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“Can Wale Edun Shut Up! ”: Nigerians on social media react

by Thomasina Oseye
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Can Wale Edun Shut Up! Nigerians on social media react

Nigerians on social media are expressing their criticism towards Minister of Finance, Wale Edun, urging him to stop blaming past governments for the current state of the economy.

This comes after Edun stated during a briefing that the previous administration had inherited a poor economy with high inflation and unemployment rates.

Many Nigerians are arguing that the current government should take responsibility for the economic challenges instead of shifting blame.

Some individuals also pointed out the irony of Edun’s statement, as the “bad economy” he referred to was inherited from the same political party that is currently in power.

The reactions on social media highlight the frustration and skepticism of Nigerians towards the government’s handling of the economy.

Ajani Oluwole recalled that the “bad economy inherited” was the same sentiment Buhari gave when he was in power for 8 years.

“Wale Edun should stop this story of bad economy were you not aware of it before now? The same story from @MBuhari for eight years please Nigerians don’t want to hear stories”

Akin Olaoye gave a reality check on the state of the economy from one APC government to another. He said:

“APC says they met a bad economy left by APC, Dollar is N926, unemployment na 50% plus, fuel over N600/litre, War on the verge with Niger, Pomo is N200 and bag of rice is N38k. But na Buba Porn leak Nigerians dey feast ontop twitter. Please if you share or bookmark that video you will not enter heaven!”

Mazi Ibem recalled how past governments have been blamed for the state of the economy. He said:

“Buhari blamed Jonathan’s PDP government for 8 years and ended up being the WORST government Nigeria has ever had. Tinubu’s APC government is now blaming Buhari’s APC government. . The blame game continues while the masses suffer.”

ThankGod Atuegbu is questioning how Tinubu would revive the economy after admiting his predecessor messed up the state of the economy. He said:

“Is now obvious that Buhari’s administration damaged our economy before leaving office. ThankGod Tinubu accepted he inherited a bad economy. And my question is: which magic will Tinubu use to revive our economy Buhari’s administration damaged within his four years in office.”

Olamide Obe sarcastically asked who Tinubu inherited the economy from. He said:

“Who handed it over to them? Isn’t it same APC that mismanaged the economy in the first place?”

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