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5 Reasons Xabi Alonso Should Choose Bayern Munich Over Liverpool as next destination

by Thomaz Oseghale
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5 Reasons Xabi Alonso Should Choose Bayern Munich Over Liverpool as next destination

With rumors circulating that Liverpool wants Xabi Alonso to replace Jurgen Klopp, it seems that Bayern Munich will compete fiercely to secure the Spaniard’s services this summer. While we’ve already explored why Liverpool losing out on Alonso might not be a bad thing, here are five reasons why Alonso should snub a return to Anfield in favor of a return to the Allianz Arena.

1. Following Tuchel, not Klopp

Replacing a legacy manager like Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool won’t be an easy task. In contrast, Alonso would be stepping into a more welcoming environment at Bayern, where the atmosphere is already positive. The connection between players, manager, and fans at Liverpool is strong, making it challenging for Alonso to improve the current situation.

2. Familiarity with the League

Alonso has already shown his ability to adapt to the Bundesliga, making the transition to the Premier League potentially just as smooth. However, he may prefer to stay in a league he knows and dominates. The Premier League has evolved significantly since Alonso left 15 years ago, and Bayern’s dominance in Germany offers an easier path to success.

3. Easy Titles

Winning the Bundesliga would be relatively straightforward for Alonso, especially without him in charge of Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern has consistently claimed the league title, often adding the DFB-Pokal as well. The Champions League would be the only competition requiring an extra effort, but Bayern’s lack of domestic competition could give them an edge over Liverpool.

4. Harry Kane

Having a guaranteed source of 30 goals a season, like Harry Kane, is a valuable asset for any top manager. Bayern already possesses one of the best goal scorers in the world, which would be a significant advantage for Alonso. Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is also a prolific scorer, but his future at Anfield remains uncertain, potentially affecting the team’s attacking prowess.

5. Similar Styles and Adaptability

Stylistically, there isn’t a vast difference between Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Both teams prioritize short passes, crosses, and penetrating the penalty area. However, Bayern’s players are more accustomed to change due to their experience with multiple managers, making them more open to Alonso’s influence. Liverpool players, on the other hand, are deeply ingrained in Klopp’s philosophy, which could require more time for them to adapt to a new system.

Considering these factors, Alonso may find Bayern Munich to be a more appealing option than Liverpool. The opportunity for success, a familiar league, and a compatible playing style could make the Allianz Arena the ideal destination for the Spanish midfielder.

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