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TsTv Jolly Decoder Price and Where to Buy


tstv jolly decoder

TsTv (Telcom Satellites Tv) was officially launched in Nigeria on the 1st of October 2017 at an exquisite event attended by the likes of the country’s Information Minister. One of their recent trending news is the launch of tstv jolly decoder.

As at the time of their official launch in 2017, we were only expecting two decoders, Sassy and Dexterity decoder.

The Sassy decoder was announced and made available in April 2018 and you can read all about the tstv decoder in my previous article here on NaijNaira.

While there is still not much news about dexterity including features, price and when it will be available, the Pay Tv company has started rolling out a new decoder entirely called Jolly.

This Jolly decoder is packed with features that fall in between that of Sassy and Dexterity. I know I said earlier that we know nothing about the dexterity decoder, but the way the company has portrayed it, it will be their flagship decoder.

The jolly decoder is better than Sassy but not up to the standard of dexterity.

Features of Jolly Decoder

Below are what you will enjoy when you buy a jolly decoder from TsTv.

  • Full HD.
  • Full EPG function.
  • PVR Function.
  • USB 2.0 port.
  • Smart Card slot.
  • 15 secs boot time.
  • Recording and playback with external USB.
  • 8 favorite channel group.
  • SIM Card slot (for easy migration to Dexterity function).
  • Compatible with 4G networks.
  • Recording and time shift simultaneously.
  • HDMI and AV output.
  • UHF 21-69 RF modulator Output which is ideal for DTT.
  • Telecast.
  • Multicast embedded functions.

Price of TsTv Jolly Decoder

This variant of tstv decoder has been made available since November 28th 2018 in some states of the federation and it is expected to reach all 36 States before the year runs out. It retails for 10,500 Naira.

The package includes not just the decoder but also all the accessories needed for installation and activation. You can check their dealer page for location and address of where you can buy or get it here in Nigeria.

Before, all TsTv Channels were free to air, but now, it has been encrypted and will only be available to their subscribers.

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