MTN Family Double Data Offer: Get 100% Bonus

MTN double data offer gives you 100 percent (100%) data bonus on any data plan you purchased from them. This new offer from MTN Nigeria is only applicable to one of their tariff plan and last for six good months. It also works for all MTN monthly data plans. On MTN family double data, you get 3GB for N1,000 naira instead of 1.5GB, you get 7GB for #2000 instead of 3.5GB etc. But, you have to tweak your android imei to that of Tecno phantom family double data

Steps to Get MTN Family Double Data Bonus.

Few days ago, we made a post on how to change android imei to another device imei using mtk engineering mode, mobile uncle etc. You can check the post if you do not already know how to. But this is more than just tweaking imei, you have to generate new imei numbers using imei analyzer which you can download from Play Store.

Latest Update 2017: You can easily double your mtn data using this imei 3545540711. Use IMEI analyzer to tweak the remaining five digits. No migration of any kind and you get the message immediately.

1.) To get mtn family double data offer, you have to generate more Tecno phantom 5 imei number from 356602075753. You can also tweak any of the imei below to your phone.


2.) After successfully tweaking the imei to your phone, just wait for about 7 – 10 minutes and you should receive a message from MTN that says Welcome to MTN family. Please dial *131# Now to buy any Data bundle and enjoy INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS for the next 6 months. Happy Surfing.

3.) Then migrate to MTN beta talk tariff plan by dialing *123*2*6# or texting BT to 131.

4.) Dial *131*1# to buy any MTN data plan and you will get double of the data you paid for. On MTN double data bonus, you get 20GB for N5000 naira instead of 10GB.

August 2017 Update: You must have noticed that the above method is not more giving 100% data bonus but 20%. But there is a new way to get mtn family double data bonus on MTN right now without tweaking imei, you just have to follow the steps below.

  • Send Double to 131.
  • Send Promo to 131.
  • Send Free to 131.

You will then receive three [3] different messages from mtn.

1st message: “Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect.”

2nd message: “Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!

3rd message: “Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#”.

This third message determine if your SIM has been activated for MTN family double data bonus. Once you receive this message, you can then subscribe to any data plan of your choice. I recommend you start with smaller plan to confirm your sim has been activated.

How to Check MTN Family Double Data Bonus.

Send 2 to 131 or dial *559*2# or *131*4#.

For those that do not receive the welcome message, you have to keep generating new phantom 5 imei and tweaking it to your android phone. Your imei must contain this 12 digit 356602075753, add any 2 digits and use imei analyzer to generate/validate the last digit.

There you have it on 2020 mtn family double data. Kindly share this article using the social buttons below.

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  1. Raph

    Hello! So which of the listed IMEIs is most recommended.Please reply asap. I really need this!

    1. Naij Naira

      3545540711. Use IMEI analyzer to get the remaining digits.

  2. Josh

    Hello, please is the imei still working as of date?

    1. Naij Naira


  3. kay

    Congratulations! Your smartphone has been activated, to enjoy 20% bonus on any data bundle you buy for the next 3months. Dial *131*1# to buy your preferred data plan.
    This is what I got, can I still get the 100%?

    1. roy

      Admin pls reply, i got the same response.

  4. Remy

    I got the last message but didn’t get “sorry your command is incorrect message”. but I still get 20%bonus. what do I do?

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