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Czech national team on the way to Euro 2024: the revived “people’s team” in anticipation of the continental forum

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Czech national team on the way to Euro 2024

The Czech national team is preparing for the European Championship in 2024. This will be their eighth participation in the final stage of the European championship, starting from their debut in 1996. Currently, the Czechs are ranked 40th in the FIFA rankings.

The draw placed the Czechs in Group F, where their opponents will be Portugal, Turkey, and the winner of qualifying path C (one of the teams: Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, or Kazakhstan). The group stage schedule for the Czech national team is as follows:

  • Matchday 1, June 18: Portugal vs. Czech Republic.
  • Matchday 2, June 22: Winner of path C vs. Czech Republic.
  • Matchday 3, June 26: Czech Republic vs. Turkey.

Betting on Euro 2024 is available at the bookmaker Melbet – https://melbetbd.top/. Let’s consider the strengths and weaknesses of the Czech national team in anticipation of the European Championship.

Playing style and characteristics of the Czech team

It is worth noting that there has recently been a change in the head coach of the Czech national team, so further analysis may only indirectly relate to how the team will perform at Euro 2024. Nevertheless, we will use available materials on recent matches involving the Czechs, especially against the Faroe Islands.

A cohesive team – the key to success The Czech national team can be characterized as a united, monolithic organism. The team has a moderately class squad with few individually outstanding players. However, their strength lies in collective actions, as confirmed by captain Tomas Soucek.

Two main reasons for such a pronounced team play are the limited choice of high-level performers and the influence of Prague clubs “Slavia” and “Sparta.” Due to a shortage of attacking stars and reliable defenders, the situation is more or less favorable only in the midfield. But the two leading Prague clubs set the tone, as more than half of the national team players play for them. This ensures the necessary cohesion – a rare advantage for national teams.

  • Intense pressing. The Czechs skillfully use aggressive pressing and a sharp increase in the pace of the game in the initial 15-20 minutes of the match. In a friendly match against Poland, it took them only two minutes to catch the opponent off guard. And in the match against the Faroe Islands, where a mandatory victory was needed, pressing continued throughout the game. This aggressive tactic is not new – we saw it at Euro 2020, where the Czechs reached the quarterfinals.
  • Emphasis on wing attacks. At first glance, the modern style of the Czech national team strongly resembles the Serbian style: a focus on battles in the “second floor,” a strong central midfield, pressing, and some chaos in leadership. However, the Czechs demonstrate a more inventive and fast-paced game. Although their attacks often revolve around the wings, central forwards are constantly involved in maneuvering, making false moves, exchanging positions, and exploring zones between defensive lines.

Team leaders

Tomas Soucek – captain and the most prominent figure in the current Czech national team undergoing a generational shift. At 29, this holding midfielder from West Ham has become a treasure trove of invaluable experience, which he will share with few in the national team. Soucek has performed exceptionally well in the Premier League, establishing himself as the leader of his club. His role in the national team is equally important, as he, playing from deep, managed to become the top scorer for the Czechs in the qualifying tournament (3 goals + 1 assist). The captain’s main qualities are positional awareness and heading ability. His transfer value is estimated at 35 million euros.

Adam Hlozek is one of the promising young talents in the national team. This 21-year-old forward has a challenging season at Bayer, but he is trusted in the national team. Hlozek possesses impressive flexibility and technique. Standing at 188 cm, he combines all the qualities of a top winger and center forward. In style, some experts compare him to Liverpool’s star Dominic Solanke, only the Czech is more versatile in leading the attack. If Hlozek shines at Euro, he is sure to receive calls from top clubs. His current transfer value is estimated at 15-20 million euros.

Another young promising player is 23-year-old David Jurasik, who has already experienced ups and downs in his career. He had a great start to the qualifying cycle, receiving positive reviews from experts. However, the autumn decline at Benfica negatively affected his position in the national team. Currently, Jurasik is trying to restart his career at Hoffenheim. A couple of years ago, David impressed top club scouts with his technical and attacking play on the left flank, being a nominal defender. The adventurous move to Portugal has not yet been successful, but for such a young age, it is a forgivable mistake. It is worth giving a chance for this bright Czech talent to unfold. His transfer value is around 8 million euros.

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