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DSTV Packages in Ghana and Their Prices


DSTV Packages in Ghana and Their Prices

What are the DSTV Packages in Ghana and their Prices? If there is one TV satellite that is African-incorporated, it is DSTV.

Pretty much every African Company knows the Multichoice giant and what it offers in terms of entertainment and content.

However, in Ghana specifically, DSTV has continued to grow in leap and bound and has firmly established itself as a favorite.

The major determinant responsible for DSTV dominance in Ghana is its wonderful packages. The packages offerings give users access to top-notch premium content that leaves them feeling entertained and satisfied.

There are over five different packages available to Ghanaians, and each one has a unique service that users can enjoy.

The pricing for these packages differs as fees depend on a package offering.

DSTV Packages in Ghana and Their Prices

Are you interested in knowing Ghana Packages and what you stand to gain with a particular package?

Then you can find out about some of the choicest packages available in Ghana in this DSTV packages in Ghana and their prices article.

DSTV Premium Package

The premium bouquet is the best option amongst all other DSTV packages in Ghana.

It provides consumers with premier content from news, movies (foreign and local), documentaries, cartoon, sports, and so many others.

This implies that the DSTV premium package is ideal for the whole family.

The premium bouquet offers viewers its exclusive content in full HD, making it clearer and more enjoyable.

With all the best movies, TV shows, and sports, you are certainly going to get glued to your TV screen.

DSTV premium subscription in Ghana is a monthly fee of GHS 340.

The subscription covers your viewing pleasure uninterruptedly for a month, and to continue enjoying the service, you must renew the payment before the end of the 30 days.

If you fail to pay the monthly subscription fee, you will not view any of the channels on the bouquet.

How Many Channels Does The DSTV Ghana Premium Have?

The DSTV Ghana premium bouquet has more than 90 channels, including movies, sports, cartoons, documentaries, and so many others. It also comes with TV and audio (radio) channels.

All the channels that come with the DSTV Ghana premier package are subject to subscription fees to enjoy them.

The channels in the premier bouquet are grouped into various categories, including movies, sports, cartoons, entertainment, religion, news, documentaries, and so many others.

DStv Compact Package

The DSTV Ghana compact bouquet is one of the most affordable packages provided by Multichoice for Ghanaians.

It comes with many premium channels that offer viewers news, movies (foreign and local), music, sports, documentaries, cartoons, and many others. The compact package is the third-best bouquet among the available DSTV packages in Ghana.

The bouquet option is ideal for kids as it has so many movies and entertainment that children enjoy. People who love educational studies about the Earth will also enjoy the compact package as it has National geographic and animal planet channels.

The DSTV compact subscription in Ghana is a monthly fee of GHS 145.

This subscription allows you to enjoy the channels available in the compact bouquet uninterrupted for one month.

You will need to renew the subscription before the end of the 30 days

If you wish to continue to enjoy the services. If you do not pay the monthly subscription fee after it expires, you will be disconnected, and as such, you will not be able to view the channels.

How Many Channels Are Available in The DSTV Compact Ghana Package?

The DSTV Ghana compact package comes with over 65 channels and TV and radio channels. The TV channels showcase all your favorite programs, including movies, music, cartoon, sports, documentaries, and many more.

DSTV Compact Plus

The DSTV Ghana compact plus package is the second-best among the DSTV packages offered by Multichoice in Ghana.

It contains more channels in all the categories of programs than every other DSTV packages in Ghana except for the Ghana DSTV premium bouquet.

Compact Plus has 13 channels lesser than the DSTV Ghana Premium package.

This is why it is also more affordable than the DSTV premium package.

With your monthly subscription, you can watch movies, live programs, Sports, TV shows, and many more.

The cost of the DSTV compact package in Ghana is a monthly subscription fee of GHS 215, which is valid for 30 days.

With this subscription, you would have unlimited viewing of the bouquets premium content for 30 days, but if you fail to subscribe after the 30 days, you will be disconnected and won’t be able to view any of the channels.

How Many Channels Comes with DSTV Compact Plus Ghana?

The DSTV compact plus package Ghana has more than 70 channels, including sports, news, local channels, movies, documentaries, cartoons, and more.

In addition, the DSTV compact plus bouquet also comes with radio channels.

As a Ghanian football fan, you will have access to all the games played by major leagues across Europe, English Premier League, Spanish Liga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, Copa America, CAF champions league and many others.

DSTV Family Package

The DSTV Ghana family package comes with TV and radio channels to offer programs that suit the needs of every family, from adults to children. The DSTV family package Ghana aims to provide entertainment for every family at an affordable price.

With this bouquet in Ghana, you are sure of getting uninterrupted premium kids programs, documentaries, sports, entertainment, news, movies, and so much more.

The DSTV Ghana family bouquet subscription cost is a monthly fee of GHS 80.

So to have access to enjoy your favorite channels on this package, you will have to pay for the monthly subscription.

If you do not renew the subscription before it expires, you will be disconnected with your viewing suspended.

How Many Channels Are Available On DSTV Ghana Family Package?

The DSTV Ghana family bouquet comes with over 55 channels, including TV and radio channels. In addition, it has ten news and commerce channels, ten local channels, five musical channels, four culture and lifestyle channels, over 25 entertainment channels, an interactive channel, and many more.

It also includes all of the channels in the access package.

So with your monthly subscription fee, you would have access to all the channels available in the DSTV Ghana family bouquet, including sports, documentaries, movies, cartoons, news, and many more.

DSTV Access Package

The DSTV access bouquet is the least DSTV package in Ghana amongst all other packages.

It comes with the least channels and the cheapest subscription fee amongst other DSTV Ghana packages.

Undermining that the access package comes with fewer channels, it showcases premier content that gives its subscribers access to live programs and top-notch content.

The cost of the DSTV Ghana access bouquet is a monthly subscription fee of GHS 45.

So to enjoy big live programs on this bouquet, you would need to pay the monthly subscription, and if you do not renew the subscription as at when due, you will not be able to continue viewing your favorite channels.

How Many Channels Are Available in The DSTV Ghana Access Package?

The DSTV Ghana access bouquet comes with more than 50 channels, including radio and TV channels. With a monthly subscription, you can have uninterrupted access to news, local television shows, music, children’s program, telenovelas, movies, and many more.

Football fans can enjoy live matches on the DSTV Ghana houses UK as it has four sports channels which are SuperSport football (225), SuperSport variety (229), Blitz HD (200), and SuperSport Blitz (220).

DSTV Indian package

DSTV Ghana Indian bouquet is available for people who enjoy Indian movies and programs.

The DSTV Ghana Indian bouquet comes with many Indian channels, ranging from current to premier Bollywood movies for viewers’ entertainment. The cost of the DSTV Ghana Indian bouquet is a monthly subscription fee of GHS 135.

This could seem pricey because it is considered a VIP package, and with this monthly subscription, you would enjoy your favorite Bollywood movies for 30 days.

How Many Channels Are Available in The DSTV Ghana Indian Bouquet?

The DSTV Ghana Indian package has over 15 channels, including Indian-based channels, news, documentaries, entertainment, and lifestyle programs.

DSTV French Touch

Just as the name goes, it means that subscribers get French-based channels. It is a DSTV add-on package with over five French channels, which can be enjoyed with a monthly GHS 29.

DSTV French plus

This is a DSTV add-on package that comes with ten channels. This package is ideal for people who love French programs as it has French channels, and with a monthly subscription fee of GHS 180, subscribers will have access to this package. It is an upgraded version of the DStv Ghana French touch.

DSTV Great Wall

This DSTV add-on package allows subscribers to access Chinese channels to add to their existing channels on the main package they are subscribed to monthly. This package comes with more than five channels, and with GHS 29, you can access this package monthly.


The packages available to Ghanaians offer them access to some of the best services that happen globally. Depending on the need of the user, they can get any channel they desire for a token. You can trust this list on DSTV packages in Ghana and their prices for the most updated information on Ghanaians DSTV packages.

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