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How to Check Unity Bank Account Number in 2024

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Here is a complete guide on how to check your unity bank account number using different methods.

All you need is to pay attention and follow this guide promptly.

Unity is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria and it’s approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Every commercial Bank provides their customers with a unique 10 digit number called NUBAN, which is used for receiving and sending money, buying airtime, subscribing and paying bills and this bank, Unity Bank is not left out.

It has so many customers in the 36 states of Nigeria and so they welcome every complaint from their customers and solve it immediately.

When a particular bank fails to meet up with their services, definitely it will lose some customers which is not good for their growth.

In a bid to satisfy their customers, Unity made available the various ways you and I can source out our account number with much ease.

Code to Check Unity Bank Account Number

  • Dial *7799# on the phone number registered to you account
  • Choose check account balance from the list of options
  • Enter the last digit of your master card or your mobile banking secret pin to authenticate the transaction
  • Then you press the send button and await the reply that will be sent to your mobile phone
  • After some minutes, you will receive a message of your balance alongside your account number.

This is the easiest and the most convenient of all because it works with all network.

Contact the Bank Customer Care

Contact Unity Bank customer care service either through email, phone number or live chat.

If you are lucky to speak or chat with an online representative, quickly request for your NUBAN.

Note this, you will be asked to provide them the answers to some basic questions they will ask you.

The reason is because they wouldn’t want to send the wrong person or a scammer your account number, they want to be sure it was you and to ascertain you’re having an account with them.

When such thing happens, provide them with the correct answers and walk away with your NUBAN.

What questions are my likely to answer?

The customer representative will request your full name, your address, the name of the branch you opened the account, date of birth, phone number that is linked to the account

If you are able to provide them with the correct answers and they are satisfied with them, then, you will receive a message from them, showing your 10 NUBAN numbers.

Their contact details are email (customercare@unitybankng.com), website (https://www.unitybankng.com/) and phone number (07080 666 000, 07057 323 226)

Visit The Nearest Branch

Perhaps, you may not be opportune to own an Android phone and so need some kind of physical assistance.

Since it is scattered all over Nigeria, what you need do is to go to any of their branch near your residence.

The security agent will take you to the customer care representative and there, tell her or him what brought you to the banking hall.

The customer care representative will ask you for the phone number you used in opening the account, full name, date of birth, address.

If you are able to provide her the correct answers to the above questions, then the customer care personnel will help source out your account number and give it to you.

Isn’t that simple. You will not spend a dime in checking your account number this way, all you need do is to go to the banking hall on time because workers close work by 4 pm and prevents people from entering the banking hall by 3.30pm.

Wrapping Up

Unity Bank customer service is at service anytime any day, just follow any of the procedures and save yourself the worries of retrieving your Unity Bank account number.

Hope you found this article useful. Do not forget to leave a feedback for us to know you are satisfied.

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