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How to Check Union Bank Account Number on Phone, Online, Code

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How to Check Union Bank Account Number

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Need your Union Bank Account number ASAP? This simple guide provides easy ways o how to check Union Bank account number using different methods such as online, via SMS, USSD code, and with a phone call!

How to check Union Bank account number has become one of the most trending questions both online and offline.

People tend to forget their account numbers due to the fact that they run multiple accounts. This is why I decided to address the issue.

Union bank is one of the best Commercial banks in Nigeria with a multitude of people to attend to on a daily basis.

It is recognized by the Central Bank of Nigeria, thanks to its quality service delivery.
In a bid to satisfy their customers, they made available the NUBAN, which is a unique 10-digit number that every customer has.

This NUBAN made transactions to be simple, easy and convenient.

Without your account number, you can’t receive or send money, send or buy any data bundle or airtime.

There are various means of retrieving your account number without going to the nearest branch.

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how to check Union Bank account number

In like manner, everyone has not properly adapted to technology and as such needs some visible or physical assistance.

Whatever the case, this article is the right choice you have made towards Achieving or retrieving your account number.

How To Check Union Bank Account Number With Phone via Code

Dial *826# >> Reply with the account number options and it will be displayed to you on the screen of your mobile phone.

How to Check Union Bank Account Number Using SMS

If you want to get your account number via SMS, kindly send BAL to 20123 and await their reply. Do not send it several times, wait for their response before you send it again if need be.

This could be possible only if you send the message with the phone number you used in opening the account, if not your request will not be attended to.

Take note, this attracts a service charge of N10. This means you must recharge your phone before assessing it.

It won’t take time, you will be sent your account balance alongside your account number.
Endeavor to save it up in your phone for easy reference.

Check Online (Email, Website, Social Media)

Do not be faster than your shadow, the customer care representative will first ask you what you need her or him to do for you. At this time, ask her to help you with your account number

You await her response again. She will ask you some basic questions which will prove to her that you own an account with them.

If you fail to provide accurate answers to the questions, you may be forced to use the next option.

Why The Questions?

Without those questions, your account number will be forwarded to the wrong person and I know you wouldn’t want that.

What Questions Am I Likely To Answer?

The Online customer care personnel will ask you to provide the phone number you used in opening the account, your date of birth, the name of the bank branch at which you opened the account, your address and your full name.

When you provide the correct answers to the questions, the online customer care personnel will source your account number for you.

  • Phone Number: +234-1-2716816, 07007007000, 09070070001 (whatsapp)
  • Email: customerservice@unionbankng.com
  • Website: unionbankng.com
  • Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/unionbankng/, https://www.facebook.com/Unionbankng/, https://www.twitter.com/UNIONBANK_NG

Visit the Nearest Branch

This option is for those that are not privileged to own an Android phone or people that don’t have steady light or a good network to do it online.

For those of you that don’t know how to use an Android phone, it’s also for you.

Since Union bank is located in every part of the country, locate the nearest branch to your residence and pay them a visit.

Endeavor to be there on time to avoid delay and embarrassment by the security agent.
Remember also that bank closed by 4 pm and doesn’t open on Saturdays.

Do not cause a scene, enter the queue and wait for your turn.

When you get to meet with the Offline customer care personnel, go straight to the point of why you are there.

Ask her to help you with your account number and await her response.

Just like the online customer care representative did, she will ask you certain questions.

It is the same reason, for her to be sure you own an account with them and not just give you someone’s account number or give someone your account number.

Be sure to give the correct information of your account number, your full name, your residential address, your next of kin, your correct date of birth, the correct phone number you used in opening the account, and the bank branch at which you opened the account.

When you provide the correct answers, you are sure to go home with your account number.

Bank’s Statement of Account

If you submitted your email address at the point of registration, you will receive a statement of account at the beginning of every month which contains the details of your debit and credit transactions of the previous month.

At the top of the statement is your account number.

How to Check Union Bank Account Number via ChequeBook

If you have a current account, checking your account number isn’t a big deal.

Get your Checkbook, in any of the slips, there are a series of numbers at the bottom of every slip, check from the left-hand side, your account number is the second one. It’s ten in number.

Wrapping Up

Retrieving your Union bank account number is simple with any of the options that i have outlined above. Using Eco bank USSD code is still the best method if you ask me.

Once you have retrieved it using the information here, endeavor to save it somewhere safe for future use.

That’s it. If you find this write-up informative, then you should consider sharing it with your friends and family as they might need it too.


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