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DsTv Padi Channels List and Bouquet Price in 2024

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DsTv Padi Channels List and Bouquet Price in Nigeria 2023

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DStv PADI 2023 is the latest entry-level DStv plan that offers a range of exciting channels to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a fan of movies, sports, news, or documentaries, DStv PADI has got you covered.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the channel list of DStv PADI 2023 and compare it with other DStv packages.

The Channel Lineup

With DStv PADI 2023, you can enjoy a variety of channels that cater to different interests. Some of the notable channels included in this package are:

  • BBC World
  • CNC World
  • Telemundo
  • Televista
  • B4U Movies
  • Africa Magic (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba)
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Spice TV
  • SilverBird
  • NTA 2
  • NTA News 24
  • Galaxy TV
  • AIT
  • Channels TV
  • SuperSport BLITZ
  • Jim Jam
  • Mindset

And many more! With a total of 48 channels, DStv PADI 2023 offers a diverse selection of content for your viewing pleasure.

Difference Between PADI and Yanga

One question that often arises is the difference between the DStv PADI and Yanga packages. The main distinction lies in the number of channels and other features offered.

As a general rule, the lower the price, the lower the number of channels. In the case of DStv PADI, it offers 48 channels, while the DStv Yanga package provides 95 channels.

So, if you’re looking for a wider variety of content, the Yanga package might be more suitable for you.

Will DStv PADI Show Big Brother?

Many fans of the reality TV show Big Brother Naija wonder if they can watch it on the DStv PADI package.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Both DStv PADI (Lite) and GOtv Jinja (Value/Lite) packages do not include access to BBNaija.

However, if you’re a fan of the show, you can consider upgrading to a higher-tier package that includes the channel broadcasting Big Brother Naija.

List of DsTv Padi Channels

List of DsTv Padi Channels in Nigeria 2023

S/NPadi ChannelsCodes
1.)Africa Magic Hausa156
2.)Africa Magic Yoruba157
3.)Africa Magic Igbo159
7.)B4U Movies451
8.)NatGeo Wild182
9.)Spice TV190
10.)SS Blitz HD200
11.)BBC World News400
12.)CNC World415
13.)Arise News416
14.)Jim Jam310
16.)Trace Naija325
17.)AFRO Music English326
18.)URBAN TV328
19.)NTA I251
24.)LAGOS TV256
26.)Galaxy TV258
27.)Wazobia Max259
29.)Arewa 24261
30.)WAP TV262
31.)Sunna TV351
32.)NTA 2369
33.)NTA Parliament370
34.)TVC News Nigeria418
35.)NTA News 24419
36.)eTV Africa250
38.)Cloud Plus294
39.)Wasafi TV296
40.)Joy News421
40.)Day Star342
44.)Eternal Word Tv Network348
45.)Dove TV349
46.)Lumen Christi350
47.)Emmanuel TV390
48.)TV Mundial (P)680
49.)BBC World Service English850
50.)BBC World Radio 2851
51.)BBC African Languages852
52.)Voice of America853
53.)World Radio Network854
54.)Channel Islam Internationale856
55.)Radio France Internationale866
59.)TransAfrica Radio872

DsTv Padi Price in Nigeria

One of the biggest advantages of DStv Padi is its affordable subscription price. For just 1,850 Naira per month, you can have access to a wide range of channels and enjoy quality entertainment from the comfort of your own home. This makes DStv Padi the perfect choice for individuals and families who want to experience the best of television without breaking the bank.

How to Subscribe to Padi Package

  • Quickteller.com/dstv
  • Mobile Banking App
  • DsTv Agents


With its affordable price and a decent number of channels, DStv PADI 2023 is a great entry-level package for those who want to enjoy quality entertainment. While it may not include all the channels and features of higher-tier packages, it still offers a diverse range of content to keep you entertained. Whether you’re interested in news, movies, sports, or documentaries, DStv PADI has something for everyone.

What do you think of the padi plan? Is it really a great value for money in your own opinion? Let me know what you think.

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