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1xbet Affiliate Partner: How To Register & Make Money

by NaijNaira
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How To Register or Partner as 1xbet Affiliate & Make Money

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Ever wondered how to register or partner as a 1xBet affiliate? Being in partnership with 1xbet is one of the best business decisions you can ever make as a football enthusiast who wants to make money from what you enjoy.

If you don’t know how to register or partner as an affiliate with the Russian betting operator, not to worry, I’ll take you through the necessary details on how to partner with 1xbet as an affiliate.

As an affiliate of 1xbet, all you have to do is attract customers for the gambling page, and betting company and promote their products on your website.

Interestingly, once you do all of these things you’ll receive a commission on each depositor who registered using your affiliate link.

How To Become A 1xBet Affiliate

One of the questions that is probably going through your mind right now is how you can register or partner with 1xBet right? If yes, not to worry, I have the answers to your question here.

To start profiting from the 1xBet affiliate program, you must first join the Russian betting operator partners program to start with.

And to become a partner, all you have to do is create a partner account.

The steps to follow are very simple and easy to navigate.

* Visit the official website of 1xBet and head straight to the footer where you’ll locate the affiliate program, once seen click on the icon instantly.

* The link will open to the site of the affiliate program, click on registration icon and start your registration.

* On the details form that appears on the website, enter your preferred username, password, email address and your personal telephone number.

* Once you’re done with that, proceed to enter the affiliate website, website category, preferred language and how you heard about the 1xBet affiliate program.

* Enter your country, your phone number and payment method for your commission.

* Read and accept program terms and conditions. After that click on the register button to complete the application process.

Once you submit your application, 1xBet will evaluate your details and will get back to you on the verdict.

If the application is successful, you will immediately start your affiliate business as a 1xBet partner.

One unique thing about 1xBet affiliate partner is that there is no membership cost for it, it’s absolutely free so run now to 1xBet official website to start your application for the affiliate program.

1xBet Affiliate Commission

According to the affiliate program terms and conditions, when a person registers using your affiliate link you’ll receive a commission of up to 25%.

Therefore, once you partner with a 1xBet affiliate, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you attract new players because the more punters you bring in, the higher the amount of commission you’ll earn on the given percentage.

The good thing about the partner affiliate is that you can start earning at least $994 per month on average.

However, the interesting thing is that the amount increases over time.

Note that even if you don’t have your own website you can still become an affiliate as you can use a social media page, like a YouTube channel, email marketing, etc.

Another interesting thing about the 1xBet affiliate program is that there are no limits to what you can earn.

The revenue you get will be proportional to the profit you gained from your traffic either on your personal website or any social media page you use.

How To Generate Traffic & Attract New Users

1xbet Affiliate Partner

To generate traffic and attract new users you can use any available channel to promote 1xBet.

* Personal Blog

* Personal Website

* WhatsApp Group

* Forum

* Social Network Group

* Email Marketing

* Word Of Mouth Recommendation

How To Create 1xBet Affiliate Link

1xbet Affiliate Partner

An affiliate link is a link that redirects traffic like registrations, deposits, clicks, profits, etc. In order to create one, log into your profile and click on ‘Affiliate Link’.

* Site (i.e your profile link or website link you used during registration)

* Currency (In dollars)

* Campaign (Nigeria)

* Landing page, (this is to make sure the link leads to an English page)

* Sub ID (Leave vacant)

Once you’re done with the above steps, click the generate button and a link will be generated. After that, you can start sharing the link anywhere you want and it will redirect the customers to your affiliate account.

Benefits Of Affiliate Program

1xbet Affiliate Partner

To benefit from the 1xbet partner affiliate program, you need to know how the program works only then you can start taking advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the benefits.

* Group Support: 1xBet offers its bettors excellent support to ensure that their marketing exercise is simple. Interestingly, the affiliate program also goes as far as designing marketing materials for its clients.

* Flexible Payments: When you join the 1xBet partner affiliate program, be rest assured of enjoying weekly payout plus you’ll get a lifetime commission.

Moreso, you’ll be guaranteed excellent revenue growth, provided you painstakingly do your marketing exercise for 1xBet.

* No Limit On 1xBet Referrals: As a partner, it doesn’t limit you from winning more customers for 1xBet as an affiliate. In fact, you can accumulate unlimited players and increase your chances of getting commissions.

* High-Quality Support: The betting company is always there for you when you need valuable advice as to how you can successfully attract new and more customers through an advertising campaign.

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