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Aminu Jaji Denies Stepping Down from Speakership Race

by NaijNaira
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Aminu Jaji Denies Stepping Down from Speakership Race

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Aminu Jaji, a prominent contender for the Speakership of the House of Representatives, has refuted claims that he has withdrawn from the race.

The newly elected representative from Zamfara State clarified that he is still in the running and is currently in the process of garnering support from his colleagues.

Jaji’s media office released a statement on Monday, denouncing the reports as a ploy by his opponents to discredit him.

The statement emphasized that Jaji has received significant backing from Members-Elect from various political parties and urged his opponents to respect the democratic process.

The media office also highlighted Jaji’s experience and qualifications, as well as his endorsement by the President and other party leaders.

The election for the Speakership is scheduled for tomorrow, and Jaji expressed confidence in his ability to secure the position.

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