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Fans Divided Over Tonto Dikeh’s Controversial Remark on Jagun Jagun Movie

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Fans Divided Over Tonto Dikeh's Controversial Remark on Jagun Jagun Movie

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Nollywood actress and politician, Tonto Dikeh, has faced backlash online for her comments about the Yoruba indigenous movie, Jagun Jagun (The Warrior), which is available on Netflix.

Tonto mentioned in an Instagram post that she watched the movie after it was recommended to her by some international friends.

She expressed her admiration for the production and praised the cast and crew for their phenomenal work.

Tonto clarified that her review was not influenced by any personal relationships with the people involved in the movie, but rather based on the recommendation she received.

However, her statement was misinterpreted, leading to insults and criticism from netizens.

nkechiblessing_sunday wrote: “They will leave the word PERSONALLY ** and face oda things Dts not important…I can see d comments already…Read to understand MBA….”

obaadebaye1 wrote: “Are you kidding me? You don’t know Femi Adebayo, Odunlade Adekola, itele, and so on”

officiallumeaje wrote: “You don’t know anyone in the movie? Really?”

uhnaere_kenneth wrote: “Nobody asked her if she knows them personally, or if she don’t watch Nigeria movies that’s your choice. You keep them to yourself..”

neygye54 wrote: “This post simply means that she watched the movie, she enjoyed it and she is really impressed that something like this can come of the Nigerian movie industry. Ten she further went ahead to say look non of the people in this movie are my friends or pals I knw them as actors but not my friends so when I say they finished work in the movie it means yo they finished work. Further to elaborate, she is not hyping them because they are friends rather it’s because they made a good movie”

babajohne wrote: “..first time watching Nigerian movie…. don’t know anyone in the movie….”. All unnecessary info that no one needs to hear. A person that came to light on the light of an industry, because people watch productions from the industry wants us to know she’s made and therefore the same industry can go to he*ll. Blacks ehn!”

omobabacomedian wrote: “Comprehension is a major problem in our nation.”


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