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Top 10 footballers who dated the same woman

by NaijNaira
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footballers who dated the same woman

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You didn’t think that was possible? I mean footballers dating the same woman!

Imagine what it must have been like for those soccer players learning months after being on a date with a pretty chic, probably through social media or through a friend, that the lady you’re dating has been a sweetheart to many like you before?

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NaijNaira takes a look at the top professional footballers who have dated the same woman.

Football Stars Who Have Dated The Same Women

Cristiano Ronaldo – Marcus Bent (Gemma Atkinson)

Atkinson dated Cristiano Ronaldo while he was still playing for Manchester United in 2007. The relationship only lasted for some months.

Before Ronaldo, she had dated Marcus Bent who played for Everton.

Sergio Ramos – Alexis Ruano – Sergio Sanchez (Elisabeth Reyes)

The former Miss Spain, who now works as a model and moderator dated Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos for a year before the pair broke up.

She then went on to date Getafe defender Alexis Ruano but broke up again after a short time.

She settled down, marrying Panathinaikos’ defender Sergio Sanchez.

Mesut Ozil – Matteo Ferrari (Aida Yespica)

The former Miss Venezuela participant is said to be the alleged reason why Los Blancos sold Mesut Ozil to Arsenal because the former Real man kept flying to Milan to see her and concentrated less on his career.

Before Ozil, she dated Matteo Ferrari and the pair had a son together.

Jamie O’Hara – Jermain Defoe – Marcus Bent – Teddy Sheringham (Danielle Lloyd)

The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain dated Teddy Sheringham between 2006 and 2007.

Sheringham happened to be a judge in the Miss Great Britain contest and people speculated that it was the reason why she won.

She then dated Marcus Bent in 2007 before meeting Darren Bent.

In 2009 she started dating Jamie O’hara. They got married in 2012 but it didn’t last long.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Sergio Ramos (Nereida Gallardo)

It is alleged that Ramos met Gallardo at a nightclub in Madrid in 2007.

She is also said to have bumped into Ronaldo at a nightclub in Mallorca in 2008.

Samir Nasri – Freddie Ljungberg – Keiran Richardson – Darren Bent – Jermaine Pennant (Anara Atanes)

Atanes has quite a list of dates. She dated Arsenal great Freddie Ljungberg before allegations of her cheating on Kieran Richardson after the pair were spotted at a Manchester United club dinner.

She is also rumoured to have dated Darren Bent, Jermaine Pennant and Samir Nasri.

Karim Benzema – Axel Witsel (Analicia Chavez)

Chavez dated Axel Witsel who plays for the Belgian national team but the pair did not last.

She also dated the latest Ballon d’Or winner, Karim Benzema and the two appeared in photos and videos that football fans just hope never reached Witsel.

Wayne Rooney – Mario Balotelli (Jenny Thompson)

Credit: GoffPhotos.com

Thompson stepped into the public eye thanks to her association with former Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney while his wife was pregnant with their firstborn son.

She then hooked up with Mario Balotelli in a controversial relationship that led to the Italian’s breakup with then girlfriend Raffaella Rico.

Ryan Giggs – Jermain Defoe (Imogen Thomas)

The former Miss Wales dated Jermaine Defoe for a few months before allegedly having an affair with former Manchester United forward Ryan Giggs who obtained a gagging order to keep his identity from being released when the story broke out but this did not work as the ban could not extend to media that was not from the UK.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Mario Balotelli (Raffaella Fico)

Raffaella Fico is believed to have dated Ronaldo in 2009 and then hooked up with Mario Balotelli in 2011 before they broke up over alleged infidelity.

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