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Checking Access Bank Account Balance via Code, ATM, Mobile App

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How to Check Access Bank Account Balance

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Checking your Access Bank account balance is important to ensure you don’t spend more than you have and so that you remain safe from any fraudulent activities.

Thanks to its various options, checking your balance is now easier than ever – using code transfer, an ATM machine, or even the mobile app.

In this guide, we’ll look at all the ways you can quickly and easily check your Access Bank account balance.

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Checking Access Bank Account Balance

Do you know how to check Access Bank account balance? There are many means by which you can check your Access bank account balance.

This article will help you with 5 of these methods which are considered the best and it includes the use of code which is the fastest and easiest.

You don’t have to wait to receive an alert from your bank to know how much you have left in your account.

You can actually check your balance at any time and anywhere. These methods are easy and simple and can also be used by former Diamond bank customers.

All you need to do is follow the instructions correctly. Here, you will learn how to get your account balance through:

  • Access Bank Mobile Banking Code
  • ATM Machine of Any Nigerian Bank
  • Using Access Bank Mobile App
  • Calling Customer Care
  • Access Bank Social media Handles
  • Sending an Email to Access Bank
Checking Access Bank Account Balance

How to Check Access Bank Account Balance by USSD Code

Checking your Access Bank balance via the USSD code is one of the quickest and easiest methods for doing so. Let’s look at the code for Access bank:

  • For code to check Access Bank account balance, dial *426# or *901#. You have a list of options which are Check balance, Transfer, Airtime, Other services, Access money, Diamond Xtra, Xtra Cash-Loan and Mobile Wallet.
  • Reply 1 (Check Balance) and Send
  • The next option will be displayed on your screen which is “select your account”
  • Select the account number whose account balance you want to check
  • Your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

You can save the code for Access bank on your phone for easy dialing. A service charge of 10 Naira will immediately be deducted from your telecom network balance.

The code for Access bank is also one of the easiest and most common means of checking your access bank NUBAN account number any time you want. It’s easier and faster.

However, you will need to make use of the phone number you used in opening your account.

Checking Access Bank Account Balance at an ATM Machine

Checking your Access Bank account balance at an ATM machine is just as easy.

You can check your account balance through any of the ATM machines close to you. All you need is your ATM card.

  • Insert your ATM card
  • Enter your PIN
  • Click on Inquiry
  • Click on either savings or current account depending on your account status
  • Your balance details will be displayed on the screen.

It’s that simple, no service charge applied.

How to Check Access Bank Account Balance using the Mobile App

To check your account balance using your mobile app; you should first;

Download the application if don’t have the app on your android phone. To download, go to your Google play store or Apple store. Search for Access bank mobile app. Click on download.

Install the application on your phone. However, with the Google play store, applications are automatically installed after download.

Open the application. Enter or login with your pin. You will see your account balance.

Your Access bank mobile app covers all your banking activities. With your mobile app, you can make transfers, buy airtime, book for cheques, stop cheques, make subscriptions, check account balance, and so on.

Checking Access Bank Account Balance with Customer Care Service

You can also check your account balance by calling the Access bank customer care agent. You can always contact them.

An agent is always available for you. In fact, it is one of the best methods to use.

Access bank customer care mobile numbers are; +234 1-2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000.

When you call them, you will need to give some details about your account, like your account name, your account number, date of birth, and so on.

Your details will be verified within a short moment after which your account balance will be sent to you.

Checking Access Bank Account Balance through Social Media and Email

Checking your Access Bank Account Balance via Social Media and Email is also an option.

You can also reach out to Access bank customer care agents through their Facebook or Twitter page. Requesting your balance through this means is also reliable.

To make your request via Facebook, login into your Facebook account and search for @AccessBankPlc.

Send a request demanding your account balance. You can also post alongside your request, your account number and account name.

With this, they can quickly confirm your details and then send you your account balance. Or you can use their Twitter page @accessbankhelp. Your account balance will be sent to you on the platform.

Request Your Balance By Sending an Email

Email address is another platform where you can communicate with Access bank agents for your account balance.

This can be done by sending your request via your email address to Access bank email address. to send your request;

Open the email you used in registering your account

Go to your message box and create a new one making a request for your account balance

Send your message to contactcenter@accessbankplc.com

You will receive a message in your email asking for your account name and account number

Send your details to the same email address and wait for your account balance

Your balance will be sent to you shortly.

Wrapping Up

That’s how to check access bank account balance. You can use any of the methods discussed above at any time. Remember that you will need to stay on the internet while using either your mobile app, social media or Email address until your request is granted.

You can also make use of ATM machines or the bank’s code if you do not have a smartphone.

Also, note that the USSD code is the same for all networks. It is not restricted to any particular one.

You only need to have the mobile phone number linked to your account. You can’t successfully check access bank account balance without it.

Some of these methods are faster, easier and even safer than others. So, if you have 10 Naira airtime to spare, I think using code is the easiest, fastest and safest method to use.

It is actually the same one you use to transfer from your access bank account to people whether they are also using access bank or not.

However, if you are already at one of their branches or near any bank’s atm, you can just use your debit card and keep your airtime.

If you are online, then the best method is to log in to your mobile app and there you are staring right at you.

Email and Social media, on the other hand, take time and too much of security questions to actually confirm you own the account which on its own is a good thing but a waste of time. So you might want to try other methods first before settling for either of these.

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