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Aide says Umahi most qualified for senate president

by NaijNaira
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The Commissioner for Information and Orientation in Ebonyi State, Uchenna Orji, has stated that Governor and Senator-elect Dave Umahi is qualified to become the next Senate President.

Orji emphasized that ranking in the Upper Chamber does not preclude a first-time Senator from being elected head of the National Assembly.

He further explained that Umahi has an excellent working relationship with the legislative arm of government, and he has extensive knowledge of the workings of the Legislature as well as intergovernmental relations.

Orji argued that the sentiment of ranking in the Senate should not be a condition precedent for being the Senate President. Instead, the eligibility for being a Senate President is clear in the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

According to Section 50, every member of the Senate who has taken an oath is eligible to be voted for as Senate President.

Orji further explained that emphasis should be placed on nation-building, capability, and character to lead the Senate to achieve the aspirations of the Nigerian people.

Orji highlighted that Order 3 of the Senate Standing Orders 2015 as amended has three categories of people that can be elected as President of the Senate of Nigeria.

A first-timer is clearly empowered by Order 3 to contest for Senate Presidency alongside ranking members and those who came from the Federal House of Representatives.

Orji added that the mindset of the party in the majority, the interest of the majority of the Distinguished Senators, and the prominence of power play between ranking Senators and the first timers determine the pendulum.

Orji emphasized that the South East deserves the fullest consideration for the Senate Presidency.

In settling for the South East, the party in power and the Senators should look at pedigree, not ranking.

They should look at those who have served with proven records of probity and accountability.

Performance and leadership experience should count and not the number of tenures spent by a ranking Senator.

Orji contended that Umahi is one of those from South East that will bring glory and honor to the 10th Senate.

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