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10 Reasons Why Passion Tends to Fade Away After About 15 Months, according to Scientists

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10 Reasons Why Passion Tends to Fade Away After About 15 Months, according to Scientists

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Passion is often described as an intense and overwhelming feeling of excitement and enthusiasm towards something or someone. It can be a driving force that motivates us to pursue our goals and dreams. However, according to scientists, this intense passion tends to fade away after about 15 months. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and understand why passion may not last as long as we hope.

1. The honeymoon phase

When we first discover a new interest or enter into a new relationship, we experience what is commonly known as the “honeymoon phase.” During this period, everything feels exciting and new, and our passion is at its peak. However, as time goes on, this initial excitement tends to wear off, and we start to see the reality of the situation.

2. Familiarity breeds complacency

As we become more familiar with something or someone, the initial thrill starts to diminish. We begin to notice the flaws and imperfections that were once overlooked. This familiarity can lead to complacency, where we no longer feel the same level of excitement and passion as we did in the beginning.

3. Unrealistic expectations

Often, our passion is fueled by unrealistic expectations. We imagine that our new interest or relationship will bring us endless joy and fulfillment. However, reality rarely lives up to these lofty expectations. When we realize that our expectations were unrealistic, our passion can quickly fade away.

4. Lack of novelty

Novelty is a key ingredient in maintaining passion. When something becomes routine and predictable, it loses its appeal. We crave new experiences and challenges to keep our passion alive. Without novelty, our interest can wane, and we may find ourselves searching for something new to reignite our passion.

5. Emotional exhaustion

Passion can be emotionally draining. The intense emotions and energy that come with passion can be difficult to sustain over a long period. As time goes on, we may find ourselves feeling emotionally exhausted and less able to maintain the same level of passion as before.

6. Lack of growth

Passion thrives when there is room for growth and development. If we feel stagnant or stuck in a particular interest or relationship, our passion is likely to fade. We need to continually challenge ourselves and strive for personal growth to keep our passion alive.

7. Changing priorities

Our priorities and interests can change over time. What once ignited our passion may no longer hold the same significance in our lives. As our priorities shift, our passion may naturally dwindle, making way for new interests and passions to emerge.

8. External factors

External factors can also play a role in the longevity of our passion. For example, societal pressures, financial constraints, or lack of support can dampen our enthusiasm and make it difficult to maintain our passion. These external factors can contribute to the decline of our passion over time.

9. Lack of commitment

Passion requires commitment and effort to sustain. Without a strong commitment to nurturing and maintaining our passion, it is likely to fade away. It is essential to invest time and energy into the things we are passionate about to keep the flame alive.

10. Evolution of interests

As individuals, we are constantly evolving and growing. Our interests and passions may change as we go through different phases of life. What once sparked our passion may no longer resonate with who we are today. Embracing this evolution and allowing ourselves to explore new interests is crucial for maintaining a lasting passion.


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