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Shaibu Receives Warm Welcome from Edo Labour Party Chairman

by Thomasina Oseye
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Edo Labour Party Chairman Welcomes Shaibu with Open Arms

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The Chairman of the Labour Party in Edo State, Kelly Ogbaloi, expressed his welcome to Deputy Governor Comrade Philip Shaibu if he decides to join the party.

Ogbaloi stated that Shaibu would be welcomed as an individual, not as Deputy Governor, and emphasized that the party is open to anyone in Nigeria.

The chairman also mentioned that the party held a meeting with governorship aspirants to discuss their campaign strategies and show appreciation for their conduct.

Ogbaloi highlighted the importance of a healthy opposition and expressed the party’s goal of winning the governorship election in 2024 with a candidate who is widely accepted by the people of Edo State.

Additionally, he stated that the party is prepared for the forthcoming Local Government election and emphasized the importance of preparation for any election.

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