Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan For International Calls From Nigeria


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How To Make Cheap International Calls On MTN Nigeria

It simple!

Just subscribe to any of the three (3) types of MTN International Destinations Bundles (IDB) packages and you will be able to call select mobile numbers across 10 countries including popular destinations like the USA, China, Canada and India at low rates.

Let’s see the 10 countries MTN are making this offer for.

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MTN International Call Bundle Countries

Below are are the ten MTN international call bundle countries.

  • 1. Canada
  • 2. China
  • 3. Denmark
  • 4. Norway
  • 5. India
  • 6. Ireland
  • 7. Malaysia
  • 8. Romania
  • 9. South Korea
  • 10. The United States

Before I go on with the MTN international bundle code, let’s see what the International Destinations Bundle is all about.

MTN International Destinations Bundle

IDB Bundle is a bundle that offers you (both MTN Prepaid and ePostpaid customers’) generous International Voice minutes at a discounted price.

Like I said earlier, there are three types of International Destinations Bundles available and they are as follows:

  1. IDB 300
  2. IDB 500
  3. IDB 1,500

Before you go ahead to buy any of the bundles, let me explain what you stand to get, i.e. the International voice minutes MTN will give you for your international calls:

  1. IDB 300 MTN gives you 20 International minutes call
  2. IDB 500 MTN gives you 40 International minutes call
  3. IDB 1,500 MTN gives you 150 International minutes call

With the bundle minutes, you will not be able to make national calls or call other international destinations not listed in the eligible international destinations I listed above.

If you want, you can purchase the same bundle multiple times as well as purchase different bundles at the same time.

And if you exhaust the voice minutes in your current bundle before your bundle expires, you can re-purchase that same bundle again after exhausting the minutes and you can as well buy another bundle type.

Take, for instance, if you bought the IDB500 plan and exhaust the minutes, you will be able to buy another IDB500 bundle or buy the IDB300 or the IDB1500.

Even if you have not exhausted the minutes in your current bundle, you are allowed to purchase another one.

Let’s now see what makes this the cheapest MTN tariff plan for international calls.

How To Buy International Bundles On MTN

Here is how to subscribe for an international call on MTN.

Bundle Type




Bundle price (NGN)




Subscription Code

IDB300 to 131

IDB500 to 131

IDB1500 to 131

Bundle Minutes




Validity days



30 days

That’s how to make cheap international calls on MTN. Easy, right?

But hold up, wait a minute…there are some things I still need to tell you.

If you want to stop your bundle from renewing automatically, follow the codes below for cancellation but do it before the time of expiry.



  1. IDB300, text NoIDB300 to 131
  2. IDB500 text NoIDB500 to 131
  3. IDB1500, text NoIDB1500 to 131

If you’ve cancelled the auto-renewal, you can still buy the International Destinations Bundle again by sending the subscription code of that bundle type to 131.

How To Check MTN International Bundle Balance

If you want to know how to check MTN international calling bundle balance, just dial *559*7#.

And note that once your bundle expires, all your unused voice minutes will be cleared from your bundle account BUT if you renew your bundle before it expires, all your unused voice minutes will be rolled over to the next bundle cycle.

This article was most recently revised and updated on March 6, 2022