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Airtel Mifi Data Plans, Price In Nigeria (Pocket Wifi)


Airtel 4G Mifi Price In Nigeria

Are you looking for Airtel Mifi data plans? How much is Airtel 4G MiFi price in Nigeria now? Is Airtel MiFi unlimited? Is Airtel MiFi good? How many GB comes with Airtel MiFi? Does MiFi have unlimited data? What is the Airtel MiFi bonus? Can MTN sim work on Airtel MiFi? What is the speed of Airtel 4G MiFi?

Airtel 4G Mifi Price In Nigeria

Currently, if you go into any Airtel showroom, Airtel 4G Mifi price in Nigeria is put at ₦5,000 and you will get 5GB data for 30 days. And this is not a promo price.

It can be purchased at Jumia or Konga stores or on Jiji, or just walk into any Airtel stores nationwide to get yours.

You also get 100% BONUS monthly for 6 months once you do a recharge between ₦5,000 to ₦15,000 bundles.

Also, just like the MTN MiFi data plans, you can connect up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices at once on the Pocket Wifi which now includes a WPS push button for ease of connection and has up to 8 hours of battery life.

What more could one possibly ask for?!

As long as you have an Airtel Pocket Wifi, new and existing customers qualify for the Airtel Pocket Wifi Bundles.

Airtel MiFi Specifications

  • Technology: Wi-Fi & LTE network
  • Network Type: LTE / 3G / 2G
  • Data Speed: LTE TDD (Category 3)
  • Wireless LAN: 4 GHz Wi-Fi with Auto channel selection WPA & WPS
  • Support Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz / 5.GHz
  • Dimensions: 106mm * 58mm * 15.8mm
  • Weight: 103g
  • SIM: One SIM Slot
  • Storage: One Micro-USB slot
  • Battery: 15000mAh capacity
  • One Power On/Off switch
  • Dual antenna extension ports

Airtel Mifi Data Plans (4G)

Let’s now see the Airtel Mifi data plans and how you can subscribe via USSD code to Airtel Pocket Wifi Bundles. After that, you can go ahead and choose the best Airtel MiFi data plans that suit your pocket.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
*370# on your smartphone
₦50,000400GB90days*370# on your smartphone
₦60,000500GB120days*370# on your smartphone
₦100,0001TB365days*370# on your smartphone
Ultra Plans
Price (₦)Data Vol (GB)Validity Days
Ultra 10,00040GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30daysBuy when connected to the Mifi
Ultra 15,00075GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30daysBuy when connected to the Mifi
Ultra 20,000120GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30daysBuy when connected to the Mifi
Mifi data plans

Now that the above table has shown you how to recharge airtel MiFi, let me now point out a few things about this Airtel Mifi data plans.

  • As for the Ultra plans, as long as you are using a Router or Pocket Wifi then you are eligible to buy that plan and it is available to both postpaid and prepaid customers.
  • Ultra plan bonus data can only be activated after you have exhausted your main bundle.
  • To roll over my unused data, you will need to buy the applicable bundle within 7 days of bundle expiry. Unfortunately, any bonus data you got cannot be rolled over.

Airtel Mifi data plans – How To Check Balance

There seems to be some fuss about how to check airtel Nigeria MiFi data balance. And it shouldn’t be as it’s not a very difficult task at all. It’s as good as checking your data balance on your phone. And you don’t need to remove your SIM from the Mifi to check your balance.

Just go to the USSD portion on your Mifi and dial *121# and choose the required option and an SMS showing your airtel data balance and expiry would be sent immediately.

There is also the app option.

Airtel, like all other service providers (SP), has an app on PlayStore or Apple App Store (my airtel app) and all you have to do is download it.

Once the app is installed, register your number and you would be able to check your MiFi data balance without removing your SIM.

During registration, a verification code would be sent to your SIM in the MiFi that you would have to provide to complete the registration.

Meanwhile, to know your bonus data balance, dial *223#.

How to check Airtel MiFi number

Just dial *121# and select the option ‘manage my account’ and then select the option ‘my number’ to view your mobile number. It’s that simple!

How To Reset Airtel Mifi Password

To reset the Airtel 4G Mifi password, hold down the Power and WPS buttons for 10 seconds or more until the LED lights all come on. Make sure you keep holding the two buttons down until they all turn off.

When that happens, you can now release the buttons.

And now your device has been factory reset.

You can now use the default logins that came in the device packaging to log back in.

How To Unlock Airtel 4G Mifi

Can a MiFi be unlocked? Well, for those wondering if they can put MTN SIM in an Airtel MiFi, here is how to unlock the Airtel MiFi device to use any SIM and become universal.

Though it is locked from SIMs of other operators, you may get it unlocked from Airtel stores if the time limit to use an Airtel SIM is over. (For some operators you can unlock the device after some time depending on their rules)

But if that doesn’t work for you, you could find an expert who can do it for you.

However, note that flashing a device (which we call unlocking) is a tricky thing and it could corrupt your device. Better to leave it to the experts.

If you’re one of those patronising Mifi unlocking software (free or paid), or an online modem unlocker, just be careful.

Concluding Airtel Mifi data plans

You now have your options right before you, so which of the Airtel Mifi data plans are you going to be using?