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Competition for “Juicy Committee” Positions in House of Reps Intensifies

by NaijNaira
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Competition for Juicy Committee Positions in House of Reps Intensifies

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The competition for positions in the “Juicy Committee” of the House of Representatives has intensified among members of the 10th Assembly.

These committees, particularly the chairmanship and vice chairmanship positions, are highly sought after by members from both the ruling and opposition parties.

With 181 opposition members and 177 members from the ruling party, the race for these positions is fierce.

The recent vacancies in the committees due to a death and the resignation of a former Speaker have added to the competition.

The speaker of the house has constituted a selection committee and six other special committees, which will be announced when the House reconvenes.

These committees are considered lucrative as they have significant budgets and control over powerful government ministries, departments, and agencies.

However, only well-known members of the ruling party and those who support the presiding executives are usually appointed to these committees.

The Committee on Public Account and the Committee on Public Petition, accessible to members of the opposition parties, are the only committees recognized by the Constitution apart from the “juicy” committees.

The chairpersons of the committees may not be named until the significant officers of the house, such as Majority Whip and Minority Leader, are chosen.

The speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, who was elected with the support of all eight political parties in the House, is expected to reward them with committee chair positions.

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