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Fidelity Bank Sort Code for Branches in Nigeria

This write up will not just contains the list of all the fidelity bank sort code for their branches across Nigeria but will also explain what the term is and how they are derived for each branches of the bank.

fidelity bank sort code

I won’t be surprised if you are hearing this for the first time or stumble on this wirte up after you have just been required to provide it at your bank or for an online shopping transaction.

But not to worry, i will explain everything you need to know inlcuding the list of all branches of fidelity in Nigeria and their respective sort codes.

Fidelity Bank Sort Code Explained

The primary function of sort codes is to determine the location where a customer account is being held. Similarly, it can also be used to differentiate one branch of a bank from the other in this case Fidelity bank.

Sort is a 9 digit codes and it is divided into three different parts. The first part represent the bank and it is often referred to as the bank’s code, the second part is the location (state or reion) code and the last 5 digit is the branch code as it represent a particular branch.

The summary of all this is that, when you are asked to provide the sort code of your fidelity bank branch, they are just trying to know where exactly in Nigeria your account is being held.

Most people haven’t heard about sort codes before because they mostly do normal deposit and withdrawal. But when you do some other banking transaction especially international transactions, you most likely will need this code.

Even though no 2 branches of a bank can have the entire 9 digits of this code the same, it is possible that branches in the same local government or town or locality can have up to 7 or even 8 digits the same and branches in the same states might have the first 4 digits the same.

Now that you know what this term means and how they derived, i will proceed to the primary purpose of this write up.

Sort Code of Fidelity Bank

Coming Up. Stay tuned.

Wrapping it Up

I will continuously update this write up to reflect new additions to fidelity bank sort code for new branches and for those that are presently missing here now. Should you have any question or suggestion, kindly make use of the comment box.

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