galaxy J1: N23,500.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N63,500.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A: N93,000
Samsung Galaxy S5: N97,500.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4: #127,500.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5: N192,500 Naira.
Samsung Galaxy S7: N195,000.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N234,000.
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: N46,000.
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo: N36,000.
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: N74,000.

Nokia Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Nokia X2 (Android): N21,000.
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM: N48,750.
Nokia Lumia 620: N27,250.
Nokia Lumia 925: N60,000.
Nokia Lumia 920: N41,000.
Nokia Lumia 930: N89,000.
Nokia Lumia 820: N41,000.
Nokia Lumia 830: N69,000.
Nokia Lumia 520: N20,500.
Nokia Lumia 630: N26,000.
Nokia Lumia 640 XL: N38,000.
Nokia Lumia 1320: N39,000.
Nokia Lumia 540: N28,250.
Microsoft Lumia 625: N24,250.
Microsoft Lumia 1030: N85,500.
Microsoft Epix Mega Two Tab: N49,000.
Nokia 105 Dual Sim: N5,500.
Nokia 220: N11,750 Naira.
Nokia 130: N6,800.
Nokia 215: N8,500.

Apple iPhones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Apple iPhone 5C: N100,000.
Apple iPhone 6 (128GB Storage): N203,500.
Apple iPhone 6 (16GB Storage): N173,000.
Apple iPhone 6 (64GB Storage): N184,000.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (128GB Storage): N197,500.
Apple iPhone 6S (128GB Storage): N303,500.
Apple iPhone 6S (64GB Storage): N190,000.
Apple iPhone 6S Plus: N306,500.
Apple iPad Mini 4: N182,500.
Apple iPad Air Mini 2 (64GB Storage): N160,000.
Apple iPad Air Mini 2 (16GB Storage): N142,500.
Apple Macbook Pro: N245,000.
Apple iPhone 7: N322,500.

Blackberry Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Blackberry Classic: N111,000.
Blackberry Passport: N128,500.
Blackberry Passport (Silver Edition): N148,000.
Blackberry 9983 Porsche 3: N248,000.
Blackberry Q5 (White): N36,500.
Blackberry Q5 (Black): N32,000.
Blackberry Q10 (White): N47,500.
Blackberry Z30: #68,000 – N70,000
Blackberry Z10: N48,250.
Blackberry Z3: N31,500.
Blackberry Leap: N64,000.
Blackberry Priv (Android): N221,000.

HTC Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

HTC ONE M8: N99,000.
HTC ONE M9: N138,000 Naira.
HTC Desire 320 Dual: N26,000.
HTC Desire 828: N88,000.
HTC Desire 820: N83,500.
HTC Desire 500: N41,500.
HTC Desire Eye E1: N93,000.
HTC ONE E9+: N113,500.
HTC Desire 816G: N62,000.
HTC 10: N206,000.
HTC A9: N113,500.
HTC One M8: N90,500.
HTC One M9 Plus: N130,000.

Sony Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Sony Xperia C3: N65,000.
Sony Xperia C5: N93,500.
Sony Xperia E4: N34,500.
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua: N69,000.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra: N97,000.
Sony Xperia Z1: N73,000.
Sony Xperia Z3 Dual: N142,000.
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: N211,500.
Sony Xperia Z5: N190,000.

Huawei Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Huawei Y6 Pro (G Power): N46,000.
Huawei Media Pad M1: N43,000.
Huawei MediaPad T1: N77,500.
Huawei Y5: N27,000.
Huawei Ascend Mate 7: N133,000.
Huawei Mate 8: 166,500.
Huawei Mate S (64GB Storage): N144,000.
Huawei Honor 4c: N44,000.
Huawei Y3: N17,000.
Huawei G power (Y6 Pro): N45,500.
Huawei GR5: N78,000.
Huawei GR3: N58,000.
Huawei P8 (16GB Storage): N123,500.
Huawei P8 (64GB Storage): N145,000.
Huawei P9: N168,500.
Huawei P9 Plus: N211,000.
Huawei P9 Lite: N78,000.

LG Phones and Their Price at Slot NG.

LG G4: N163,000.
LG G5: N187,000.
LG Stylus 2: N73,000.
LG X Screen: N66,500.
LG Magna H502: N48,000.
LG Leon H324: N32,000.
LG Bello D322: N43,500.

Innjoo Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

Innjoo Halo Plus: N22,000.
Innjoo Max 2 Plus: N31,000.
Innjoo Fire 2: N25,500.
Innjoo One: 32,500.
Innjoo Max 3 (2G RAM): N45,000.
Innjoo Max 3 Pro (3GB RAM): N50,000.

That’s all on Slot Nigeria phones list and their respective price in Nigeria. Stay tuned for Slot NG Offices and Contact address/details in Nigeria.

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  1. U guyz can lie for Africa. Boomj8 for 43,500. Instead of 53k as of d last tym I checked sept30. Note2 also is not in d market again and d price was even higher Dan boomj8. U guyz shud not take us for granted o.

    1. Price varies from one Slot shop to the other depending on your location in the country, i made mention of that in the article. Though I will look into it tomorrow and update the price.

      Thanks for your input.

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