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FIFPRO Demands Equal Treatment for Women’s and Men’s World Cups



FIFPRO Demands Equal Treatment for Women’s and Men’s World Cups

The global professional football players union, FIFPRO, has written to FIFA President Gianni Infantino demanding equal conditions, facilities and prize money for the men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments.

In the letter sent in October, prior to the men’s 2022 World Cup, players argue that offering a much smaller prize pool for the women’s tournament perpetuates the idea of women’s football being seen as a “cost” rather than a contributor to the sport.

FIFPRO is requesting three main proposals; firstly, an even framework of regulations and conditions for both events.

Secondly, at least 30% of prize money is allocated to players competing in each tournament.

Lastly, there is a collective agreement put in place to protect these commitments moving forward.

It was also highlighted how from the 2018 Men’s World Cup and 2019 Women’s World Cup female players earned approximately 7% of what their male counterparts garnered.

A statement from FIFPRO reads: “We can confirm a letter signed by 150 players from national teams on every continent was sent to FIFA in October. These players are seeking equitable conditions before the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. FIFPRO is currently negotiating with FIFA on behalf of these players.”

According to ESPN sources, FIFA is aware of this letter and will soon be releasing an announcement regarding Women’s World Cup prize money.

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