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Top 10 Wealthiest Snooker Players In The World

by Abiodun Apena
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The game snooker is a unique sport that has the potential to make players in the sport rich, famous, and revered when mastered the nitty-gritty of the game.

The cue-sport is a game played on the flat-top of a rectangular wooden table, covered in green fabric with six equivalent holes, four-round the corner and two in the middle of larger sides.

While snooker has developed from been just a hobby into a proper indoor sport, the world has over the years seen tested and trusted players who proved worth and valor and also makes mouthwatering cash in the world of snooker.

Here are 10 Of The Wealthiest Snooker Players In The World.

10. Mark Williams – ($9m)

Renowned and experienced Williams is a three-time Snooker World Champion who won the World Championships in 2000, 2003, and 2018.

The Wales born started his professional career in 1992 and took it to greater heights with his renowned single-ball long plotting ability, which earned him the nickname ‘The Welsh Potting Machine’.

Williams who is the tenth wealthiest snooker player in the world on our list is only the third player after Davis and Hendry to win all of the three Triple Crown events in a single season and also won overall 23 ranking tournaments throughout his career.

9. Willie Thorne – ($10.3m)

Unfortunately, Thorne is late but he still remains one of the wealthiest snooker players the world has ever seen played the game.

The veteran Willie is unarguably one of the best snooker players who had a great impact on the game before he passed on leaving behind a phenomenal legacy and amazing record before he died at the age of 66 in 2020 after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Willie played at the highest level of the game and also achieved success as a professional snooker before he passed on, winning one ranking title in 1985 and reaching the UK Championship final in 1985 which he lost 16-14 to another veteran of the game Steve David.

8. John Higgins – ($11.2m)

To say Higgins is one of the first-generation snooker players is an understatement because he began his career in 1992 and many regarded him as one of the all-time greats to ever graced the game.

Higgins won 31 career ranking titles placing him in third position on the all-time list of ranking event winners behind Ronnie O’Sullivan (39) and Stephen Hendry (36).

He also won four World Championships, three UK Championships and two Masters titles for a total of nine Triple Crown titles putting him on par with Mark Selby.

While it is a known fact that he is one of the wealthiest snooker players in the world, it must be said that he complied over 900 century breaks and 12 maximum breaks in professional tournaments and also achieved the world’s number one ranking position on four occasions.

7. John Parrot – ($11.6m)

Parrot was a familiar face on the professional snooker circuit in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, and remained within the top 16 of the world ranking for fourteen consecutive seasons.

He holds the achievement of being the only English player to win two major titles of the World Championships and the UK Championship in the same year.

Aside from being within the top 16 of the world ranking for fourteen consecutive seasons, he was also ranked top 6 eleven times.

Also, aside from being a renowned snooker player, Parrot is also well known for his work as a pundit on television where he made a sizable sum of money.

6. Ronnie O’Sullivan – ($14.2m)

Ronnie O’Sullivan, who is the current world champion and world number one is our sixth wealthiest snooker player in the world with a net worth of $14.2 million.

He is regarded as one of the most talented and accomplished players in the sport’s history having won the World Snooker Championship seven times, a modern-era record he holds jointly with Stephen Hendry.

He also won a record seven Masters and a record seven UK Championship titles for a total of 21 Triple Crown titles, the most achieved by any player and also holds the record for the most ranking titles with 39.

5. Cliff Thorburn – ($15.5)

Hall of Famer Thorburn is fifth on our list as one of the richest snooker players in the world. The ‘Grinder’ as he’s famously called won the World Championship in 1980 becoming the first non-British to win the title.

Thorburn remains the only World Champion from the Americas and also a runner-up in two other World Championships, losing 21-25 to John Spencer in 1977 final and 6-18 to Steve Davis in 1983 final.

He was ranked world number one during the 1981-82 season and also had the record of being the non-British player top the world rankings.

4. Jimmy White – ($19.4m)

For a player to be nicknamed ‘The Whirlwind’ and ‘The People’s Champion’ says a lot about his greatness as a snooker player who his style of play is fluid and attacking.

He won the World Amateur Champion in 1980, Six Red World Champion in 2009, and three World Seniors Champion in 2010, 2019, and 2020. White also won the 1984 World Doubles Champion with Alex Higgins.

The left-handed player also made it to six World Championship finals but couldn’t win any of them, however, he was able to amass a few titles for himself throughout his professional career.

3. Dennis Taylor – ($22.3m)

Taylor is a Northern Irish professional snooker player and commentator who is known for winning the 1985 World Snooker Championship final when he defeated the defending champion Steve Davis in one of the most famous matches in the history of snooker with 18.5 million viewership.

Following his most-viewed snooker record final, he was bestowed the key to the city of Coalisland and also received a victorious parade that recorded 10,000 in people attendance.

After he bid the sport farewell he signed up with the BBC as a commentator to talk about snooker.

2. Stephen Hendry – ($32.4m)

Hendry is a Scottish professional snooker player who play at the highest level and dominated the sport during the 90s, becoming one of the most successful players in the history of the sport.

After he turned professional in 1985 at the age of 16, he rose swiftly through the world rankings reaching number four in the world by the end of his third professional season.

Hendry won his first World Snooker Championship in 1990 aged 21 years and 106 days, surpassing the record of Alex Higgins as the sport’s youngest world champion, a record he still holds having won seven world titles which set a modern-era record that stood outright until Ronnie O’Sullivan equalled it in 2022.

Our second wealthiest snooker player also won the Masters six times and UK Championship five times for a career total of 18 Triple Crown tournament wins.

1. Steve Davis – ($33.7m)

Our number one ranked wealthiest snooker player in the world Davis, is an English retired professional snooker player who is currently a commentator, musician, disc jockey and author.

The English snooker player is best known for dominating the snooker world in the 80s when he reached eight World Snooker Championship finals in nine years, won six world titles and held the world’s number-one ranking for seven consecutive seasons.

He also finished as a runner-up to Dennis Taylor in one of snooker’s most famous matches in the 1985 World Championship final which attracted 18.5 million viewers, setting UK records for any broadcast after midnight and any broadcast on BBC Two that stands to this day.

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