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How to answer the common job interview question, “Why Did You Choose/Apply for This Job?”

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How to answer the common job interview question, Why Did You ChooseApply for This Job

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One of the most common questions in any job interview is “Why did you choose/apply for this job?” As an interviewee, it can throw you off-guard if you didn’t prepare beforehand. It’s important to be strategic while answering this question as it can be a make-or-break situation when it comes to securing the job. Here’s how you should go about it.

Why Do Recruiters Ask “Why Did You Choose This Job?”

The two main reasons why recruiters ask this question are your motivation and organizational fit. Recruiters want to know whether you are motivated enough for the specific role.

They also want to understand whether your ideas and values align with the organization’s. The question also allows them to assess your long-term career goals, skills, and preparedness for the position. It provides an insight into your character, vision, and suitability for the organization in the long run.

How Do You Justify the Choice?

Now, if you’re in an interview and asked this question, you will need to justify why you chose or applied for the job. It’s granted that you cannot say stuff like you like the salary or the designation.

While these certainly can be motivating factors, recruiters want to know the in-job aspects that interest you or align with your skills and aspirations. Keep the following points in mind while justifying your choice:

  • Highlight your research on the company and the position
  • Show opportunities for growth
  • Highlight your potential impact and contribution to the organization
  • Personal connection
  • Show eagerness, enthusiasm, and commitment to the role

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