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Which team will win the Serie A 22-23?

by NaijNaira
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Which team will win the Serie A 22-23-min

The Italian Serie A is undoubtedly one of the most loved and followed football leagues in the world.

Italy has a great football tradition, and the clubs have always been among the most important at an international level, so much so that they are always at the top of the rankings.

This year, as never before, the fight for the final victory is tight: if in the past Juventus won the Serie A for 9 years in a row, in recent years Milan and Inter have triumphed, putting an end to the hegemony of the Bianconeri.

But in the 2022/2023 season, another team seems to be the favorite to win the league…

In this article, we are going to analyze the teams that can definitely win Serie A for the 2022/2023 season and give you more inspiring ideas to bet on the long term. 

Napoli – Never so strong since the time of Maradona


Naples is one of the most important cities in Italy, and its football team is revered just like a religion, of which Diego Armando Maradona is the only God.

Napoli football club won the Scudetto 2 times in the late 90s when Maradona was undoubtedly the most important top player in the world.

Since then, fans have had to put up with the hegemony of teams like Juventus, Ac Milan and Inter while always dreaming of returning to the top of Serie A.

This really seems to be the perfect season: Osimhen, Politano, Zielinski, Raspadori and the new star of international football, Kvaratskhelia, are proving to be in top condition, leading the Serie A with fantastic performances also in the Champions League.

Neapolitan fans dream and the other teams can only hope that Napoli will slow down their race for final victory in the second part of the season.

At the moment, however, Napoli seems to be the favorite to win Serie A 2022/2023.

AC Milan – Will the Rossoneri win again this year?

AC Milan

AC Milan won Serie A in 2021/2022, and the Rossoneri are finally back on top of the league.

Thanks to the performances of Leo, Giroud, Ibrahimovic, Theo Hernandez and Maignan, AC Milan is once again in the top positions this year, fighting almost on equal terms with the overwhelming Napoli of this early season.

The fans are increasingly enthusiastic about the team coached by Pioli, which in just a few years has gone from disappointing results to excellent performances in Serie A and the Champions League.

At the moment, if there is one team that could defeat Napoli in the final rush, it seems to be AC Milan.

Juventus – Make Bianconeri great again!

Juventus is experiencing one of the most complex seasons in its entire history. The first disappointing performances gave way to an excellent series of positive results, which brought the Bianconeri where they usually belong, back to the top of the standings. 

However, due to the company’s serious problems with the judicial authorities, which led the entire board to unexpectedly resign during the break for the World Cup, Juventus’ future in Serie A seems more uncertain than ever.

Will Massimiliano Allegri, who was one of the most successful Italian coaches in the past, be able to lead the Bianconeri to victory, leaving behind criticism and trouble with justice?

Inter – Still waiting for LuLa

Inter’s performances in the first part of the season fully reflect the past problems of their coach, Simone Inzaghi.

In fact, Inzaghi has always shown that he can be a top manager, but his teams suffer a psycho-physical breakdown during the season, only to recover when the games are over.

Once again, this year Inter started Serie A, proving to be a team created to win, but some unexpected defeats and subdued performances caused them to lose positions in the standings.

The fans are waiting for the return to full capacity of the attacking couple Lautaro Martinez & Romelu Lukaku… will this be the halfway point to climbing the positions in Serie A?

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