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Unique & Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names and Their Meanings (100+)

by NaijNaira
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Common Female Names In Brazil

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Looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl? Consider these common Female Names In Brazil!

Brazil has a rich cultural heritage and cherished traditions, and giving your daughter a Brazilian name is a wonderful way to honor that heritage.

Naming a baby can be a challenging experience, but choosing a Brazilian name will add an international flair to your daughter’s identity.

It’s important to remember that the name you choose should make your daughter feel like a princess.

Common Female Names In Brazil

Brazilian names offer a wide range of options, whether you’re looking for an uncommon name or a beautiful name that is internationally recognized.

Check out the list below for alphabetically arranged common Female Names In Brazil that you can consider for your child.

Brazilian girl names with A

  1. Adriana – it is a Latin name that means the one that comes from Aria.
  2. Adriene– it is a variation of the name Adrienne, and it means the one who has a dark color and the one who came from Adria.
  3. Ágata– it is a Greek name that means good and kind.
  4. Alessandra– It is an Italian name that means the protector of humanity.
  5. Amélia– it is a Germanic name that means diligent and active woman.
  6. Anita– it is a Hebrew name that means graceful.
  7. Aline– it is a popular female Brazilian name and means a noble protector.
  8. Alzira– it is a female name with Arab origins, and it means ornament.
  9. Ana– this name has Hebrew origins (Hannah), and it means gracious. It’s a popular choice for baby girls in Brazil, and it is usually paired with another name, such as Rita, Maria, Paula, and others.
  10. Analu– it means a famous and graceful warrior.
  11. Andréia– it is an ancient Greek name that means extreme femininity.
  12. Antônia– this traditional name in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries means valuable and priceless.
  13. Aparecida– it literally means the one that appeared. It is a Brazilian girls name that honors Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil.
  14. Áurea– means woman of gold.

Brazilian girl names with B

  1. Beatriz– this pretty name means the one who brings happiness.
  2. Belinda– this baby name means beautiful.
  3. Bethânia– this Hebrew name means house of welcome and house of figs.
  4. Bibiana– this Latin name means alive or the one who is full of life.
  5. Bruna– this Nordic/German name means brunette, tanned, brown, the color of fire.

Brazilian girl names with C

  1. Camila– it means messenger of the gods.
  2. Carina– it means dear and pure.
  3. Carla– it means woman of the people or strong woman.
  4. Carolina– it is considered the diminutive of Carla.
  5. Cássia– it is a Hebrew name that means fragrance, perfume.
  6. Catarina– this Greek name means pure.
  7. Célia– it possibly originated from the English name Celia, and it means from heaven.
  8. Cíntia– this Greek name means woman from Cinto.
  9. Conceição– it is a lovely vintage name in Brazil that means immaculate.
  10. Cláudia– it means crippled and lame as this name originated from the Latin Claudius, through the word claudus, which means the same.
  11. Cristiana– it means follower of Christ.

Brazilian girl names with D

  1. Daniela(and variations, such as Daniele and Danielly) – it means god is my judge.
  2. Daiane– it means divine and enlightened. Daiane is Diane’s phonetic translation.
  3. Dionira– it means famous among the people.
  4. Dulce– this Spanish name means lovely or very kind woman.
  5. Dolores– this Spanish name means pains. It originated from the Spanish title of Maria de Los Dolores, given to the Virgin Mary.

Brazilian girl names with E

  1. Eliana– this baby name means the one who belongs to the divine nature.
  2. Elena– this Greek name means light and is a variant of the name Helena.
  3. Elisa(and Eliza) – it means divine promise.
  4. Eloísa– it means healthy, and it originated from the old French Héloïse.
  5. Elsa– the diminutive of Elizabeth means my God is abundant.
  6. Elvira– this Germanic name means spear lover.
  7. Emília– this Latin name means the one who speaks pleasantly.
  8. Érica– it is a Germanic name that means the one who reigns like an eagle.
  9. Efigênia– it is a variation of the name Ifigênia. It means vigorous.

Brazilian girl names with F

  1. Fabiana– it is a Latin name that means lucky.
  2. Fátima– it means daughter of the prophet.
  3. Felícia– it means happy, lucky, and successful.
  4. Fernanda– this baby name means fearless to achieve peace.
  5. Flávia – it means golden and blonde.
  6. Francisca– it means the one who comes from France.

Brazilian girl names with G

  1. Gabriela(and variations, such as Gabrielly and Gabriele) – it means a strong woman of God and is the feminine form of Gabriel.
  2. Geralda– it means woman who dominates with the spear or the lady of the spear.
  3. Gertrudes– it means woman who loves the spear, the warrior.
  4. Gisele(and variations, such as Giseli, Gisela, and Giselle) – it means the one who handles the spear deftly.
  5. Graça– it means grace and divine gift.
  6. Graciane– it comes from the name Grace, and it means full of grace or thankfulness.
  7. Guadalupe– it is a popular Spanish name that means the river of the wolf.
  8. Guilhermina– it means a courageous protector.

Brazilian girl names with H

  1. Hortência– it means gardener or the woman who grows vegetables.
  2. Helena– this name originated from the Greek name Heléne, and it means the woman who shines.
  3. Hilda– this name with Germanic origins means the combatant or the warrior.

Brazilian girl names with I

  1. Isaura– it has its origin in the Greek and means the woman natural of Isauria.
  2. Iara– this Tupi-Guarani name (Brazilian Indigenous) means lady of the waters or mother of waters. It can also be translated as the water lady, water mother, or water beauty.
  3. Iracema– this Guarani name means lips of honey.
  4. Isabella– it means consecrated to God.
  5. Izabel– this baby name means chaste and pure.
  6. Isadora– it means gift of Isis. Isadora is formed by the words Isis (name of the Egyptian goddess) and dôron, which means gift.

Brazilian girl names with J

  1. Janaína– it is considered one of the names of Iemanjá, a goddess that symbolizes the divinity of the sea according to the traditions of Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion. It means the goddess of the sea, queen of the sea, or mermaid of the rivers.
  2. Joana– it means bestowed by God, or God forgives. The name Joana comes from the Latin Iohanna and is the female variant of João.
  3. Jordana– this female Brazilian name means daring.
  4. Josefa– it is the female of Joseph/José and means the addition of the Lord or God multiplies.
  5. Josefina – it is a nickname of Josefa, the female version of José.
  6. Juanita– it is the female variant for Juan, very popular in Spain and Latin America.
  7. Júlia– this baby girl’s name means the daughter of Jupiter.
  8. Juliana – it means the one with the black hair.

Brazilian girl names with K

  1. Kaylane– it means sea and sky or made of the sea and sky.
  2. Kaila – it means the one who likes to live, cheerful.
  3. Karla– it is a variation of Carla, and it means woman of the people.
  4. Keila– it means the one who brings the members of a congregation together.
  5. Karina– it means pure and lovable. It is a variant of Catarina, and it is a fairly common name in Brazil, Germany, Poland, and Russia.
  6. Katia– it is a shortened form of Catarina.

Brazilian girl names with L

  1. Laís– it means popular woman.
  2. Luana– it means shining woman or the glorious combatant full of grace.
  3. Larissa– it has Greek origins and means from the acropolis or the citadel.
  4. Lígia– this Portuguese name means docile and melodious.
  5. Lorena– this baby girl’s name means laurel.
  6. Ludmila– it means loved by the people.
  7. Luara– this Brazilian female name means winner and glorious.
  8. Luíza– it means glorious combatant or glorious in battles.
  9. Luciana– it means luminous and graceful.
  10. Lílian– it means pure and innocent.

Brazilian girl names with M

  1. Márcia– this name means dedicated to Mars or the one with the characteristics of a warrior.
  2. Maria– it is a biblical name very popular for Brazilian girls, which means sovereign lady or pure woman. It is often paired with another name, such as Luiza, Aparecida, Rita, Clara, Alice, Helena, and more.
  3. Manuela(or variations, such as Manoela and Manuelly) – it means God is with us.
  4. Margarete – it comes from the English variant Margareth, and it means pearl.
  5. Margarida– it also means pearl.
  6. Mariana– it means a sovereign lady full of grace or pure and graceful woman.
  7. Marília– it means purity and virginity.
  8. Marina – this pretty name means the woman who comes from the sea.
  9. Matilde– it means strength in battle or strong warrior.
  10. Maiara– it comes from Tupi-Guarani, and it means the great-grandmother or lady.
  11. Morena– this beautiful name means the one who has a brown color, the tanned woman.
  12. Monique– Monique is considered the French variant of Monica, and it means alone and lonely.
  13. Maya– this baby girl’s name means mother.
  14. Madalena– it means the one who lives in the Tower of God or the inhabitant of Magdala.
  15. Marcela– it means little warrior dedicated to the god Mars.

Brazilian girl names with N

  1. Nathalia– this sweet girl’s name means born on Christmas day.
  2. Neusa– it means swimmer or the one who can swim.
  3. Noêmia– this name means my delight or my sweetness.

Brazilian girl names with O

  1. Otávia– it means Eighth and is associated with the lucky number 8.
  2. Olivia– it means olive and is a Spanish name derived from the olive tree.

Brazilian girl names with P

  1. Priscila– it means woman who belongs to Prisco.
  2. Palmira– it means palm tree or the one who was born surrounded by palm trees.
  3. Paloma– it means dove. Paloma is a feminine name of Spanish origin.
  4. Patrícia– it means noble or woman of the noble class.
  5. Paula– it means small and delicate woman.
  6. Pilar– it means pillar in Latin and is a popular name in Spain.
  7. Plácida– it a Latin name that means pacific.

Brazilian girl names with Q

  1. Quitéria – This Brazilian baby name means quiet, beautiful, and the woman who was born on the island of Cítera.

Brazilian Girl Names With R

  1. Raissa– it means daughter or descendant of Hera.
  2. Regina– it means queen or greatest lady.
  3. Renata– this name means reborn, resurrected, or born a second time.
  4. Ricarda – it means strong and brave princess.
  5. Rita– it means pearl, enlightened, or creature of light.
  6. Romana – it means inhabitant of Rome or one who was born in Rome.
  7. Rosa – it means beautiful flower.
  8. Raquel – it means peaceful woman.
  9. Rosário– it literally means rosary. It is a name of religious origin from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in the Portuguese language Nossa Senhora do Rosário.

Brazilian girl names with S

  1. Sabrina– this Celtic name means princess.
  2. Samara– it means Samaria or the woman who came from the city kept by God.
  3. Serafina– it means heavenly and angelic.
  4. Severina– it means severe and harsh.
  5. Sílvia– this name means the one who lives in the forest.
  6. Socorro– it literally means help and is a name of religious origin.
  7. Sofia– it means wise woman.
  8. Soraia– it means princess, bright woman, or the morning star.
  9. Simone– it means the listener or obedient woman.
  10. Susana(or variations, such as Suzana and Suzane) – this popular name means lily or purity.

Brazilian girl names with T

  1. Teresa– it means native of Tera.
  2. Taís(and variations, such as Thais)- it means contemplated with admiration or the woman who must be contemplated.
  3. Tânia– it means the woman who belongs to the father or who is similar to the father.
  4. Talita– this cute name means the reborn child.
  5. Tamires– it means the woman who is rich in dates or the one who has palm trees.
  6. Telma– it means lovable or the one who is under the protection of the anses (Scandinavian gods).

Brazilian girl names with U

  1. Úrsula– it means little bear.

Brazilian girl names with V

  1. Valdirene– it means the woman who has the peacemaking power or the one who governs with peace.
  2. Vanessa– it means to be like a butterfly.
  3. Valentina– it means brave and strong.
  4. Vânia– it means blessed and gifted by God.
  5. Virgínia– it means virgin and maiden.
  6. Vitória– it means victory and winner.
  7. Vivian (and variations, such as Viviane and Viviana) – it means a woman full of life.

Brazilian girl names with W

  1. Wanessa– It is a variation of the name Vanessa, and it means to be like a butterfly.
  2. Wilma– it means purposeful and courageous protector.
  3. Walquíria– this name means the woman who chooses the deceased. It is a variant of Valkyrie; a name originated from the ancient Nordic Valkyrja.
  4. Walesca– it means brave, healthy, and full of health.

Brazilian girl names with X

  1. Xayane– it means the woman who is a red speaker.
  2. Xena– it means hospitality.
  3. Xerazade– this Brazilian female name means daughter of the night and has Arab origins.

Brazilian girl names with Y

  1. Yasmin– it means jasmine.
  2. Yolanda– it means violet.
  3. Yara– this Brazilian female name means lady of the water or mother of water.

Brazilian girl names with Z

  1. Zaíra– it means the one with shiny skin.
  2. Zélia– it means zealous or the one who cares.
  3. Zilda– it means beautiful.
  4. Zulmira– it means sublime and brilliant.

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