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We installed Tambuwal as speaker but regretted it – Gbajabiamila

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We installed Tambuwal as speaker but I regret it - Gbajabiamila

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During a meeting with newly elected representatives in Abuja, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, expressed regret for his involvement in the process that led to Aminu Tambuwal becoming speaker in 2011.

Gbajabiamila urged the new members to respect the All Progressives Congress’ zoning formula for the leadership of the house of Representatives.

He emphasized the importance of party loyalty and consistency, stating that while disagreements may arise, the party is an organized structure and always remains supreme.

Gbajabiamila shared his own experience of running for the speakership in 2015 and losing by six votes due to some party members working against him and combining with the PDP.

He advised the new representatives to be mindful of the party’s leaders and governors, who hold significant power.

Gbajabiamila said;

“I stand before you here as a testament to what party loyalty and consistency can do in your life. I have a story to tell and I am sure everybody has one story or the other to tell. My story may not be unique. I came here on the platform of a party.

“We don’t have independent candidacy in Nigeria. It’s not in our constitution or laws. Perhaps, one day, we will get to that point. But my core belief is that if you come here on the platform of a party, there is a saying all over the world that your party is always supreme.

“You will disagree with your party just like people will disagree amongst family members, but at the end of the day, the party is an organised structure. Let no one kid you. I am here to offer advice. I have been the pioneer leader of what they call the house project at one time when we installed Tambuwal as the speaker. I regret it.

“Nobody is compromising the independence of the legislature. The last person that will do it is me. But the fact that your party says this is where we are going, it doesn’t mean you are compromising the independence of the legislature.

“Many of us are new here. People will talk to you. They will cajole you, and say all sorts of things in flowery and romantic language but at the end of the day, we have to be mindful of one thing. The party we represent has its leaders. The governors from the states, whether we like it or not, are very powerful. You can do your bidding today. I share these things just to advise from my own experience.

“In 2015, I ran for the speakership of the house of representatives. The party nominated me. The whole world was sure that I was going to win that race. We lost by about six votes. A few of our party members worked against me and combined with the PDP at the time. Four years later, I ran again and won that election with 284 votes, the highest in the history of the Nigerian parliament.”

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