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Free Channels On Dstv 2024: Access Them All Here

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Free Channels On Dstv Nigeria Without Subscription 2022

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What are the free channels on Dstv Nigeria without a subscription? How many free channels are on DSTV? Finding the right decoder to access free-to-air channels in Nigeria is essential for getting the most out of your television experience.

With a variety of different decoders on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you.

In this article, we’ll explore free channels on Dstv 2023 in Nigeria, free channel codes for DSTV, free channels on DStv in Nigeria, free NTA channel on DStv, free movie channels on DStv, free channels on DSTV compact, Dstv free view subscription, Best free channels on Dstv 2023 in Nigeria, Dstv free channels numbers in Nigeria and the best options available and provide information on features, pricing, and more.

How to unlock DStv channels for free in 2023?

Whether Nigerians love to admit it or not, DSTV has continued to retain its crown as the undisputed Satellite entertainment provider in the country.

Of course, there are several complaints about the cost of the company’s various decoders and subscription fees, but Nigerians have continued to stick with it.

The reason for this general decision is apparently due to the lack of direct competition with the premium entertainment network cable.

To be honest, though, the DSTV Cable isn’t exactly unreasonably expensive as the services it delivers to consumers are high-end and very entertaining.

The reason the subscription offers are generally considered costly is mostly due to the economic situation of Nigeria.

That being said, Multichoice Group, the parent company of DSTV, understands the reason for the complaints. And they have over the years become sympathetic to the needs of the country where they have one of their biggest customers.

As a  show of empathy, the company has continued to offer free channels that Nigerians can watch for free without having to pay subscription fees.

Free Channels On Dstv Nigeria Without Subscription

Do you know how to get free channels on Dstv? Let’s look at free channels on Dstv codes. The good thing about these free channels is that most of them are fully Nigerian channels that Nigerians can relate to.

This article will focus on these free channels that DSTV offer, their programs, and how Nigerians can watch them.

Also, the DSTV Explora, which is one of the best DSTV packages, will also be discussed. Let’s now see the free channels on Dstv Nigeria without a subscription.


DSTV has got some channels that are free to air. This section will list free channels on Dstv and their numbers, and state the features of free channels on Dstv Nigeria without a subscription.


The MiTv is one of the channels displayed for free on DSTV decoders. You do not need a subscription to view or access this channel. MiTV features some entertaining programs as well as educative ones.

Silverbird TV

Silverbird TV channel is an informative TV station displayed freely on DSTV decoders. Here, many programs such as music, news, and educational programs are featured.


This is another free channel that can be viewed freely on any DSTV decoder. It is a Nigerian-based channel that features news and informative programs. Channels TV has a closure that spans from midnight till dawn when it is reopened. This station also offers Nollywood entertainment at 10 p.m. and 12 a.m.


This TV station is also displayed free to air on DSTV decoders. It is an acronym for Trinity Broadcasting Network that features Christian programs majorly. All programs have a relation to Christianity.


This is a TV station owned by a Nigerian, Raymond Dokpesi. With the acronym for African Independence Television, this station is viewed freely on DSTV decoders. It features informative, educative, and entertaining (Nollywood) programs.

Mindset Learn

The Mindset Learn TV station is another free DSTV channel that features educative programs. This TV is an excellent choice for high school students as it touches related topics on subjects such as biology, mathematics, etc.


As the name implies, this is an international Islamic television station viewed free to air on DSTV decoders. This network features programs and content that are related to the Islam faith.


This Television Network, with the acronym for Lagos Television, is a free channel displayed on DSTV decoders without any subscription. It features information and entertainment such as Nollywood movies and music.


This is one of the Channels that characterizes features that are related to the state of Nigeria. It is also free to air on DSTV decoders. It offers informative and educational programs, and it is also active every hour of the day.


Rhema is another television network that is displayed freely on DSTV decoders. The television station is a Christian channel, and so the programs and contents shown are mostly tested to the Christian faith.


Since the surge of COVID-19, subscription to get premium services from the Television Network has not been as many, especially since the brown-collar Jobberman has been locked down, consequently resulting in low income.

This has even made Nigerians seek free subscriptions from the television network.

Anyways, the DSTV television network has not been known to give free or any extended period of grace for re-subscription after the expiration of your previous subscription.

However, the television network made it seem easier, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, to leave open some news channels free to air.

These channels were unlocked to offer customers maximum information about the development on the move of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DSTV has not or did not make subsidized subscriptions for customers.

However, the television network has moved on to provide more efficient and quality television service by launching their innovation called the DSTV premium package.

Here, the television network takes a step more to offer customers a tremendously thrilling experience by providing more educative and entertaining channels that will give you a great experience.


It may have come to your thought, and you may have been considering, how do I get DSTV channels for free, how do I get unending streams of these thrills of entertainment without having to pay for a subscription?

Many, even most of the general public believed it was impossible to get free access to the DSTV network, especially the more exhilarating channels, which are usually not open without a subscription.

More so, this belief in not having access to DSTV network channels without a subscription stems from the fact that they don’t believe one can hack into DSTV.

Of course, it is almost impossible, but as it is known, no technology system has 100% security, and as such, the DSTV network is no exception to hacking.

Notwithstanding, it is not an easy task and an impossible mission for just ordinary hackers.

Anyways, the focus of this article is not to teach users how to have the DSTV network or get into what is not legally our right to access.

So Does DStv have free channels in Nigeria?

One of the ways that you could use to get access to DSTV channels is by getting a code that is sold online.

This method is not 100% as you could be given a code that would grant you access to just the usual free-to-air channels of the television network. These channels are not usually highly desired.

However, the known method can only grant you access to DSTV channels only on your mobile Android phone.

You can’t get it free and display it publicly from your television screen.

As mentioned, you can access these channels on your mobile phone, requiring you to use apps that could help.

Some of such applications that can offer access to DSTV premium channels include; IPTV Stalker Player Pro App, DSTV Mod App, StbEmu (Pro) App.

These applications can help you get access to the DSTV network premium channels for free without a subscription.


The DSTV network now offers a new decoder, DSTV Explora.

This new decoder offers a premium network service that will suit you. one of the major benefits is its ability to record programs in real-time. This means that if you miss any exciting program that is a favorite, the new DSTV Explora decoder can record the program so that you can view it when convenient.

The decoder can record up to 100 hours of programs.

It has more recording time than other decoders with a playlist that will help you navigate through your recordings easily without stress. It gives you the only option of owning this suitable premium package of the DSTV network.

DSTV explore decoder also offers a premium HD view that gives you all clear pictures from any sitting position.

Are there any free channels on DSTV Explora?

The DSTV explore, in addition to the above, can also pause live programs for over an hour.

This means that if there is a football match, you wouldn’t want to miss out on it while you are busy keeping the laundry; you can pause it and then continue when you are done.

The DSTV Explora decoder is designed to allow users to live the experience of future satellite capabilities and is worth having.

The DStv Explora decoder features free-to-air channels that offer pleasure and information on various topics.

You first need to obtain the DSTV Explore decoder and tune it to get access to free channels on DSTV without subscription.

This decoder gives you an excellent viewing experience as it presents your programs in a clear HD format.

Some of the free channels you can get access to include: voov TV, CGTN Documentary, CCTV 4, NHK, Kingdom TV, TV Mundial, and many more.

The DSTV network is also known to provide premium television services with new innovations consistently introduced to provide users with a better and more pleasurable experience.

The HD presentation is one feature that makes the Explora decoder stand out. The package presents its content clearly to enhance viewers’ experience. The TV network also offers free-to-air channels that are educative, informative, and entertaining.

Free Chinese Channel On Dstv

Did you know that you can watch free Chinese channels on your DSTV decoder, even if your subscription has expired? These include China Global Television Network (CGTN) News, CGTN Documentary, CCTV 4, NHK, CCTV News, Kingdom TV and TV Mundial. So go ahead and explore the exciting world of Chinese television today!

Meanwhile, the gospel channels available on DStv Confam, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages are Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Urban Gospel, Worship Gospel and Trace, but they are not free channels.

Final Thought

Now you know the free channels on Dstv Nigeria without a subscription as well as the codes for free channels on Dstv. This shows that even without a subscription, you can still have access to channels that present programs on various topics of interest. See DStv free-to-air channels in Kenya.

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