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Amazon Announces Major Layoffs of additional 9,000 Employees

by NaijNaira
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Amazon Announces Major Layoffs of additional 9,000 Employees

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In response to the current “uncertain economy”, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently sent out a memo informing the company’s employees of an additional 9,000 job cuts.

This reduction will affect various teams such as AWS, Twitch, advertising and human resources.

Previously, Amazon laid off 18,000 employees across all departments including hardware and services in late 2022 and January this year.

The main focus of the annual planning is to invest in customer experiences while still managing to keep costs and headcounts low.

Following this announcement came the resignation of Twitch CEO Emmett Shear; however, it is unclear if his departure was related to these job losses since he will remain an advisor for Amazon.

As mentioned in Dan Clancy’s blog post, 400 people were financially impacted by the layoffs.

Moreover, recent changes made to the platform’s revenue sharing structure have left many streamers unhappy who are now migrating over to competitors like YouTube for streaming options.

To guarantee long term sustainability for Twitch and reduce expenditure when it comes to staffing, a decision had to be taken to lower employee numbers.

Although precise details on which individuals will be affected are yet to be finalized by mid-late April, those laid off will receive severance pay, transitional health insurance and external job placement assistance from Amazon.

Furthermore, other organizations such as Microsoft, Google and Meta have also enforced staff reductions this year in order to combat difficult economic times.

Looking forward positively towards opportunities within their flagship businesses like stores and AWS as well as newer customer experiences and enterprises where investment is taking place; Jassy expresses optimism about Amazon’s future prospects despite harsh times right now.


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